Brandeis Alumni, Family and Friends


Group of laughing people at Reunion & Alumni Weekend.

In addition to our alumni and families, friends of the university are integral members of our donor community. When friends support Brandeis, they are investing in the university’s ongoing commitment to providing top-quality education, conducting life-changing research and repairing the world. Brandeis remains rooted in its founding values of inclusiveness and social justice, and dedicated friends help the university expand these important efforts year after year. Thank you to all of the friends who gave to Brandeis last year.

Donations from Friends
Arthur Aaron and Ronnie Aaron
Hugh Aaronson and Evelyn Aaronson 10
Jodi Abbott and Robert Brown '81
Paul Abbott
Samsiah Abdul-Majid
Hamza Abdurezak
Wendy Abel
Leora Abelson
Norman Abend and Sydney Abend '54 20, JBS, SLS
Rita Aberbach and Leonard Aberbach
Monica Aboodi and Henry Aboodi '86, Former Trustee JBS
Adelle Abrahams 5
Michael Abramowitz and Judith Abramowitz
Ann Abrams
Charles Abrams and Carol Abrams 5, JBS
Cheryl Abrams and Allan Abrams 5
Helen Abrams and Michael Abrams 5
Ira Abramson and Rosanne Abramson 5
Laurel Abramson and Henry Abramson 10
Kamal Abu-Shamsieh
Joanne Ackerman JBS
Vanessa Ackerman
Lynn Addington
Carol Adelman
Steven Adelman and Pamela Adelman 5
Gene Adelstein and Ellen Adelstein
Dan Adivi
Lauren Adler and Bradley Adler '94
Stacie Adler
Patricia Affens
Atara Aharonovitz
Mark Ahern
Samoon Ahmad and Kimberly Macleod '88
Yoon Ahn and Stuart Isaacs '81 5
Jill Ahrold 5
Ellie Aibel 10
Susan Ain and Aron Ain JBS
Tahara Akmal
Susan Akroyd
Linda Albert
Roberta Albert and Neal Albert 10
Stephen Albert and Laurie Albert '74 10
Susan Albrecht and James O'Neil '78 10, JBS
Carol Alcalay
Lois Alex and Peter Lipsitt '61
Arthur Alexander and Laurie Alexander
Jeannie Alexander
Nance Alexander
David Alexman and Ruth Alexman
Fouad Alghanim JBS
Amnon Aliphas
Georgia Alkov
Pamela Allara
Evan Allen and Jo Allen 5
Jaila Allen '21
Susan Allen
Kim Allen-Niesen JBS
Sara Allexander
Janet Alloy
Caralee Allsworth
Sharon Alman
Charleen Alper 10
Richard Alper and Elyse Alper 5
Paul Alperen and Adria Alperen 5
Marvin Alperin and Miriam Alperin
Sondra Alperin
Ruth Alpers
Harvey Alpert and Gerry Alpert
Lawrence Alpert and Eleanore Alpert 10
Mary Altenbaumer
Lois Altman 10
Olga Altman * JBS, SLS
Stephanie Altman 5
Cindy Amar 5
Danielle Ambrose and David Ambrose '90
Ruth Ames
Ma'yan Amkraut '24
Greg Ammirati
Jim Amon
Carole Amster
Audrey Anaradian
Kristen Anderson
Courtney Andrews
Nancy Andrews
Leslie Applebaum 5
Michael Applestein * 10, JBS
Max Arambulo
Jeff Archambeault
Lynn Arkin
Tina Arkoff and Steven Arkoff
Geoffrey Arnold and Ann Carol Grossman '69 10, JBS
Kenneth Aron and Felicia Aron '74 20, JBS
Marian Aronin
Frances Aronovitz 5
Marjorie Arons-Barron 5, JBS
Beatrice Aronsohn * JBS
Audrey Arougheti 5
Kathleen Arsenault and Raymond Arsenault MA'74, PhD'81
Jorge Arteta
Dogan Arthur and Loretta Arthur '81
Andrea Arzt 10
Anthony Askowitz and Lisa Askowitz 10
Seth Asofsky and Karen Asofsky
Jeanette Astrow
Janet Atkinson *
Ellen J. Atlas, Fellow, Former Trustee and Simon Atlas, Fellow 20, JBS, SLS
Barbara Attardi
Judy Auderieth 5
Fran Augusta
Laurence Aurbach and Agatha Aurbach
Iran Ausley and Evie Ausley 5
Lynne Avadenka
Alon Avner JBS
Lydia Axelrod 10
Gail Azia 10
Terry Bachenheimer and Steven Bachenheimer 5
George Bachman * 10, JBS
Michele Baglino
Emil Bahary
Kamel Bahary
Donna Bahry and Jay Bartlett '70 10
Leigh Bailey and Joel Spiro '58 20
Jean Bain
Rebecca Baizen
Judith Baker
Morton Baker and Rhoda Baker 10
Jocelyn Bakkemo
Leith Baletin and Judy Baletin 10
Lenore Ballen and Howard Brown '83 20
Linda Ballerini
Wayne Bandini and Linda Bandini
Michele Banker and James Banker 5
Julia Banner 10
Eleanor Bantit
Georgeanna Baranyai
David Barbash and Alyse Barbash '87 20
Judy Bard 10
Marc Bard and Carol Bard 20, JBS
Shirley Bard 10
Terry Bard and Linda Bard
Joan Bardach 5
Ornit Barkai
Rhoda Barkin 5
Randy Barnes
Edith Barnett and Peter Barnett '67
Susan Barnett 10
Anne Barnhart
Bonnie Baron
Cindy Baron
Mike Baron and Ilene Baron 10
Steffie Baron
Emily Barrett
William Barrett and Margaret Williams
Margie Barrie
David Barrish and Valerie David Barrish '90 JBS
Martha Barry
Barsa Barsa '21
Clifford Bart and Barbara Bart 10
Beverly Basalla
Roberta Baskerville
Denise Bass and Barry Bass
Janet Bass and Allan Bass 10
Kim Bass and Richard Bass, Fellow 20, JBS, SLS
Janet Batlan and David Batlan 10
Judith Bauer
Burton Bauman and Vicki Bauman 10
Steven Bauml and Hanna Bauml 5
Jennifer Bayer and Robert Bayer '92 JBS
Laurence Bazer and Leslie Bazer '86 10
Jeffrey Beach and Annette Beach '14 5
Justin Bearak and Jessica Bearak '95 20
Paul Beck
Diane Becker 5
Edith Becker
Elizabeth Becker
Eric Becker
Rochelle Becker JBS
Susan Beckerman and Stuart Beckerman 10
Preston Beckman and Bunny Beckman 5
Joyce Bedine
James Behrman and Marian Behrman
Harriet Beim 5
Eleanor Beitz
Jeanine Bekerman
Diane Belfer JBS
Scott Belgard and Mary Belgard MMH'91
Janet Belkin
Carlos Bell
Martha Bell
Rosalie Bell 10
Sam Beller and Eva Beller '56 JBS, SLS
Eva Bellin JBS
Albert Belsky and Susan Belsky 5
Shelly Belson
Deborah Belt
Benny Belvin
Michal Ben Ya'akov
Ofer Ben-Gai
Moria Ben-Hai
Honey Bencomo and Daniel Bencomo 10
Ruth Bender and Laurence Bender 10, JBS
Froma Benerofe
Peter Benfield
Melanie Benger and David Benger '14
Gary Benjamin
Jonathan Benjamin JBS
Sandi Benjamin
Sheryl Benjamin JBS
Susan Benjamin and Barry Benjamin JBS
Mary Benoist
Jeri Benoit and Guy Benoit
Patricia Beran and Andy Beran 5
Bruce Beranbom and Lois Beranbom
Martha Berardino
Elaine Bercy 5
Lou Berends
Norma Berenfeld
Linda Beresen and Elliot Beresen '69
Cynthia Berg
Ilene Berg
Scott Berg
Carole Berger
Helen Berger 10
Josephine Berger
Julia Berger
Justin Berger and Michele Berger '02 10
S. Berger
Susan Berger JBS
Julie Berggren
Linda Bergman 5
Morgen Bergman
Daniel Bergstresser
Peter Berk
Gerald Berke and Andrea Berke
Iris Berke
Richard Berke
Sheila Berke and Michael Berke 5
Marion Berkovitz 20
Racine Berkow and Allen Alter '71, Fellow, Former Trustee 20, JBS
Helen Berkowitz and Steven Berkowitz
Ilene Berkowitz
Arnold Berlin and Barbara Berlin, Presidents Councilor
Norma Berlin 10
Sandy Berlowe 10
Barry Berman and Laura Gold '81
Ilene Berman and Dan Berman '86
Jeremy Berman 10
Lenore Berman 10
Paul Berman and Iris Berman
Robert Berman and Robin Berman 10
Robert Berman and Charleen Zieky 5
David Bern and Jenny Bern 5
Adolph Bernard and Florence Bernard
Barry Bernard and Myrna Bernard
Marlene Bernikow
Beverly Bernson 10
Alan Bernstein and Eileen Bernstein 10
Arlene Bernstein JBS
David Bernstein JBS
Elyse Bernstein
Howard Bernstein and Elinor Bernstein 10
Jo Ellen Bernstein
Elliott Bernstein and Judy Bernstein
Louis Bernstein and Joan Yeoman 10
Malcolm Bernstein and Vivienne Bernstein 5
Michael Bernstein
Myron Bernstein and Kathy Bernstein 5
Phyllis Bernstein and Joseph Bernstein, Presidents Councilor
