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Brandeis athletes are leaders on and off the field. When you support Brandeis Athletics, you help our student-athletes build life-long skills and community while boosting school spirit among the campus community. Search donors to Brandeis Athletics by sport below.

Donors to Brandeis Women's Basketball
Mohamed Abdelrehim P'21 and Elizabeth Chapman P'21
Deborah Alpert '92 and Michael Coe
Sharon Ambrosino P'24 and William Ambrosino P'24
Courtney Andrews
Lara Arsenault '90 and James Arsenault
Ruth Bernstein '57 10
Allison Blecker '99 and Elizabeth Kleinerman
Carmela Breslin '10
Molly Bryan
Hannah Cain '15
Sadie Carter
Jessica Chapin '10
Daniel Chard P'16 and Laura Chard P'16
O'Hara Chard '16
Dianna Cincotta '11
Jeffrey Cincotta P'11 and Doreen Cincotta P'11
Christine Clancy '06
Martin Cohn and Marjorie Cohn 10, JBS
Lisle Coleman
Christina Corsac '88 and Erin White
Cassidy Dadaos '09 5
James Dadaos P'09 and Merrilee Dadaos P'09
Kasey Dean '14
Cynthia Der Hagopian '72 and David Hagopian 10, JBS
Kelly Ethier '12
Danielle Fitzpatrick '04
Katie Ford
Kyla Gabriel '17
Gary Gieschen P'10 5
Kasey Gieschen '10
William Goncalo P'20
Brenda Gonzalez P'24
Scott Green '05 JBS
Rickie Halperin Haas '60, P'87 and Monroe Haas P'87
Stephanie Handel '93 and Madeleine Remez
Eva Hart '18
Megan Hickey
Erika Higginbottom '13
Noel Hodges '18
Paris Hodges '17, MA'18
Kiersten Holgash '08
John Jackson P'17 and Jean Jackson P'17
Maria Jackson '17
Michael Jaromin P'19 and Mary Jaromin P'19
Sarah Jaromin '19
Rachael Jussaume '04 and Adam Jussaume
Lauren Latorella '09 and Daniel LaTorella
Michele Lenke '89 and Rachel Goldman 10
Caitlin Malcolm '07
Robert Mayo
Ceara McNamara '16
Angela Miller '17
Joseph Mirsky P'24
Jacob Moskowitz '14
Courtney Ness '13
Andrew Nicholson P'20 and Karin Nicholson P'20
Hannah Nicholson '20
Joyce Perry P'24
Racheal Perry '92
JoAnne Petrie P'21 and William Petrie P'21
Francesca Pinto '17, MA'18 JBS
Michael Pio '05 and Basia Pio
Francis Puda and Erika Puda
Michael Raffler P'14 and Dena Starr P'14
Rebecca Raffler '14
Aseem Rastogi
Kathy Rockwell
Marcy Rodriguez P'14
Katherine Rubinstein P'20 and Craig Rubinstein P'20
Lauren Rubinstein '20
Clare Scanlon P'14 and Robert Scanlon P'14
Julia Scanlon '14
Carol Simon MM'03
James Smally P'22 and Jordana Smally P'22
Sydney Sodine '17
Sarah Sokolic '93 and Jeremy Sokolic
Jeff Trachtenberg P'21 and Debra Trachtenberg P'21
Sophie Trachtenberg '21
Angelica Vasquez
Pamela Vaughan '90, MMH'96 and Robert Gillen
Domenico Vitale
Laura Vitale P'14
Nicolina Vitale '14
Amanda Wells '09
Giulia Zaccagnini
5 - Denotes 5-9 consecutive years of giving • 10 – Denotes 10-19 consecutive years of giving • 20 – Denotes 20+ consecutive years of giving • JBS – Current year Justice Brandeis Society members • SLS – Sachar Legacy Society members • * - Deceased • Names in bold denote first-time donors

Thank you for your support

Senior women's basketball player Courtney Thrun dribbling in a game.

“Being a varsity athlete at Brandeis is a one-of-a-kind experience. Not only are we able to constantly improve and push ourselves academically and athletically, but we become part of a community that will extend far past our undergraduate careers at Brandeis.”

Courtney Thrun ’22, Women's Basketball

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