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Gosman Athletic Center

Brandeis athletes are leaders on and off the field. When you support Brandeis Athletics, you help our student-athletes build life-long skills and community while boosting school spirit among the campus community. Search donors to Brandeis Athletics by sport below.

Donors to Brandeis Men's Basketball
Hafez Adle P'24
Greg Ammirati
Jim Amon
Malvin Avchen '56 and Molly Avchen 5
Jean Bain
Jaron Brown
Sheila Brown G'24
Ethan Burstein
Marybeth Campbell
Sadie Carter
Edward Clamage P'21 and Audrey Clamage P'21 JBS
Ryan Cody
Alison Davis '73, P'11 and Kenneth Davis '66, P'11 20
Teddy deCaro
Deborah DeFilippo
Shirley DiazBrown
Ariana DiPreta
David Downing P'22 and Jennifer Copley P'22
Jim Engles
Richard Epstein '67 10
Assane Faye
Gerald Foley
Mary Foley
Megan Garcia
Susan Genua
Griffin Glatt
Marianna Golyak
Laura Gordon
Scott Green '05 JBS
Cynthia Hagerty P'22 and Michael Hagerty P'22
Margaret Haynes
Ryan Herrion
William Herrion
John Higgins
Christopher Hyson
Neziebeth Jones
Belinda Justice P'23 JBS
Annika Kahn P'24
Stanya Kahn
Jordan Keusch '91 and Michele Keusch
Barbara Kirsch '60 and Michael Kirsch '59 10, JBS
Hugh Lacy '95
Andrea Larson
Estelle Lasky and Larry Lasky
Patrick Luptowski
George MacLellan
Donna MacPherson
Joseph Madaus
Michael Martin
Gabriel Marwell '10
Joshua Maynard
Sean McDonnell
Juliana Miralles Rios P'24 and David Perez Webel P'24
Andrew Nicholson P'20 and Karin Nicholson P'20
Timothy O'Shea
Derek Oliver '88, P'20 and Maria Oliver P'20
Craig Parker
Bob Petrus
Marsha Pierre-Jacques Williams '01 and Rashad Williams '02
Dwayne Pina
Andrew Power
Christine Power P'23 and David Power P'23
David Power P'24 and Christine Power P'24
John Power
Kathleen Power
Lamar Reddicks
Anrew Rohan
Sean Rohan
Debra Rosenberg
Ronald Ross
Katherine Rubinstein P'20 and Craig Rubinstein P'20
Leah Rubinstein
Samuel Rubinstein
Collin Sawyer '20
Corinne Sawyer P'20 and Scott Sawyer P'20
Margaret Sawyer
Christopher Schneider '95 and Tara Schneider
Derek Schulman
Randy Schulman
Wendi Sheaff
Michael Shelton
Emelia Sheriff P'24 and Seedi Sheriff P'24
Corey Sherman '19
Colin Tabb
John Tabb and Teresa Tabb
Sean Tabb
Ali Ton
Allison Tuttle
Jeff Waldron
Melissa Waldron
Sue Waldron
Wendy Waldron
Ben Wetherbee
Latye Workman '18, MS'20
Wenhan Zheng '22
Casey Zierler
5 - Denotes 5-9 consecutive years of giving • 10 – Denotes 10-19 consecutive years of giving • 20 – Denotes 20+ consecutive years of giving • JBS – Current year Justice Brandeis Society members • SLS – Sachar Legacy Society members • * - Deceased • Names in bold denote first-time donors

Thank you for your support

Senior women's basketball player Courtney Thrun dribbling in a game.

“Being a varsity athlete at Brandeis is a one-of-a-kind experience. Not only are we able to constantly improve and push ourselves academically and athletically, but we become part of a community that will extend far past our undergraduate careers at Brandeis.”

Courtney Thrun ’22, Women's Basketball

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