Steven Bernstein and Carol Bernstein
Amy Berquist
Anne Berry
Lori Bertin
Kimberly Bertolini and Robert Bertolini
Richard Berube and Sandra Berube
David Besser and Debra Besser '92 5, JBS
Timothy Beyer JBS
Ted Bially and Phyllis Bially
Albert Bick and Caryn Balaban 5
Theodore Bickart and Frani Bickart '66 20, JBS, SLS
Robert Bienenfeld 10
Martin Bier and Paula Bier 10
Scott Bilsky and Amy Bilsky '98 10
Ellen Binder 5
Richard Binder and Elaine Binder
Vitina Biondo and Yosef Riemer '78 10, JBS
Bettse Birnbaum
Donald Birnbaum and Benjie Birnbaum
Neil Birnbaum and Ruth Barnert '81
Sandra Birnbaum 10
Sarah Birnbaum and Mark Birnbaum 10
Seymour Birnbaum and Esther Birnbaum 10
Antha Bishop
Christine Bishop
Dan Bishop JBS
Dani Bishop
Vicki Bishop
Alexandre Bisson
Leslie Bittenson and Anita Bittenson 10
Leslie Blachman
Corey Blackmar
Richard Blaine and Sharon Blaine
Cassandra Blanchette
Mitchell Blanck and Barbara Blanck 10
Stanley Blander and Janet Blander 10
Eleanor Blank and Bruce Blank 10
Paul Blankman and Marilyn Blankman 10
Bill Blaser and Leah Blaser
Eileen Blau 5
Pamela Blau and Gordon Fellman
Earl Blauner and Linda Marks '62
Leonard Blavatnik JBS
Beryl Blecher
W. Blechman and Rachel Blechman 5
Hans Bleiker and Annemarie Bleiker MA'71 JBS
Claire Bleiman 10
Barry Bleiweis and Judy Bleiweis 5
Nina Blendman
Judith Blickstein 10
Marsha Blitzer
Daniel Block and Barbara Block
Fred Block and Carole Joffe '67 JBS
Ruth Block 10
Stan Block and Artheen Block 10
Stanley Block and Annette Block
Stanley Block and Frances Block
Thomas Block and Katie Block
Jimmy Bloom and Elaine Bloom 10, JBS, SLS
Ona Bloom
Renee Bloom and Mark Bloom
Sheila Bloom and Paul Grabscheid '76 10, JBS
Sheila Bloom
Elaine Bloomfield
Phyllis Blotner 10
Connie Blue and David Blue
Bernard Blum and Carol Blum
Caryl Blum
Randi Blum
Barbara Blumberg and Michael Blumberg '67 JBS
Phyllis Blumberg
Amy Blume
Lois Bodin 10
Judie Bodner and Edward Bodner 10
Joshua Boger JBS
Claire Bohman
Cathleen Boivin
Stuart Bokser and Susan Bokser 5
Marjorie Bold and Jerome Bold 10
Susan Bonder
Joyce Booke 10
Michael Boorstein
Laurie Borenstein
Sophie Borenstein
Saundra Borie 10
Nina Borin
Linda Borish
Barbara Bornstein and Robert Bornstein '54
Scott Bornstein and Rosalie Bornstein '92 20
Tamara Borukhov
Judith Borus
Anthony Borwick and Nina Borwick 5
Susan Boston 5
Leon Botkin and Marsha Botkin 5
George Bouchard and Mary Bouchard MBA'05 10
Kristine Bowen
Mary Bowers-Atkinson
Burton Boxerman and Benita Boxerman
Stephen Boyd
Susan Boyer
Thomas Boyle and Betsy Boyle '83 JBS
Thomas Brader and Natalie Brader '85
Bernice Brahin
Tim Brainerd
Nancy Braksmayer and Michael Braksmayer 10
Vivian Bram and Lawrence Karp 10, JBS
Ruth Bramson JBS
Mimi Branch
Susan Brand and Eric Brand '89
Joanna Brandt and Harry Brandt '79 5
Max Branovan * 5
Jan Brant and Steven Brant '81 5
Judy Brasher
Janet Brasler
Michael Bratt and Rachel Bratt
Linda Braun and Peter Braun
Eileen Breakstone
Geraldine Brech 10
Andrea Brecker
Daniel Breen
Robert Breier and Sandi Breier 5
Gail Breines
Joel Breitner and Carol Breitner '78
Marlene Brenhouse 10
Sandy Brenman and Eric Brenman '75 20, JBS, SLS
M'Lissa Brennan 5
Craig Brenner
Joel Bresler
Richard Breslow and Elizabeth Breslow '82
Gail Bress 5
Sheri Bretan
Golda Brill 5
Linda Brill 5
Phyllis Briskin 5
Norman Britman and Madeline Britman 10
Kenneth Britz and Pat Britz 5
Gilda Brock JBS
Rita Brock
Sally Brockman and Gary Brockman 5
Carol Broder
Beatrice Brodie
Lawrence Brodney and Myra Brodney 10, JBS
Adriana Brodsky
Rene Brodsky 10
Roslyn Brodsky 5
Lora Brody and David Brody 5
Christopher Brolin and Mary Brolin PhD'05 5
Charles Bronfman H'92, Fellow, Former Trustee and Rita Bronfman 20, JBS
Claudine Bronfman and Stephen Bronfman JBS
Harriet Brookman 10
Joel Brooks and Sheila Brooks 5
Robert Brooks and Marilyn Brooks JBS
Sandy Brooks 5
Bernadette Brooten 5
Bonnie Brown
Dorothy Brown and Lawrence Brown '67 20, JBS
Jaron Brown
Jeffrey Brown and Claudia Brown
Jessica Brown '22
Linda Brown 5
Linda Brown
Louise Brown
Miriam Brown
Robert Brown and Judith Brown 5
Ronald Brown and Patrice Brown 5
Sandra Brown
Judith G. Brown, Presidents Councilor and Stuart B. Brown 20
Don Bruck and Joan Bruck
Lyle Brundage and Joan Brundage 10
Molly Bryan
Clark Buch and Sandra Buch 10
Kathy Buchan
Jeffrey Buchbinder and Deborah Buchbinder '95 10
Dennis Buchenholz and Marilynn Buchenholz '77 20, JBS
Deborah Budd Levine 10
Ethel Bukofsky 10
Barbara Bulbin 10
Alan Bulotsky and Toby Bulotsky
Cheryl Bundy
Alice Burd 10
Barbara Burdman
Linda Burech and Stan Burech 5
Dominique Burke
Lawrence Burke and Jane Burke '67
Steven Burke and Janine Burke
Steven Burke and Maureen Burke
Howard Burkom and Diane Burkom 5
Kristen Burns
Laurie Burns and Dave Burns
Simon Burrow and Nurit Burrow
Dara Burstein
Ethan Burstein
Marvin Burstein and Jane Burstein
John Burt
Hannah Burton
Fay Bussgang and Julian Bussgang
Andrea Butler and George Barry 5
Sarah Byrne-Martelli
James Byrnes and Susan Byrnes '87 20
Barbara Cadge
Laura Cadge
Edward Cahn and Marge Cahn
Susan Cahn and Lee Cahn
Evelyn Caira
Hamish Caldwell and Dalia Judovitz '73 JBS
Edward Callahan and Marian Callahan 5
Elizabeth Callahan
Judith Calvert and Charles McClendon
Ellen Camhi 5
Gillie Campbell and Michael Seltz '65
Marybeth Campbell
Tristan Campbell '21
Jamie Canney
Tianyi Cao '25
Lillian Caplan 10
Murray Caplan and Harriet Caplan 10
Phillip Caplan
Nancy Carapezza and Leonard Carapezza '60 JBS
Alisha Cardwell
William Carleton and Donna Carleton
Rosalind Carlin
Leanne Carlson
Pamela Carlton 5
Bob Carmichael and Nikkola Carmichael MS'13 5
Talia Carner and Ron Carner '61 10, JBS
Sumner Carp and Beatrice Carp
Sydney Carpel
Marlene Cartaina 5
Marc Carter and Liane Carter '76 20, JBS
Sadie Carter
Susan Carty
Donna Carver and Robert Carver
Rosie Casagrande and Eugene Casagrande
Jennifer Casey
Philomena Casey
Ramona Cass
Rita Cassel * 20, JBS
Martin Castelbaum and Sandra Castelbaum 5
Curtis Caton and Robin Caton '71 10, JBS
Stephen Cecchetti and Ruth Charney '72, MA'72 20, JBS
Carole Chackes
Eric Chaikin JBS
Wendy Chaikin
Miriam Chaiklin
Gordon Chait and Nancy Chait
Eileen Chalfie and James Chalfie '63 5
Ceceley Chambers
Benny Chan
Sandy Chang and Scott Alson '99
Anne Chao and Albert Chao '70 5, JBS
Lynne Charap and Harvey Charap 10
Sandra Charest
Barbara Charig 5
Sheila Charney
Lilia Charno and Steven Charno '86 5, JBS
Donna Chartash
Eric Chasalow and Barbara Cassidy MA'98
Adam Chase JBS
Dean Chase JBS
Jared Chase
Marvin Chassin and Barbara Chassin 5
Alan Chebot and Terri Chebot
Donald Chen and Anjali Chen '90
Donald Cheney and Basiliola Cascella-Cheney '60
Michelle Cheng '24
Ruth Chernicoff
Eldon Cherniss and Nancy Cherniss
Sharon Chernoff 10
Tamara Chernow and David Maisel '84 5
Sheryl Chesivoir
Ellen Chester
Truda Chick
Varun Chowdhry and Shilpa Chowdhry '10 10
Nancy Chu
Stephen Chubb
David Chused
Amy Cianciaruso
Leonard Ciangiulli and Helen Ciangiulli 5
