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Brandeis athletes are leaders on and off the field. When you support Brandeis Athletics, you help our student-athletes build life-long skills and community while boosting school spirit among the campus community. Search donors to Brandeis Athletics by sport below.

Donors to Brandeis Women's Soccer
Lee Bloom '10 and Melissa Gorenkoff '10
Sheryl Bregman '88 and Scott Kleinman
Mindy Breyer '82
Skylar Buchanan '05
Luis Carreiro P'22 and Mary Carreiro P'22
Sadie Carter
John Clark P'23
Kristen Connolly McCullough '01 and Patrick McCullough
Melissa Darling
Robin Drayer P'23 and Stephen Siegel P'23
Emma Eddy '15
Ellie Einhorn '11
Maria Ellis '85 5, JBS
Jody Ference '81 and Reed Ference 5
Liza Fletcher '11
Carl Fredricksen
Christine Fulton '07 and Jordan Skolnick '07 10, JBS
Julie Golomb '04
Heather Grant
Lauren Gregor '06
Bryce Hackmeyer
Carolina Hackmeyer P'24 and Lee Hackmeyer P'24
Katheryn Hayes '20
Adam Herman P'23 and Jill Herman P'23
Jeffrey Hunt P'23 and Ilyssa Hunt P'23
Diane Javaid
Jacqueline Jolie
Megan Kessler '14 5, JBS
Francine Kofinas '13
John Krobath P'25 and Patricia Krobath P'25
Jennifer Lapioli P'22 and David Lapioli P'22
Elizabeth Leary
James Leary
Kate Leary
Peter Leary
Minjee Lee '19 JBS
Blanche Lenhart
Leslie Lenhart P'24 and Austin Lenhart P'24
Hannah Maatallah '19
Erin Maldonado
Meagan Mangene
Allison Maresca '12
Michael Margolis '12
Steven Mastandrea P'22 and Michelle Janin P'22
Thomas McDonough P'23 and Valerie McDonough P'23
Meredith Milstein '09
Julie Mizraji
Willa Molho '21
Mark Mollison P'05 and Kelly Mollison P'05
Nathan Murawsky '92, P'23 and Melissa Murawsky '93, P'23
Heather Ngoma P'24 and Serge Ngoma P'24
Tiffany Pacheco '11
Allyson Parziale '16
Paul Salov P'23 and Kristen Salov P'23
Michelle Savuto '15
Leah Sax '14
Joseph Scafidi P'21 and Leslie Scafidi P'21
Diane Schreck
Jessica Schulman '12
Katie Sheehan
Brian Shimko
Daniel Shimko
Mary Shimko '14
Timothy Shimko P'14 and Camille Shimko P'14
Francesca Shin '12
Zoe Siegel '13
Mackenzie Smith '21
Meredith Spencer-Blaetz
Alec Spivack '16 and Lee Russo
Michael Taylor
Alexandra Theodore '12
Melissa Theodore '12
David Tolmie
Dione Tuggle
Chelsea Van Baush '16
Pamela Vaughan '90, MMH'96 and Robert Gillen
Scott Waddell
Jacqueline Ward
Gregory Winter '80 and Cynthia Warren
Sarah Wry
5 - Denotes 5-9 consecutive years of giving • 10 – Denotes 10-19 consecutive years of giving • 20 – Denotes 20+ consecutive years of giving • JBS – Current year Justice Brandeis Society members • SLS – Sachar Legacy Society members • * - Deceased • Names in bold denote first-time donors

Thank you for your support

Senior women's basketball player Courtney Thrun dribbling in a game.

“Being a varsity athlete at Brandeis is a one-of-a-kind experience. Not only are we able to constantly improve and push ourselves academically and athletically, but we become part of a community that will extend far past our undergraduate careers at Brandeis.”

Courtney Thrun ’22, Women's Basketball

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