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Estate Gifts

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Planned giving, also called gift planning or legacy giving, is any major gift, made in lifetime or at death as part of a donor's overall financial or estate planning. With a planned gift, the impact of your support has the potential to reach every corner of campus and every Brandeisian. Gifts from the following estates were received in the past year at Brandeis.

Donor Estates
Estate of Alan S. Kern
Estate of Andrew J. Jick
Estate of Charles S. Ackerman
Estate of Estelle Jacobs
Estate of Frank H. Bellevue, Jr.
Estate of George Froeschel
Estate of George Wasserman
Estate of Jerome S. Epstein
Estate of Julius Krouch
Estate of Louis David Morosnick
Estate of Marshall C. Spatz
Estate of Michael S. Applestein
Estate of Richard R. Silverman

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