Elaine Citron 10
Timothy Clackson and Grace Cuenco PhD'03 JBS
Nancy Clancy and John Clancy
Alice Clark and Peter Schiff '75
Ellyn Clark
John Clark * and Seena Alenick-Clark '69 JBS
Roseanne Clark
Fran Clay
Robin Clebnik
Judith Clifford
Peter Cobb and Nina Cobb '64
Arlette Coblentz
Marlaena Cochran
Ryan Cody
Steven Cohan and Diane Cohan
Alan Cohen and Barbara Cohen
Amy Cohen and Robert Cohen '81
Andrew Cohen and Nicola Goren '89 JBS
Anneliese Cohen 5, JBS
Bernice Cohen
Carolyn Cohen
David Cohen and Doris Cohen '63 10, JBS
Elizabeth Cohen
Elliot Cohen and Eileen Cohen 5
Harriet Cohen 10
Holly Cohen and Andrew Cohen
Howard Cohen and Beverly Cohen 10
Abbe Cohen and Irene Cohen 10
Irving Cohen and Cecilia Cohen 10
Ivalee Cohen and David Cohen
Janet Cohen
Jay Cohen and Sheila Cohen 5
Jeffrey Cohen and Karen Cohen '93 20
Jeffrey Cohen and Sandy Cohen
Joanne Cohen
Joyce Cohen 10
Karen Cohen 5
Lainie Cohen and Joel Cohen
Laurel Cohen
Leny Cohen
Leslie Cohen and Mitchell Cohen '76 JBS
Linda Cohen 5
Linda Cohen
Linda Cohen
Lisa Cohen and Clemente Cohen '60, Presidents Councilor JBS, SLS
Lorrie Cohen and Howard Cohen 5
Louise Cohen
Marsha Cohen JBS
Martin Cohen and Janise Cohen
Maxine Cohen 5
Mindy Cohen and David Bershad
Pamela Cohen and Joel Cohen 10
Paula Cohen and Mark Stofsky 5
Peter Cohen and Jeffrey Sposato PhD'00 5
Randi-Charlene Cohen
Randye Cohen
Rita Cohen and Jonathan Cohen '73
Roberta Cohen and William Cohen 10
Roy Cohen and Rebecca Cohen
Ruth Cohen
Sharon Cohen and Herbert Cohen 10
Sherrymae Cohen 10
Stanley Cohen and Davya Cohen 5
Stephanie Cohen * and Fredric Cohen PhD'63 10
Stephen Cohen and Shari Cohen 10
Stephen Cohen and Lynn Cohen '63 10
Steven Cohen
Susan Cohen and Scott Cohen '84 5
Susan Cohen 10
Victor Cohen and Marla Cohen
Jonathan Cohen and Victoria Cohen JBS
Wendy Cohen 5
Andrew Cohn and Marcia Leavitt '66 20
Donna Cohn and Diane Lederman
Gary Cohn and Vivian Cohn '79
Julie Cohn
Marjorie Cohn and Martin Cohn 10, JBS
Stephen Colchamiro and Ida Colchamiro
Rhonda Cole 5
Cheri Coleman
Jane Coleman and Charles Coleman 10
Lisle Coleman
Carol Colena
Marcos Collado
Bobbi Coller
Sheila Collins
Thomas Collins and Sandra Charton '75
Wendy Colnon
Susan Conforti
Thomas Conlan
Barbara Conlon
Gwenda Conner
Sean Conry
Joseph Constance
Judy Conway
Kathy Cook
Elizabeth Cooney
Ilene Cooper
Lori Cooper
Cortney Cope and Jonathan Cope '90
Caroline Corda-Razat
Benjamin Corin and Lucy Corin 10
Leonard Coris and Doris Coris
Steven Corr and Lois Corr 10
Margarita Corral
Rick Correnti
Elaine Cory
Peter Coschigano and Karen Coschigano PhD'92 10
Leticia Costas
Elizabeth Crabtree JBS
Frederick Crane and Betty Crane
Sandra Crausman 10
Victoria Creamer
Nancy Crisman
John Croll
Stephen Cross JBS
Lester Crown H'04 and Renee Crown 10, JBS
Steven Crown 10, JBS
Olga-Maria Cruz
Ronald Curhan and Joan Curhan 20, JBS
Cynthia Curme and Oliver Curme JBS
Abbey Curran
Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld
Penny Cutler 10, JBS
Antonette Cypret 5
Diana Daffner
Paul Dahlstrand and Bella Caplan
Xihuimin Dai
Melissa Dane and Delmar Wilcox PhD'73 * 20, JBS
Peter Danes and Barbara Danes 5
Jess Daniel '22
Jack Daniels and Harriet Daniels 10
Marcia Daniels and Howard Daniels
Steven Darien and Susan Darien 10
Robin Darrow
Lucille Dash
Adam Datesman and Julie Ducharme '98
Barry David and Elizabeth David
Phyllis Davidoff 10
Carole Davidson
Laurie Davidson and Leonard Davidson '78
Leefah Davidson
Toby Davidson and Bert Davidson 10, JBS
Andrew Davis and Gayle Davis
Derek Davis
Diane Davis
Joan Davis
Linda Davis
Michael Davis and Beth Davis 10, JBS
Mirrel Davis * 10, JBS
Rebecca Davis * 10, JBS
Russell Davis
Shelby Davis and Gale Davis 10, JBS
William Dawes
Virginia Day
Katherine Dayton
John de Lellis JBS
Raymond Deans
Teddy deCaro
Barbara Decker
Stanley DeCovnick and Frona DeCovnick 5
Edward Decter and Cheryl Decter '79
Deborah DeFilippo
Amir Degany and Rochelle Degany
Joan Degelsmith 10
Nicole DeGuire and Andrew DeGuire MA'95 10
Anita Delaney
Hannah Delfiner 5
Stephen Delinsky and Barbara Delinsky
Madison Dellamuth '22
Lea Delson
Barry DeMaio and Diane DeMaio 10
Steven Demar and Emily Demar
Norma DeMattos
Shuqing Deng '22
Ulric Dennis and Glenda Dennis
Frederick Depkin and Carol Depkin 10
Michele DeRosa
Hindie Dershowitz
Michael Dettelbach
Gail Deutsch and David Deutsch
Toby Deutsch
Cort Devereux
Thomas DeVesto
Robert Diamant and Marcia Diamant 10
Benson Diamond and Ruth Diamond '56
Leslie Diamond
Linda Diamond
Mark Diamond and Lois Diamond '80 10
Terry Diamond and Marilyn Diamond 5, JBS
Shirley DiazBrown
Dennis DiCicco
Joshua Dicker and Ellen Dicker '85
Joan DiCostanzo and Frank DiCostanzo 10
Elisheva Dienstfrey and Tobias Dienstfrey '93 10
Keith Dimalanta
Andrea Dine
Michael Dine and Melanie Aron
Allan Dinnerstein and Gail Dinnerstein
Ariana DiPreta
Matthew Disco and Sandra Rappaport '90 5
Dave Distel and Caryl Distel 10
Rita DiTrani 5
Arthur Divak and Helen Divak 10
Aimee Doctoroff and Stephen Doctoroff 10
Richard D. Dodds, Jr.
Carrie Doehring
Neriko Doerr
J. Dohan and Elaine Dohan
Kevin Doherty
F. Trenery "Tren" Dolbear, Jr. and Ann Dolbear JBS
Andrew Dolkart and Jane Dolkart
Louise Domenitz and Jeremy Silverfine '79
Toby Dondis
Karen Donelan
Michelle Donley and John Donley JBS
Paul Donovan
Joanne Donsky
Harvey Doppelt
Judy Dorfman and Joel Dorfman 10, JBS
Michael Dorfman 5
Marilyn Dorson 20, JBS
Lauren Downing and Roseanne Luvisi '90 20
David Drachler
Phyllis Dreyfuss
Elliott Dubin and Lynne Dubin
Irina Dubinina
Darin Dubovy and Lisa Dubovy '89
Harry Dubow and Renee Nadel 10
Bonnie Duell
Carolyn Duffy and Mike Nash JBS
Peter Duggan and Amy Talanker 5
Jen Duhe
Jay Duker and Julie Starr-Duker JBS
Margaret Dull
Rick Dunie and Deanna Rosen
Judith Dunn
Shane Dunn
Marvin Dunoff and Barbara Dunoff 10
Chinh Duong
June Durham and Thomas Durham '76
Ellen Duwart
Ted Dwork and Nadine Dwork 5
Eileen Dykes
Barry Dym and Francine Jacobs '71
Nedra Eagle 10
Ava Eckstein
George Eckstein and Paula Eckstein 10
Ira Edell and Honey Edell 10
Marian Edelman and Peter Edelman
Raisa Edelman 5
Eleanor Edelstein 10
Katherine Edersheim
Hope Edison, Fellow 20, JBS
Cynthia Edmiston and David Janowitz '80 20
Phyllis Edwards 5
Hilda Egel and David Egel 10
Judith Egendorf 5
Carolyn Eggert and Michael Eggert '81
Gayle Ehrlich and Howard Barnstone JBS
Michael Ehrlich and Diane Ehrlich 5
Sandra Eichberg
Diane Eidelman and Nathan Baum
Jason Einbinder and Lynn Einbinder
Norman Einspruch and Edith Einspruch
Bernice Eisen
Howard Eisen
Jeffrey Eisen and Melanie Henriques '87
Phyllis Eisen
Susan Eisenberg
Eugene Eisner and Laurel Eisner '60 JBS
Linda Eisner
Bonnie Elbaz-Deckel 10
Joyce Eldridge
Matthew Elias
Michael Eliastam
Robert Elisofon and Jane Elisofon
Elaine Elkin 10, SLS
Judy Elkins 5
Nancy Elkins 10
Rochelle Elkins 5
Edythe Ellin and Marvin Ellin '86
Madeline Ellis 10
Sheldon Ellis
Michelle Ellner and Joseph Ellner '89
Arthur Elpant and Susan Elpant 10
Matthew Emlen and Elana Emlen '85
