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Brandeis athletes are leaders on and off the field. When you support Brandeis Athletics, you help our student-athletes build life-long skills and community while boosting school spirit among the campus community. Search donors to Brandeis Athletics by sport below.

Donors to Brandeis Fencing
Deborah Abiri '16
David Adlerstein '94 and Weronika Adlerstein 5
Alexander Banks '97 and Sarah Flier '00
Jeffrey Barca-Hall P'21 and Lisa Barca-Hall P'21
Julia Becker '01 and Ashley Agerson
Jordana Bluestein '00 and Scott Bluestein
Mark Brescia '04
Darren Brown P'21 and Karen Johnson Brown P'21
Julian Cardillo '14 JBS
Joanne Carminucci '19 JBS
Sadie Carter
Xiaodong Chen P'24 and Ying Lei P'24
Alex Clos '10 10
Philip Conti '57 and Ruth Conti 5
Elizabeth Crabtree JBS
Kayla Cronin '11 10
Margaret Dull
Ariav Feingersch '16 JBS
Jennifer Fenge '97 and Robert Fenge
Trevor Filseth '20
Tracy Flack Tyler '86, P'18 and Henry Dicker P'18 10
Caline Friedli '08
Will Friedman '09 and Kerry Friedman
David Fritchey P'10 and Laura Clos P'10
Sarah Garber and Glenn Armstrong
Flora Gets P'20 and Lenny Gets P'20
Jessica Gets '20
Robert Gleichauf '78 and Karen Gleichauf
Sophia Glickman '16
Ying Hao P'24 and David Lu P'24 JBS
Tim Hearne P'16 and Rosa Hearne P'16 5, JBS
Deborah Hempe P'23 and Stewart Hempe P'23
Alexandra Hochster '04 and Jonathan Korman 5
Thomas Jarosch
Artemio Jongco '98 and Christopher League
Harvey Kaish '82, P'22 and Michele Kaish '84, P'22 10, JBS
Alan Katz '64, P'03, P'06 and Laura Katz P'03, P'06 10
Jeremy Kaufman '92 and Vered Hankin JBS
Kai-Moritz Keller '07 and Sophie Keller 5, JBS
Dakota Levy '20
Xiru Zhang MA'90, PhD'91, P'22, Trustee and Hongmei Li P'22 5, JBS
Stephen Liebhaber '68 JBS
Doreen Markowitz '96, MA'97 and Jeremy Markowitz '96 JBS
Zoe Messinger '13 and Michael Zook 5, JBS
William Miller P'23 and Tara Miller P'23
Cesar Morales P'23 and Silvia Morales P'23
Hannah Mui '20
Christopher Munnelly '82 and Laurie Munnelly
Hiroya Ogura '92
Achilles Perry '86 and Pam Perry JBS
Philip Quan P'24 and Thao Quan P'24
George Ritchie P'24 and Rosalee Ritchie P'24
Lynn Robinson
Waleska Rodriguez P'23 and Ricardo Aponte P'23
Ben Rogak '23
Jennifer Rogak P'23 and Paul Rogak P'23
Jonathan Rollock '11
Allison Rothman P'25
Richard Rubin '86 and Ann Barton '86
Jonathan Sablone P'22 and Kathleen Sablone P'22
Jennie Salmon
Sharon Sassler '84, P'25 and Daniel Lichter P'25 5
Lawrence Saubermann '87
Nina Sayles '17 JBS
Jane Shealy P'23
William Shipman
Christina Shortall P'23 and John Shortall P'23
Aleksandr Shuster P'23 and Elina Shuster P'23
Andrew Siegel P'20, P'23 and Tracy Nashel P'20, P'23
Emmily Smith '13
Scott Strenger '77 and Kim Strenger
Beth Sugarman P'21 and Bruce Sugarman P'21
Jake Tyler '18
Paul Vaccari P'23 and Sylvie Vaccari P'23
Elizabeth Vibert P'21
Julie Waysdorf '75 and Richard Waysdorf '75
Hsiao-ch'un Yu '69 and Douglas Gillis SLS
Xueqin Yu JBS
Jonathan Zich
Michael Zook P'13 and Gretchen Zook P'13
Michael Zook '13
5 - Denotes 5-9 consecutive years of giving • 10 – Denotes 10-19 consecutive years of giving • 20 – Denotes 20+ consecutive years of giving • JBS – Current year Justice Brandeis Society members • SLS – Sachar Legacy Society members • * - Deceased • Names in bold denote first-time donors

Thank you for your support

Senior women's basketball player Courtney Thrun dribbling in a game.

“Being a varsity athlete at Brandeis is a one-of-a-kind experience. Not only are we able to constantly improve and push ourselves academically and athletically, but we become part of a community that will extend far past our undergraduate careers at Brandeis.”

Courtney Thrun ’22, Women's Basketball

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