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Gosman Athletic Center

Brandeis athletes are leaders on and off the field. When you support Brandeis Athletics, you help our student-athletes build life-long skills and community while boosting school spirit among the campus community. Search donors to Brandeis Athletics by sport below.

Donors to Brandeis Baseball
William Belair '05 5
Jaye-Lacey Centor '04 and Joshua Centor '04 5
Joseph Coppens '08
Christopher Dauer P'22 and Eileen Dauer P'22
Stephen DeBoer '96 and Lauren DeBoer
Keith Jacoby P'19, P'19, P'24 and Eileen Decker P'24
Connor Doyle '16
Paul Enright P'00 and Miriam Enright P'00 10
Michael Fallona '94 and Kimberly Fallona 5, JBS
Lorraine Feldman '92 and Joseph Feldman '93 5
Rigoberto Fernandez P'24 and Yaquelin Alvarez P'24
Ryan Fitzgerald '97 and Janel Fitzgerald
Heather Graham MFA'96 and Timothy Graham '95
Cynthia Hamburg P'23 and Solomon Hamburg P'23 JBS
Michelle Higgins P'23 and Thomas Simon P'23
Thomas Holdgate '93 and Megan Holdgate
Jinghua Hsu P'24 and Shounan Jin P'24
Linwood Hudson '77 and Judith Kokoszka
Jonathan Jackson '16 and Leonie Koch '16 5
Joseph Loynd '05
Matthew McCue '96 and Natalie Kil 5
Donald McGillicuddy '63
Erica Michaud P'23 and Richard Michaud P'23 JBS
Richard Miller '99
Samuel Miller '16
Marc Minick P'09 and Sarina Minick
Daniel Notaro '99
Robert O'Brien '72 and Yolanda O'Brien 20
Marissa Pick '07 and Brandon Pick '08 5, JBS
Kenneth Ringdahl '97 and Heather Ringdahl 10, JBS
John Saucier '08
Christopher Schneider '95 and Tara Schneider
Daniel Schupper '19 JBS
Amy Summy P'23 and Henry Summy P'23
Edward Tribble '02 and Erin Tribble
Lindsey Wahlbrink '02 and Steven Wahlbrink '00
5 - Denotes 5-9 consecutive years of giving • 10 – Denotes 10-19 consecutive years of giving • 20 – Denotes 20+ consecutive years of giving • JBS – Current year Justice Brandeis Society members • SLS – Sachar Legacy Society members • * - Deceased • Names in bold denote first-time donors

Thank you for your support

Senior women's basketball player Courtney Thrun dribbling in a game.

“Being a varsity athlete at Brandeis is a one-of-a-kind experience. Not only are we able to constantly improve and push ourselves academically and athletically, but we become part of a community that will extend far past our undergraduate careers at Brandeis.”

Courtney Thrun ’22, Women's Basketball

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