Hollie Emore
Jane Engelman
Jim Engles
Joe Enriquez and Margarete Enriquez 5
Teresa Enterline
Andrea Epstein '22
Dede Epstein 10
Irving Epstein
Jerome S. Epstein *10
Karen Epstein and Andrew Epstein 10
Linda Epstein 5
Marvin Epstein and Linda Epstein 10
Phyllis Epstein 5
Robert Epstein
Stanley Epstein 5
Susan Erdos and Mark Alimansky 10
Joanne Erhartic and Mark Erhartic
Josef Erlich and Dora Erlich 10
Karen Erlichman
Lenore Eskow
Priscilla Eskridge
Edward Espinoza and Colleen Espinoza 10
Joseph Esposito JBS
Barry Estrin and Roanne Estrin 5
Elyse Etra and Leonard Oshinsky '64 10
Robert Ettleman and Janet Ettleman 10, JBS
Sheila Eule
Mary Eustace and Daniel Eustace PhD'74
Malka Evan and Eitan Evan JBS
John Evans
Sinead Evans
Barbara Ewbank
Yonatan Eyal and Karen Thomashow '02 10
Judith Ezrol and Harvey Ezrol
Cynthia Faber 5
Anita Fabricant * and Robert Fabricant
Paula Fagel 5
Lester Fagen 5, JBS
Jeff Fagin and Sue Lawler 5
Chester Fairlie
Donald Falk
Kimberly Fallona and Michael Fallona '94 5, JBS
Candy Familant
Margie Farber
Peter Farkas and Judy Farkas 5
Timothy Farrell and Karen Farrell '93
Ronnie Fassberg 10
Ruth Fatt
Jonathan Faust and Deborah Faust '91
Assane Faye
Barry Fayne and Barbara Fayne 10
Robert Fechtor JBS, SLS
Deanna Feder 5
Nancy Federman and Arthur Benjamin '73 20, JBS
Emalie Feerick and John Feerick
Roberta Feigen and Gerald Feigen 10
Shirley Feigenbaum and James Feigenbaum '75 20, JBS
Tracey Feild
Edward Fein, Fellow JBS
Marjorie Fein 5
Josephine Feinberg 10
Alan Feiner 10
Jessica Feingold and Benjamin Feingold '78 JBS
Roger Feingold and Judith Feingold MMH'82
Norma Feinsod and George Feinsod 10
Stanley Feinstein and Ilene Feinstein 10
Stanley Feinstein and Sandy Feinstein 10
Anita Feld 5
Charles Felder and Reva Felder 10
Caryn Feldman
Charlotte Feldman
Darrah Feldman
David Feldman JBS
Elise Feldman
Ira Feldman and Gayle Feldman 5
Joel Feldman and Shirley Feldman '64
Larry Feldman and Avis Feldman 5
Lois Feldman 10
Nicole Feldman and Mark Feldman
Robin Feldman
Suzanne Feldman
Judi Feldstein and Jay Feldstein
Richard Felix
Deborah Fellman
Murray Felsher and Natalie Felsher 10
Dan Fendel
Suzanne Fenster and Martin Fenster '68 JBS, SLS
Linda Fentiman and Arthur Levine '70 JBS
Stanley Ferber and Beverly Ferber
Reed Ference and Jody Ference '81 5
Virginia Ferko and Mark Cohen '76 JBS
David Ferleger and Dayle Friedman '78
Rita Fertel
Franklin Fessenden
Susan Fetterman and Harold Fetterman '62
Betty June Feuchtwanger and Albert Feuchtwanger 10
Lawrence Fiber and Gail Fiber 5
Gendo Field
Naomi Fier
Barbara Fierman
Louis Filosi and Constance Filosi 10
Joni Fine and Daniel Fine 10
Judy Fine
Julie Fine and David Fine '91
Rachel Fine and David Fine JBS
Gerald S. Fineberg, Fellow and Sandra Fineberg 5, SLS, JBS
Daniel Fineman 10
Deborah Fineman 10
Howard E. Fineman and Janice K. Fineman, Presidents Councilor 20, JBS
Rita Fingold 10
Deborah Finkel
Kenneth Finkelstein and Harriet Finkelstein 10
Maurice Finkelstein and Roz Kaye
Pamina Firchow
Barry Fireman and Lisa Fireman 5
Beth Fischbein
Daniel R. Fischel and Sylvia M. Neil, Fellow, Trustee JBS
Anita Fischer
George Fischler
Michelle Fischler 5, JBS
Imogene Fish
Amy Fisher
Davina Fisher and Michael Fisher '59, Presidents Councilor 20, JBS
Gail Fisher and Clint Fisher 10
Martin Fisher and Helene Fisher
Leslie Fishman
Rube Fishman * 10, JBS
Sara Fishman 10
Stewart Fishman and Joan Klein '79
George Fitchett
Susan Fixman JBS
Barbara Fleck and Aaron Fleck JBS
David Fleenor
Beverly Fleischer 10
Lisa Fleischman 20
Ruth Fleischman 5
Elaine Fleischmann 5
Mary Fletcher 10
Julie Flint
John Flowers and Karen Flowers '70 10
Anne Flynn
Karen Fogel and Laurence Fogel MA'74, PhD'75 5
Mitchell Fogelman and Janice Fogelman
Gerald Foley
Mary Foley
John Foote and Kristen Rupert
Katie Ford
Michael Forma and Peggy Forma
Amy Forman
Barbara Forman 5
Lachlan Forrow
Myron Forst and Diane Forst 10
Lois Forster 5
Franklin Fort and Susan Fort '66
Eric Fortess
Megan Forti
Sorale Fortman 20
Daniel Foster
Nancy Foster and Neal Foster
Richard Fowler
Barbara Fox and Marvin Fox
Catherine Fox and Jonathan Sutton '98 5
Larry Fox and Gail Baum 10
Reva Fox 10
Shira Fox
Lynda Fox, Presidents Councilor and Stephen Fox 10, JBS
David Fram and Margaret Fitzgerald
Frederick Franchi and Susan Franchi
Sarah Francis
Bruce Frank and Geri Frank
Merle Frank
Mindy Frankel JBS
Eric Frankl and Nancy Frankl '73
Roberta Franklin * JBS
Sunny Franklin and Steve Block 5
Ashley Freccia
Nancy Fredland and Chava Weissler '67 10
Carl Fredricksen
Phyllis Freed
Richard Freedberg and Cathy Freedberg
Hilary Freedman
Isadora Freedman 10
Janet Freedman 10
Martin Freedman
Nancy Freedman 5
Roger Freedman and Pamela Freedman
Ruth Freedman
Susan Freedman
Tom Freedman and Karin Freedman
Wayne Freedman and Nancy Freedman
Zelda Freedman and Barry Freedman 10
Francine Freeman 10
Ariel Freiberg
Caren Freigenberg 5
Joseph Fremont and Beverly Fremont 5
Julie Freudenheim and Spencer Feldman '82
Karen Fridkis
Barbara Fried 10
Steven Fried and Jill Fried '88 10, JBS
Jeremy Friedberg JBS
Madalyn Friedberg, Trustee and Stephen Friedberg 20, SLS, JBS
Barbara Friedell
Richard Friedland and Joyce Friedland
Sanford Friedland and Hope Friedland
Selma Friedland 10
Adrienne Friedman
Berwyn Friedman and Elaine Friedman 10
Cathy Friedman 5
Franklin Friedman and Jill Friedman 5
Herbert Friedman
Carolyn Fine Friedman and Jeremiah Friedman
Joel Friedman and Ann Friedman 5
Lisa Friedman and Eric Friedman
William Friedman '65, Fellow, Former Trustee and Lucy Friedman 10, JBS
Merrily Friedman 10
Mitch Friedman
Robert Friedman and Barbara Friedman 5
Ruth Friedman and James Friedman 10
Sandra Friedman
Stephen Friedman and Barbara Friedman 5, JBS
Susan Friedman and Michael Friedman 5
Thomas Friedman '75, H'88, Former Trustee and Ann Friedman 20, JBS
Linda Frieze, Fellow and Michael Frieze, Fellow, Former Trustee 20, JBS
Paul Frisoli
George Froeschel * JBS
Virginia From and Alvin From 10
Melvin Frucht and Bernice Frucht 10
George Frumkies
Allison Fu '24
Richard Fuchs and Judith Hochman '72 5
Sonia Fuentes 10
Nancy Fuhrman
Marjorie Fuhrmann 5
Maureen Fujimori and Taro Fujimori PhD'92 5, JBS
Patricia Fuller
Chandler Fulton and Elaine Fulton PhD'78 JBS
Jay Fulton
Howard Furman and Jacquelyn Furman
Bonnie Furst 5
Michael Gaffin and Leslie Gaffin 10, JBS
Myrna Gale
Lisa Galen
Audrey Galer
Bruce Galin and Allen Galin 10
Sam Gallagher
Kathleen Gallivan
Merle Galper and Harve Galper 10
David Galperson and Laura Galperson '91
Terry Gamer 5
Frederick Gander and Carol Gander
Lauren Gans and Jeffrey Stern '02 10, JBS
Susan Gans 5
Adele Garber
Megan Garcia
M. Gardner and Candy Gardner SLS
Jeffrey Garfinkle and Debra Garfinkle '84 20, JBS
Morris Garfinkle and Stephanie Garfinkle
Susan Garon and Gerald Garon
Susan Garsh and Susan Garsh
Marlene Gart and Allen Gart 10
Harriett Gartner and Elliot Gartner 5
Earl Gashin and Elaine Gashin 10
Joan Gastman
Stanley Gates and Phyllis Gates 10
