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Brandeis athletes are leaders on and off the field. When you support Brandeis Athletics, you help our student-athletes build life-long skills and community while boosting school spirit among the campus community. Search donors to Brandeis Athletics by sport below.

Donors to Friends of Brandeis Athletics
Harold Appel '56, Fellow and Andrea Appel JBS
Malvin Avchen '56 and Molly Avchen 5
Myrna J. Bergel '57, Fellow and Richard Bergel '57, Fellow, Former Trustee 20, JBS
Michele Berger '02 and Justin Berger 10
Dani Bishop
Shari Boiskin '21
Sidney Boorstein '62, P'89, Fellow 10, JBS, SLS
Jeffrey Boxer '13
Robert Brown '70, PhD'79 10
Emily Bryson '19 JBS
Grace Bryson P'19 and Jim Bryson P'19
Skylar Buchanan '05
Leonard Carapezza '60 and Nancy Carapezza JBS
Robert Carver and Donna Carver
Laura Casanueva P'22 and Luis Casanueva P'22
Fred Casucci '62 and Sharon Guild
Christine Chai '87 and Seung-Yup Chai JBS
Matthew Chao '77 and Margo Volterra
Michael Charles '63 and Lake Charles
Dongmei Chen P'23 and Guoqin Su P'23 JBS
Kang Chu P'21
John Cipora '70 and Theresa Karnecki
Cori Coleman '15
Philip Conti '57 and Ruth Conti 5
Cassidy Dadaos '09 5
Jessica Davis-Heim
Stephen DeLuca '08, MS'13
Raymond Deveaux '57 5, JBS
Michael Elbaz P'24 and Michele Elbaz P'24
Anna Esquivel '81
Sinead Evans
Michael Fahey '75
Karen Farrell '93 and Timothy Farrell
Jodi Ferretti-Shochet '79, P'08 and Robert Shochet '79, P'08 10
Michael Fruhling '88 and Samantha Fruhling
Christine Fulton '07 and Jordan Skolnick '07 10, JBS
Samantha Gajewski
Albert Galatan P'22 and Ilana Galatan P'22 JBS
Lori Gans '83, MMH'86, P'22, P'24 and Steven Gans '82, P'22, P'24 5, JBS, SLS
Heather Gelardi '95 and William Gelardi 10
Daron Geldwert '95 5
Ellen Getz '99 and Geoffrey Getz '99, MA'00 JBS
Frank Goldschmidt '63 and Roberta Goldschmidt
Barry Goldsmith P'99 and Rachelle Goldsmith P'99
Marianna Golyak
Kara Gordon
Lauren Gregor '06
Maggie Guan P'24 and Chein Chung Lai P'24
Kimberly Guerci P'24 and Peter Guerci P'24
Cynthia Hagerty P'22 and Michael Hagerty P'22
Peter Kant '94 and Zoe Hartley JBS
Lauren Haynie JBS
Kevin Healy '85, P'16 and Susan Healy P'16 JBS
Allison Hecht '17, MAT'17 JBS
Kenneth Hirsohn '77 and Wendy Hirsohn
Annika Kahn P'24
Frederic Kessler '75, P'10, Presidents Councilor and Roberta Kessler P'10 20, JBS
Megan Kessler '14 5, JBS
Scott Khourie '98
Leslie Kingsley '61 and Christopher Kingsley 10, JBS
Kelly Koch '96
John Krobath P'25 and Patricia Krobath P'25
Grace Krumpack '19
Anton Lahnston '60 and Alison Lahnston 10, JBS
Melissa Leber '04 and Jared Kutzin
Leslie Lenhart P'24 and Austin Lenhart P'24
Aret Lerian P'24 and Kimberly Lopez P'24
Leslie Effron Levin '94 and Jason Levin 20, JBS, SLS
Michael Lichtenstein '79 and Jodee Lichtenstein 5
Margret Lien P'23 and Jon Lien P'23
Mingkai Lin '12, MA'13
Michael Long '60
Esther Lugo P'25 and Edward Smith P'25
John Lynch '74 and Laurie Harrison 20
Roland Maher JBS
Jessica Marsh '12
Lianne McCluskey
Thomas McDonough P'23 and Valerie McDonough P'23
Jordana Medici P'23 and Joseph Medici P'23