Gary Gaumer JBS
Carol Gayes 10
Susan Gaynor and Norris Gaynor
Jeanne Geffner and Arnold Geffner 10
Susan Geiger 10
Ronald Gelb and Adele Gelb
Deborah Gelch and Hugh Gelch
Ronni Gelfand 5
Alec Gelman '22
Martin Genauer and Leslie Genauer
Ashley Genrich
Kathleen Genrich
Susan Genua
Bryan Geraghty
Norma Gerard
Faye Gerber
Paul Gerew and Nicole Menegakis '87
Judy Gergurich
Patricia Gersh
Libby Gershansky 5
Elaine Gershenson and Mark Gershenson '74, Presidents Councilor 20
Debby Gershon 10
Ronnie Gerstein and Richard Gerstein 10
Sharon Gerstein and Michael Gerstein '96 JBS
Jodi Gerstman JBS
Barry Gertz and Laura Friedman '81 JBS
Charles Gholz and Barbara Gholz
Elizabeth Gibbons
Micah Gibson and Catherine Gibson '06 10, JBS
Betsy Gidwitz JBS
Marc Giedinghagen
Janet Giele and David Giele JBS
Frank Gilbert H'16, Fellow and Ann Gilbert 10, JBS, SLS
Cheryl Giles
Laurie Gill and David Pokross 10, JBS
Ed Giller and Adele Giller
Richard Gilman and Barbara Gilman
David Ginberg
Barbara Gingold * 10, JBS
Rose Gingold * 10, JBS
Bryna Ginsberg
Birgit Girshick
Michael Gittelman and Cindie Gittelman 5
Bernd Givon 5
Gary Gladstein and Phyllis Cohen Gladstein '62 5, JBS
Jackie Gladstone
Matt Glaser and Sara Shostak
Sharon Glass and Arnold Glass 5
Robert Glasser JBS
Judy Glassman
Griffin Glatt
David Glazer and Roberta Glazer
Alyse Gleitman
Henry Glick and Frances Glick 10
Sharon Glick and Kenneth Glick 10
Melvin Glickman and Patricia Glickman 10
Stanley Glickman and Marsha Glickman 10
Laurie Glimcher and Gregory Petsko, Trustee JBS
Carole Gluck and Sanford Gluck, Fellow
Marvin Glusman and Jane Glusman
Marianne Gocker
Elizabeth Goeke
Paula Golbin 5
David Gold and Nancy Gold
Elise Gold 5
Loretta Gold
Sandra Gold
Avram J. Goldberg, Fellow and Carol Rabb Goldberg, Fellow 20, JBS
Diane Goldberg 10
Elisa Goldberg
Eric Goldberg and Amy Posner '01 5
Eric Goldberg and Elizabeth Goldberg '88
Jason Goldberg and Raquel Kaplan-Goldberg '04
Jeri Goldberg and Elliot Goldberg '68
Joseph Goldberg * 10, JBS
Joshua Goldberg 10, JBS
Kimberly Goldberg and Barry Goldberg '91 5
Marty Goldberg 5, JBS
Michael Goldberg and Frances Goldberg
Michael Goldberg and Linda Goldberg 5
Mindy Goldberg 10
Patrice Goldberg
Rhoda Goldberg 5
Roz Goldberg
Ruth Goldberg 5
Gloria Golden and Ben Golden 10
Lawrence Golden and Eleanor Golden '83
Melvin Golden and Judith Golden
Neil Golden and Dale Golden
Robert Golden and Vivian Golden 10
Adria Goldenkranz
Darcy Goldfarb
Gary Goldfarb and Sandra Goldfarb 10
Stephen Goldfinger JBS
Marsha Goldin and Herbert Goldin 10
Bruce Goldman
Donald Goldman and Marilyn Goldman 10
George Goldman and Arlene Goldman
Harvey Goldman
Harvey Goldman and Arlene Sherman
Juliette Goldman and Jeffrey Goldman '95 10, JBS
Margo Goldman
Susan Goldman and Michael Goldman '72 20
Sydney Goldman '22
Wade Goldman
Daniel Goldner and Robin Weiss '81
Linda Goldner
Marlene Goldschmidt and Lee Goldschmidt 10
Roberta Goldschmidt and Frank Goldschmidt '63
Phil Goldsmith and Susan Newman '65 *
Philip Goldsmith and Carol Goldsmith 5
Carole Goldstein and Lawrence Denker 5
Doris Goldstein
Edward Goldstein and Melanie Flamenbaum '85 5
Hanina Goldstein and Matthew Tuchband '91 10
Jack Goldstein and Sylvia Goldstein
Joan Goldstein
Joshua Goldstein and Sally Goldstein
Julian Goldstein and Sandra Goldstein
Karen Goldstein and Neil Goldstein '74 20
Leslie Goldstein
Linda Goldstein and Alan Goldstein 10
Marjorie Goldstein
Maxine Goldstein and Brian Goldstein 10
Michael Goldstein
Neil Goldstein and Joyce Goldstein 10
Paula Goldstein
Sandra Goldstein 5
Sandy Goldstein
Sheldon Goldstein and Laurie Goldstein 10
Stan Goldstein and Janice Goldstein
Vida Goldstein and Arthur Goldstein SLS
Sandra Goldworm
Sanford Golin and Jane Berkey 10
Rona Gollob
Marianna Golyak
Jacqueline Gomez '22
John Gomperts
Richard Goncher and Andrea Goncher 5
Jiaao Gong '21
Alejandra Gonzalez '24
William Goodale
Becky Goodfellow '23
Clarence Goodheart * JBS
Eric Goodheart
Jessica Goodheart
Caryl Goodman and Austin Wertheimer 5, JBS
Debra Goodman JBS
Gillian Goodman and Ellis Goodman JBS
Leonard C. Goodman, Former Trustee JBS
Shira Goodman JBS
Sandra Goodstein JBS
Judith Goozh
Bobby Gorczakowski
Aaron Gordon '21
Alan Gordon and Enid Starr JBS
Kara Gordon
Kay Gordon 10
Laura Gordon
Leah Gordon
Mart Gordon and Carol Gordon
Peter Gordon JBS
Ruth Gordon and Charles Gordon JBS
Seth Gordon and Jennifer Gordon '93, MS'93 20
Sharon Gordon and Jerome Gordon 5
Sheila Gordon
Jenifer Gorin and Matthew Gorin '95 JBS
Donna Gormley
Natalie Gorvine
Susan Gotshalk
Ileen Gottesfeld 10
Roger Gottfried and Bobbi Gottfried
Barry Gould
Leslie Gould and Arnold Gould 10
Marcia Gould *
Paula Gould and James Gould
Lorraine Gousman
Arvin Grabel and Ruth Grabel
Linda Grabel 5
Molle Grad 10
Kathryn Graddy JBS
Gale Gradus and Nyles Gradus
Kalmaine Graham
Maurice Gralnek and Wendy Gralnek
Merle Grandberg and James Grandberg
Heather Grant
Paul Grant and Joyce Grant 5
Sherman Gratch and Hildie Gold 10
June Graubard and David Graubard '57 20, SLS
Margaret Gray and Ron Gray
Mary Gray and Herbert Gray 5, JBS
Anne-Marie Green
Fay Green 5
Howard Green
Laurence Green
Leona Green 10
Lois Green 5
Madelyne Green
Marianna Green
Myla Green '22
Peg Green
Ray Green
Suzanne Green 5
Clint Greenbaum and Elisa Greenbaum '81 5
Anna Greenberg, Presidents Councilor
Audrey Greenberg 5
Bert Greenberg 10
Beverly Greenberg 5
Herman Greenberg and Beryl Greenberg
Lawrence Greenberg and Beth Greenberg 5, JBS
Michael Greenberg and Helen Greenberg 10
Michael Greenberg and Rosalind Segal
Neil Greenberg and Marlene Greenberg 10
Ofra Greenberg
Shelley Greenberg and Barry Greenberg *
David Greenblatt and Stacy Greenblatt '07 5
Penny Greenblatt 5
Cindi Greene and Avi Greene
Jo-Linda Greene 5
Sandra Greenfeld and Albert Greenfeld 10
Linda Greenhill 10
Steven Greenhouse and Miriam Reinharth '76
Suzanne Greenleigh
Eowyn Greeno
Linda Greenseid and David Greenseid
Daniel Greenstein and Laura Greenstein '80
Susan Greenstein and Ivan Greenstein 10
Philip Greenwald and Linda Greenwald 5
Zelda Greenwald and Robert Greenwald 5
Robin Greenwood and Lubov Greenwood '01
Joshua Gregory
Rhoda Greif 5
Paul Greismer and Diane Packer '79
Gary Grey and Barbara Grey 5
Michael Grey 5
Beverly Gribetz
Mario Grignetti and Jane Grignetti
George Grimes and Stephanie Grimes
Patricia Grisham and Arthur Grisham 5
Mark Groban and Lynne Groban 10, JBS
Michael Grodin and Nancy Grodin
Eleanor Groper and Earle Groper 5
Jessica Grosman JBS
Bernard Gross and Elinor Gross 10
Charlotte Gross 10
Karen Gross
Laurence Gross and Carol Gross 10
Leslie Gross and Fran Gross 10, JBS
Marla Gross
Robert Gross and Jennifer Gross 10
Sheldon Grosser and Marjorie Grosser
Barbara Grossman MA'70 and Steven Grossman, Former Trustee
Irwin Grossman and Patti Grossman
Michael Grossman
Patti Grossman and Irwin Grossman
Elisabeth Cohen and Robert Grossman JBS
Steven Grossman and Annette Grossman
Brian Grosso and Jane Grosso '81 JBS
Anne Grover
Diana Grub and Barry Frieser '89 20
Sheryl Gruber
William Grubman
Gay Grunfeld
Barbara Grupp
Judith Gudinas
Erin Guhr and Daniel Guhr MA'95 10, JBS
Rodney Guinn and Dana Guinn '90
Linda Gunther
Shangqing Guo '23
Sarah Gustin
Steve Gutherz and Rachel Sagan 20, JBS
Sandra Guthorn
Laury Gutierrez 5
Barbara Gutman
Ruth Gutstein
Ted Haas and Anna Mae Haas
Beverly Haber 5
Joshua Habib and Rachel Kogan '91
Bryce Hackmeyer
M. Haft and Andrea Haft 10
James Hahn and Randy Stone 10, JBS
Joan Hahn 5
Leon Haimes and Juliane Haimes
Robert Haines * JBS
Bertram Halberstadt and Susan Handloff '60 JBS
Jane Hale JBS
Natalie Hall 5
Lila Halper 10
Ralph Halpern and Janice Halpern '77
Jo Ham
Kyoko Hamamoto
Phyllis Hammer, Fellow 10, JBS
Sunghee Han
Isaac Hananel and Carol Hananel 5
David Hanarty and Carol Altschuler
Harry Hanauer and Ossie Hanauer 5
Beatrice Handler 10
Richard Hanelin and Isabel Hanelin
Sally Hanes 10
Virginia Hans
Derek Hansen
Karen Hansen and Andrew Bundy JBS
Sophia Harrell and Oscar Harrell PhD'95
Arlene Harris 5
Craig Harris and Rae Harris
George Harris and Barbara Harris 10
Marjorie Harris and John Harris 10
Martin Harris
Myra Harris
Nicki Harris and J. Harris JBS
Rickey Harris 5
Sara Harris
Shohreh Harris
Mollie Harrison 10
Alexa Hartley
Pat Hartley
Zoe Hartley and Peter Kant '94 JBS
Kenneth Hartstein and Marilyn Hartstein
Alan Hassenfeld H'20 and Vivien Hassenfeld 20, 20, JBS
Mark Hasson and Karen Hasson '89 5
Ayris Hatton and Allan Kipperman '69
Mary Hawkins JBS
Paula Hayden 5
Margaret Haynes
Lauren Haynie JBS
Sophie Hearne
Stephen Hechler and Sandra Hechler '61 20
Arlene Hecht
Karen Hecker and Carlos Hecker 10
Meryl Heier and Leonard Heier
Jonathan Heimberg
Jeri Heinberg and Charles Heinberg 10
Raymond Helfand and Susan Helfand 5
Steven Helfand and Patti Helfand
Dennis Helfman and Alyce Helfman 10
Sally Helfman * JBS
Georgia Heller 5
Ilene Heller
Loretta Heller 5
Marilyn Heller and Henry Heller
Sheila Heller and Irwin Heller JBS
Vikki Helperin 5
Stan Hendel and Harriet Hendel 5
Judith Henderson
Vanessa Hendrickson
Marcia Henisz
Stanley Henning and Kay Puttock PhD'81
Enid Herbert
William Herbert JBS, SLS
Arthur Herman and Shelby Herman
Claudia Herman
Laurie Herman
Marilyn Herman
Mark Herman and Jennifer Herman JBS
Alice Hernandez
Antonio Hernandez and Cindy Adler
Ryan Herrion
William Herrion
Carole Herrup
Linda Herschfeld and David Herschfeld 5
Herbert Herscowitz and Ellen Herscowitz
Joshua Hertz '24
Bobbye Hertzbach 5
Stan Hertzbach
Frederick Herzog and Barbara Herzog 10
Robert Hesslein and Christine Ciotti '78 JBS
Megan Hickey
John Higgins
Thomas Higgins and Constance Kane PhD'85 5, JBS
Timmie High 5
Amy Hill
Anita Hill JBS
John-Edward Hill * 10, JBS, SLS
Steven Hill and Linda Hill 10
Jay Himmelstein
Harold Hirsch and Lana Hirsch 10
Ira Hirschbach and Ingrid Hirschbach 5
Jakob Hirschberger * 10, JBS
Janet Hirschfeld 10
Larri Deane Hirschklau and Michael Hirschklau 10
Richard Hirschkoff
Richard Hirsh
Wendy Hirsh and Jay Hirsh PhD'76 10
Cary J. Coen and Barbara Hirshfield JBS
Colleen Hitchcock
Robert Hitlin and Barbara Gems 10
Cora Hoberman 10
Esther Hochman
Jane Hochman and Steven Hochman '66 20, JBS
Yitz Hochman
Nancy Hocking
Elizabeth Hodes
Dorothy Hodgson JBS
Julien Hofberg and Linda Hofberg 5
Barbara Hoffman
Lawrence Hoffman and Janet Friedman '92 10
Robin Holab-Abelman and Stephen Abelman '68 20, JBS, SLS
Jon Holbrook and Karen Holbrook
Richard Holbrook and Shirley Holbrook '67 5
Edward Holland
Peter Hollander * and Stephanie Fein 20
Trudy Holleb * and David Holleb 10
Paula Hollinger and Paul Hollinger
Pam Holmes
Howard Homonoff and Susan Tuchman '79
Gary Honick
Burton Honig and Naomi Honig 5
Donald Hootstein and Belinda Hootstein 5
Bruce Hornik and Shelley Hornik
Harvey Horowitz and Judy Horowitz 10
John Horty JBS
Marjorie Horwitz
Robert Horwitz and Ilajean Horwitz
Sharon Hotchkiss
Henry Houh
Charles Housen, Fellow, Presidents Councilor * and Marjorie Housen '56, Fellow, Former Trustee 20, JBS, SLS
Lois Houston
Andrew Howard and Marilyn Howard 10
Dennis Howard
Sheldon Howard and Barbara Howard 10
Christy Howard-Steele
Jacob Howe
Kathryn Howe
Phelps Hoyt and Allison Hoyt '85
Gary Hsich and Eileen Hsich '90 JBS
Janet Huang '24
Della Hughes
J. Teddeman Hull and Ann Lee MMH'95
Sandra Hunter
Brian Hurley
Elaine Hurst
Rochelle Hurvitz 10
Rosanne Hurwitz
Stanley Hyams and Joan Hyams
Sidney Hyman and Sheila Hyman 5
Steven Hyman and Miriam Hyman '63 JBS, SLS
Christopher Hyson
Helen Ibsen 20, JBS
Adele Igersheim
Karen Ignagni
Felisa Ihly
Ajamu Ikwe-Tyehimba
Patty Indrisek
Bryan Ingoglia
Carol Iodice
Mark Isenberg 10
Adele Israel and Howard Israel
Julius Israel and Sandy Israel 5
Monica Israel
Sy Ivar and Enid Ivar 10
Barbara Jackson 5
Ira Jackson
Anne Jacobs JBS
Cynthia Jacobs
Estelle Jacobs, Former Fellow * JBS, SLS
Helen Jacobs
Irving Jacobs * JBS, SLS
Michele Jacobs
Neil Jacobs and Deborah Posin '73 10
Susan Jacobs and Mark Jacobs 10
Susan Jacobs and Norman Jacobs '61
Elias Jacobson
Frederika Jacobson
Gregory Jacobson and Paula Jacobson 5
Ronda Jacobson and Josh Jacobson
Sandra Jacobson
Susan Jacobson and Gary Jacobson '58, Fellow 20, JBS
Bernard Jaffe and Rosalie Jaffe * 10
Ellen Jaffe and Robert Jaffe, Presidents Councilor
Martha Jaffe
Heidi Jaffee
Cathy Jameson
Alice Jardine
Thomas Jarosch
Michele Jarrett 10
Jennifer Jarvis
Herbert Jaslow and Rhoda Jaslow 10
Nathan Jaspen and Helen Jaspen
Ruth Jatkoff 20
Diane Javaid
Dania Jekel and Solomon Jekel 10
Michael Jellinek 5, JBS
Jonathan Joasil '22
Sarah Jobe
Leonard Joffe and Marcelle Joffe
Cathy Johnson
David Johnson
Dorothy Johnson and F. Johnson
Jacqueline Jolie
Bronwen Jones
Jacqueline Jones and Emmanuel Sinderbrand '63 * JBS
Neziebeth Jones
Marian Jordan 10
Peter Jordan and Barbara Jordan 10, JBS
Debra Josefchak and Howard Goldman '70, PhD'78
Carol Joseph
Richard Joseph
Mitchell Josephs and Aileen Josephs '86 JBS
Thomas Jotkowitz and Elizabeth Moss
Rachel Joyce
Diane Judem
Arthur Jurkowitz and Belle Jurkowitz '55, Fellow, Former Trustee SLS
Ronald Kadden and Renana Kadden '64 20
Carol Kadet
Robin Kadet
Audrey Kadis JBS
Marty Kafka and Karen Kafka
Susan Kagan
Cynthia Kagno and David Wittenberg '82, PhD'04
Joseph Kahan and Claudia Davidoff JBS
Gail Kahn and David Kahn
Larry Kahn and Lynn Kahn
Lois Kahn 10
Ruth Kahn
Stanya Kahn
Joyce Kaiserman and Donald Kaiserman
Melissa Kaish
Daniel Kalina and Karen Kalina
Leah Kalipetes
Paul Kalis and Marilyn Kalis
Renee Kaminitz 5
Hillary Kaminsky and Harry Kaminsky 5
Arnold Kamis
Sandra Kammerman and Morton Kammerman
Susan Kampel and Stewart Kampel 10
Roberta Kampner JBS, SLS
Nancy Kanach
Ruth Kandel
Lynne Kane JBS
Susan Kane
Valdene Kane 10
Michael Kanef and Gail Kanef '89 10
Dana Kanovitz and Michael Kanovitz '90 JBS
Irene Kanowitz 5
Iris Kanter
Robert Kanter and Lynn Kanter 10
Wendy Kantor
Beth Kantrowitz
Barbara Kaplan
Edna Kaplan and Donald Kaplan '69 20, JBS
Edward Kaplan and Carol Kaplan
Elaine Kaplan
Emily Kaplan and Barry Kaplan 10
Ethel Kaplan 10