Linda Merwise '61 and Norman Merwise '61, Presidents Councilor
Mara Metzger '88 and David Metzger 10
Cynthia Perreault-Micale PhD'97, P'23 and Michael Micale P'23
Erica Michaud P'23 and Richard Michaud P'23 JBS
Caroline Miller '12 JBS
William Miller P'23 and Tara Miller P'23
Juliana Miralles Rios P'24 and David Perez Webel P'24
Joseph Mirsky P'24
William Mitchell '87 and Meredith Mitchell JBS
Elliot Morrison '53 and Marlene Morrison 10, JBS
Jacob Moskowitz '14
Vyrna Napoli
D. Nash
Josh Nash
Mike Nash and Carolyn Duffy JBS
Sandra Neustadter and Edward Neustadter 5
Kari Newberg P'22 and William Newberg P'22
Dianne Newman
Alan Okamura
Michal Pearl '11 and Carter Wang 5, JBS
Robert Peretti '60 and Janice Peretti JBS
Achilles Perry '86 and Pam Perry JBS
Brandon Pick '08 and Marissa Pick '07 5, JBS
Elizabeth Pisarik '10
Howard Posner '68 and Janice Posner 20, JBS
Maggie Quadagno
Genia Kaplan-Quinn P'22 and Dr. Bruce Quinn P’22
Charity Quinn '84 and Mark Yecies 5
Sally Radlo-Gaglini '81 and Louis Gaglini '81
Lamar Reddicks
Albert Reiss '17, MA'18
Stephen Riley '76
Kenneth Ringdahl '97 and Heather Ringdahl 10, JBS
Ben Rogak '23
Seth Rogers '10, MA'11
Robert Rothenberg P'21 and Meryl Rothenberg P'21
Raymond Russo '80 and Jamie Russo
Glenda Sakala '57 20
Jennie Salmon
Paul Salov P'23 and Kristen Salov P'23
Eileen Samberg '72 and Larry Samberg 20
Corinne Sawyer P'20 and Scott Sawyer P'20
Belle Scott '21
Peter N. Scott P'21 and Wendy W. Scott P'21 JBS
Mary Shimko '14
Timothy Shimko P'14 and Camille Shimko P'14
Christina Shortall P'23 and John Shortall P'23
Bernard Sidman '60 and Jan Sidman
Andrew Siegel P'20, P'23 and Tracy Nashel P'20, P'23
Steven Simensky '88 and Julie Simensky 10
Amy Stein '59, P'85, Presidents Councilor and Marvin Horovitz P'85
Barbara Stein '73 and Sheldon Stein '74, Fellow, Former Trustee
Jeffrey Steinberg '87 and Ruth Steinberg '88
Philip Stephens '89 and Ann Stephens
Michael Stone '09 5
Jennifer Striggow P'23 and Scott Striggow P'23
Andrew Thurnauer '69 and Maureen Thurnauer 20
Suzy Tylman '90 and Richard Maisel 10, JBS
Paul Vaccari P'23 and Sylvie Vaccari P'23
David Walker '60 and Alice Walker
Joan Walsh
Ronald Weinger '66, P'00 and Kathleen Weinger P'00 10, JBS
Kenneth Wolkon '60 and Susan Wolkon
Martin Zelnik '61 and Lassa Zelnik 20, JBS
5 - Denotes 5-9 consecutive years of giving • 10 – Denotes 10-19 consecutive years of giving • 20 – Denotes 20+ consecutive years of giving • JBS – Current year Justice Brandeis Society members • SLS – Sachar Legacy Society members • * - Deceased • Names in bold denote first-time donors

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Senior women's basketball player Courtney Thrun dribbling in a game.

“Being a varsity athlete at Brandeis is a one-of-a-kind experience. Not only are we able to constantly improve and push ourselves academically and athletically, but we become part of a community that will extend far past our undergraduate careers at Brandeis.”

Courtney Thrun ’22, Women's Basketball

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