Gloria Kaplan 5
Harvey Kaplan and Marjorie Kaplan
Kate Kaplan
Rita Kaplan JBS
Robert Kaplan and Helen Kaplan 10
Robert Kaplan and Ellen Kaplan '64, Fellow, Trustee 20, JBS
Staci Kaplan and Stuart Kaplan '83
Stephen Kaplan and Judith Kaplan 10
Susan Kaplan and Neil Kaplan 10
Susan Kaplan JBS
Lori Karger and Stewart Karger
Sharon Karlsberg
Nancy Karotkin
Eric Karp and Steffi Karp '78 10
Howard Karp and Gayle Karp 5
Nancy Karp 5, JBS
Sharon Karp and Charles Karp 5, JBS
Susan Karp and Robert Karp 20, JBS
Diana Kassler
Robert Katten
Bobbi Katz
Edward Katz and Marcia Katz
Frances Katz 10
Harry Katz and Bryna Sanger PhD'76 10, JBS
Harvey Katz and Lynne Katz
Jean Katz 5
Jenna Katz
Judy Katz
Marilyn Katz
Marlene Katz
Martin Katz
Melvin Katz and Rima Katz 10
Sandra Katz
Steven Katz and Lauren Sue Katz '78 20, JBS
Howard Katzman and Shirley Katzman 10
James Katzman and Sylvia Katzman
Ronnie Kauffman
Cathy Kaufman and Jay Kaufman '68, MA'73 10
Cheryl Kaufman and Herschel Kaufman 10
Cora Kaufman 10
Debra Kaufman and Michael Kaufman
Elaine Kaufman 10
Heather Kaufman
Janet Kaufman
Jerry Kaufman and Helen Kaufman 5
Julia Kaufman and James Kaufman
Linda Kaufman 5
Margaret Kaufman
Matthew Kaufman and Anne Kaufman 5
Ralph Kaufman
Tamie Kaufman
Noah Kauppila
Simon Kauppila '23
Rajnish Kaushik
Joseph Kavalsky and Linda Kavalsky 10
Julie Kavner 5, JBS
Sheila Kavovit
Fran Kay and Sandy Kay 5
Phyllis Kay
Stephen Kay H'08, Trustee and Lisbeth Tarlow 20, JBS
James Kaye and Jodi Shendell Kaye '86 10, JBS
LaiSun Keane
Betty Keegan
Kevin Keith
Steve Keith and Judy Keith 5
Daniel Keleher 5
Eileen Kell
Brian Kelly
Janell Kelly and Kevin Kelly '82 10, JBS
Norman Kelson and Franka Kelson 5
Marc Kemp and Lois Kemp '84 20
Michael Keneally
Lynne Kenney and Robert Kenney
Andrew Kent and Elizabeth Petheo MA'06
Allan G. Kern and Carol Ann Kern, Presidents Councilor, Fellow 20, JBS, SLS
Donald Kern and Linda Kern 10
Judith Kernoff 10
Lucille Kerr 5
Barry Kerschner and Debra Kerschner '77 20
Sherry Kesden and Dennis Kesden
Joseph Keselenko and Marian Keselenko
Sue Kesner
Betsy Kessler
Harold Kessler and Judith Kessler 5
Laura Kessler 5
Nanette Kessler
Sanford Kessler and Ellen Kessler
Matthew Kessman and Ruth Kessman
Allison Kestenbaum
Marvin Kestenbaum and Irene Kestenbaum 10
Daniel Kett and Karen Kett
Ingrid Keune
Jon Khaykin
Alan Khazei
Margaret Kibben
Brian Kibler '22
Nazl Kibria
Josephine Kierman and Irving Kierman
Dan Kim
Peter Kim and Kathryn Kim
Vladimir Kim
Fredric Kimmel and Helene Kimmel 5
Jo Anne Kindler and Andrew Kindler
Bonnie King
Stephen King
Christopher Kingsley and Leslie Kingsley '61 10, JBS
William Kinnaird
Lois Kinzelberg
M. Kirby and Adele Kirby
Rhoda Kirschenbaum 10
Robert Kirschenbaum and Ellen Kirschenbaum 10
Ann Kirschner 10
Ira Kirschner
Scott Kisker and Roberta Kisker MFA'91
Eleanor Kiss and Edward Kiss
Stanley Kissel P'88 and Sunny Brownrout '59, P'88 20
Ilisia Kissner
Mike Kistler and Marsha Kistler
Sylvia Kladko and Martin Kladko 10
Israel Klain and Alvira Klain 10
Enid Klass 5
Mary Klatt
Joel Klausner and Carol Klausner 10
Adrienne Kleiboemer 10
Barry Klein and Aileen Klein
Eileen Klein
Ellen Klein 10
Felice Klein
Jerry Klein and Nancy Klein '61
Laura Klein and Jon Klein
Marcia Klein
Mark Klein
Marlo Klein P'23 and Eric Klein P'23
Martin Klein and Carol Klein
Orly Klein
Rebecca Klein and Joshua Klein '07 5
Stephanie Klein and Marty Klein
Steven Klein and Jewel Klein '63
Carole Kleinberg 5
Darren Kleinberg
Terriann Kleiner and Rich Kleiner 5, JBS
Daniel Kleitman and Sharon Kleitman '61 10, JBS
Roberta Klezmer
Barbara Kline and David Kline '57
Barbara Klineman and William Klineman
Aaron Klink
Jerry Klipp and Iris Klipp SLS
Robert Klivans and Joan Klivans '69 10, JBS
Stephanie Klopper 5
Rita Klotz 5
Marsha Klugerman
Estelle Knapp * 10, JBS
Stanley Knapp JBS
Peter Knight
Valerie Knight 5
Frederick Kobrick and Sherrill Kobrick JBS
Deborah Kochevar
Jacqueline Kodish 10
Nina Koenick 10
Joseph Kogan
Kenny Kohberger
Mary Koleski
Sharon Kolsky
Marc Konvisser and Zieva Konvisser 5
Mark Kopins and Marjorie Kopins 5, JBS
Jerry Koral and Lois Koral 10
Shayna Koren
Tamir Korenbrot
Everett Korman and Nancy Korman
Ellen Kornmehl JBS
Kevin Korsyn JBS
Brian Koslowski
Stephen Kossak and Fern Kossak 10
Leonard Kostin and Bobbi Kostin
Priscilla Kostiner and Anthony Kostiner '64 5
Linda Kozin
Roberta Kozinn
Mathew Kozol
Hallie Kraft 10
Josh Kraft, Trustee JBS
Paula Kraft 10
Robert Kraft 20, JBS
Joann Kramar
Barbara Kramer 20
Charles Kramer and Beverly Kramer '57 10
Charles Kramer and Janet Kramer 10
David Kramer and Rocki Kramer, Presidents Councilor 10
Edythe Kramer 10
Eric Kramer and Diane Kramer 5
Susan Kramer and Manuel Kramer 5
Steven Krams and Midge Blumberg-Krams 10
Rita Krasik
Andre Krauss and Bette Zaret
Robert Kravetz and Nancy Kravetz
Bonnie Kravitz
Sarah Kreditor and Ethan Davis '11 10
Raymond Krieger
Andrew Krim and Janice Krim 10
Merle Krimsky and Martin Krimsky
Aishwarya Krishnamoorthy '23
Richard Krivin and Susan Krivin '67 20
Sandy Krochek
Judith Krockey
Zelda Krodman 10
Nancy Kronenberg
Judith Kronick and Allen Kronick 10
Howard Kronland and Marilyn Kronland 10
Leonard Kronman and Harriet Kronman 10
Florence Kronsky *
Sharon Kroopkin and Michael Kroopkin 5
Erna Krouch * JBS
Dafna Krouk-Gordon
Louis Krouse and Tani Sackler Krouse '57, Fellow 10, JBS, SLS
Ellen Kruger and Charles Kruger 10
Marcia Krupnikoff
Judith Krupp and Douglas Krupp JBS
George Krupp, Former Trustee and Lizbeth Krupp 10, JBS
Riva Krut and Harris Gleckman '68, MA'77, PhD'82 5, JBS
Nancy Kuhn and Bernard W. Nussbaum Fellow, Former Trustee JBS
Rise Kulick
Robin Kulwin
Gene Kupferschmid
Mark Kuprych
Andrew Kuritzkes and Amy Kuritzkes JBS
Saul Kurlat JBS
Stephen Kurtz and Mitzi Kurtz
Maxine Kurtzman 10, JBS, SLS
Katja Kurz
Romy Kushnick '22
Toby Kusmer and Ruth Kaplan MA'74
Jeffrey Kuznitsky and Jane Kuznitsky 10
Jeff Laboskey and Monica LaBoskey '06 10, JBS
Lisa LaCava and Susan Curnan JBS
Laurie Lachowitzer
Sandra Lachter
James Lackner-Graybiel and Ann Lackner-Graybiel
Pnina Lahav
Sarah Lamb
Cheryl Lambert and James Daniels '74 20, JBS
David Lambert and Frances Lambert
Bonnie Landau
Julee Landau
Lawrence Landau and Sheila Landau
Roger Landay and Myrna Landay
Ann Lane and Bruce Lane
Ellen Lane 20, JBS
Janice Lane 20, JBS
Richard Langbert and Rose Langbert 10
Hana Lange and Franklin Lange 5
Susan Lange
Marcia Langer 5, JBS
Ruth Langer and Jonathan Sarna '75, MA'75 20, JBS
Robert Lanier and Susan Berger 5
Audra Lank and Harly Lank
Sue Lanser JBS
Susan Lanser JBS
Ernesto Lanza and Terry Adirim '85
Ann Lapchick and Richard Lapchick
Joyce Lapenn and James Lapenn
Wendy Lapidus
Barbara Lapp
Arthur Lappen and Marjorie Lappen 10
Joan Lappin
Judy Lapping 5
Katie Largent
Mark LaRocca-Pitts
Greg Larsh
Andrea Larson
Elizabeth Larson
Ilene Lashinsky
Larry Lasky and Estelle Lasky
Morton Lasky and Iris Lasky 10
Alvin Lassoff and Nancy Lassoff 5
Lea Laufgraben 5
Kathleen Laughlin
Irene Laursen
Willem Laursen
Marjorie Lauver
Stephen Lavidor and Paula Lavidor
Rhoda Lavine 10
Rita Lavitt and Leonard Lavitt
Janice Lazarof JBS
Betty Lazarus and Harry Lazarus '72
Carol Lazarus and Paul Donovan 10, JBS
Gloria Lazarus 10
Steven Lazarus and Elissa Lazarus 10
Ilene Lazerus
Pamela Lazor
Joan Le Marbre and Leroy Ashwood '71
Robert Leaf
Elizabeth Leary
James Leary
Kate Leary
Peter Leary
Patricia Leavitt
Phillip Leavitt and Ellen Leavitt
Alan Lebovitz and Alison Lebovitz '92 5
Michael Lebovitz and Janice Lebovitz JBS
Larry Lebowitz and Naomi Aberly JBS
Mordecai Lebowitz and Sandra Lebowitz 10
Carol LeCompte
Carrie Lederman 10
Barbara Lee
Hyang Lee
Richard Lee JBS
Terry Lee
Eileen Leeds
Linda Leeds 10
Sheryl Leeds 5
Bruce Lefco and Joyce Lefco
Beverly Lefcourt * 10
Richard Leff and Elaine Leff 5
Robert Leff and Arleen Rosen 10
Marlene Leffell
Paul Lefkowitz and Janice Lefkowitz
Rochelle Lefkowitz
Dana Lehrman and Danny Lehrman '64, Fellow 5, JBS
Elaine Leib
Tom Leighton and Bonnie Berger '83, Trustee JBS
Helen Lemberg and Sergei Lemberg '97 JBS
Amelia Lemmon * JBS, SLS
Edgar Lemmon * JBS, SLS
Blanche Lenhart
Janet Leno
Naomi Leon
Arthur Leonard and Toni Leonard
Jay Leonard and Iris Leonard
Mickey Leonard 5
Randi Leonard
Edward Leopold and Pauline Leopold 10
Sara Leopold and Jay Leopold 10
Robert Lepofsky and Cynthia Lepofsky 5, JBS
Paula Lerer 10
Donna Lerner and Gary Lerner
Ruth Lerner and Jeffrey Lerner 5
Stephen Lerner and Judith Lerner
Meryl Leshansky 5
Susan Leshner 5
Sheila Lesnick and Irving Lesnick
Nathan Lesnie * 10, JBS
Richard Lesser and Clare Lesser JBS
Shari Lessing 10
Nicole Letawsky-Shultz
James Leu 5
Aviva Lev-Ari
Robert Levan
Andrea Leven and Michael Leven JBS
Herbert Levenberg and Roberta Phillips
Leslie Levene
Linda Levensohn
Charles Leventhal and Sharon Rich
Gertrude Leviloff * JBS, SLS
David Levin and Carol Levin 5
Gloria Levin and John Levin '64 10, JBS
Gordon Levin and Judith Levin
Iona Levin 10
Janice Levin 5
Malcolm Levin and Amy Levin 10
Mervyn Levin and Janine Levin
Robert Levin and Phyllis Levin
Tobe Levin JBS
Elyse Levin-Russman
Amy Levine
Carol Levine
Dianne Levine
Lenore Levine
Leonard Levine and Joyce Levine 5
Marion Levine
Marla Levine and Gordon Levine '56
Michael Levine and Esther Levine '62 20, JBS, SLS
Narlene Levine
Rebecca Levine and Leslie Levine '65
Robert Levine and Carol Levine 10
Sheila Levine 10
Steven Levine and Karen Levine
Stewart Levine and Ronni Levine 5
Warren Levine and Judith Levine 10, JBS
James Levinson 10
Marla Levinson
Rebecca Levinson '22
Stephen Leviss and Shari Leviss
Alan Levitan and Melanie Levitan '71 5
David Levitas and Mae Levitas 10
Robert Levite and Joanne Levite 5
Barry Levitt and Sandy Levitt
Marc Levitt and Judith Levitt 5
Richard Levitt and Alexis Levitt '94 20
Dana Levy
Dizza Levy
Gregor Levy
Joel Levy and Janet Levy 5
Maxine Levy
Muriel Levy 10
Norman Levy and Rene Levy 5
Richard Levy and Marlene Levy
Robert Levy
Sandra Levy and Ronald Levy, Fellow 10, JBS, SLS
Sara Levy and Steve Levy JBS
Shelley Levy
Stephen Levy and Judy Levy 10
Stuart Levy and Pamela Levy 5
Jody Lewen
Brad Lewin
Cynthia Lewis
Janet Lewis 10
Jill Lewis
Kimberly Lewis
Valerie Lewis and Michael Lewis '64 SLS
Marvin Lezak and Sylvia Lezak 10
Shengkai Li '24
Wenying Li
Ye Li
Bawi Mang Lian '22
Olly Liang '22
E. Libling and Julia Libling 5
Freyda Libman
Marla Libraty
Susan Lichtenstein and Walter Lichtenstein
Monte Lichtiger and Bobbi Lichtiger 5
Anita Lichtman
Rosanne Lieban 5
Rosanne Lieber
Jacqueline Liebergott and Harvey Liebergott
Fran Lieberman and David Lieberman
Joel Lieberman and Amy Lieberman 10
Patricia Lieberman 10
Phyllis Lieberman
Tom Lieberman and Freddie Lieberman
Ron Liebowitz and Jessica Liebowitz JBS
Jerome Liess and Enid Liess 10
Pinki Lifshitz and Isadore Lifshitz 5
Sterling Lightstone and Karyn Lightstone 5
Costantine Lignos
Tamar Lilienthal JBS
Yael Lilienthal JBS
Kevin Lim
Kris Lin-Bronner
Sonja Lind and Bernard Lind '63, Presidents Councilor 5, JBS
Carol Linde and Stephen Linde '75 20
Seth Lindenmann and Marci Bellows '99
Martha Lindsay JBS
Janice Linn and Richard Pincus 10
Erica Linnick and Mitchell Linnick
Janis Lipman and Gregory Altschuh 5
Ronnee Lipman
Norman Lipoff and Nancy Lipoff JBS
Linda Lipsett and Jules Bernstein '57, Fellow 20, JBS, SLS
Florence Lipsman
Eva Lipson
Linda Lipson
Manuel Lipson and Marcia Lipson '59 10
Morris Lipton
Sylvia Liroff and Richard Liroff '69, Presidents Councilor 20, JBS
Marcus Lisle
Lee Liss 5
Harriet Litt 5, JBS
Joan Litt and Bruce Litt 10
Owen Littman and Tara Cook-Littman '97 JBS
Sam Litvan
Bruce B. Litwer '61, Fellow, Former Trustee and Vicki Litwer 20, JBS, SLS,
Leslie Litzky
Hanwen Liu '23
Joshua Liu '23
William Livingston and Jerri Livingston 10
George Llado
Richard Lobel and Ellen Lobel 5
Marilyn Lobell
James Lobsenz and Eileen Abt '91
Myra Locke 5
Sandra Locks 10
Aviva Lockshin and Noam Lockshin JBS
Jerome Loew and Jan Loew '75 10, JBS
Gordon Loewengart and Phyllis Loewengart
Dana Logan
Charles Logue and Ina Logue
Judy Lohr-Safcik
Harry Lokos and Anita Lokos
Courtney Lombardo
Wendy Lombardo
Mary Lomonaco and Salvatore Lomonaco '62
Marcia London
Phyllis London and Abram London
Robert London and Marilyn London
Gabriela Londono '24
Gail Long and Jack Long
Marie Longo
Catherine Longwell
Hans J. Lopater, Former Fellow *, 5, JBS, SLS
Mavis Lopater * 5, JBS, SLS
Abbey Lorber 10
Roberta Lorell 10
Allan Loren and Joan Loren
Stephen Loring and Hilary Loring PhD'97
Ruth Lott and Ira Lott '63 JBS
David LoVerme and Kimberlee Bachman '08 10, JBS
David Low
Dick Lowe and Joan Lowe JBS
Edward Lowenfish and Barbara Lowenfish
Paula Lozar
Nan Lu and Kay Ng '00
Susan Lubeck 5
Anne Lubeck-Silverber
Elinor Lubin * 10
Irene Lubin 10
Lorraine Lubin 10
Fran Luck and David Luck
Kristen Lucken JBS
Michael Luckens and Sharon Schumack
Steven Lunder
Jiahang Luo '24
Patrick Luptowski
David Lurie and Arlene Lurie 10
Arnold Luster and Doris Luster
Helene Lustig and Carl Lustig 10
David Lutkoff and Suzanne Lutkoff
Helene Lutz
Jack Luxemberg and Barbara Etkind '72 5
Margaret Lynch
Richard Lynn
Merrill Lyons and Frances Lyons 10
Stephen Lyons and Pamela Lyons
Roger Machlis and Hilary Machlis '84
Melissa MacKay
Jane Mackey
Kathi Macklis and Mark Macklis
George MacLellan
Dana MacPhee
Robert MacPhee and Carol MacPhee 5
Donna MacPherson
Joseph Madaus
Patrick Madden and Corinne Madden
James Madison
Maria Madison
Sue Magidson
Roland Maher JBS
Abuzar Mahmood '23
Kathleen Maigler '24
Rolin Mainuddin
Erin Maldonado
Donald Malkin and Candice Malkin 5
Isabel Malkin and Peter Malkin, Fellow 20, JBS
Robert Mallet JBS
Subir Mallick and Krishna Mallick PhD'78 10
Lucas Malo
IB Maltz
Mark Maltz
Robin Maltz and Richard Maltz
Rochelle Maltz
Diane Mandel 5
Marc Mandel
Nadine Mandel 5
Eileen Mandell 10
Roger Mandle *
Elizabeth Mane 10
Meagan Mangene
Ruth Manishin
Gail Mann and Stephen Klionsky '73 20
Nina Mann and James Mann
Pamela Mann
Nikki Mannathoko
Anthony Manno and Tricia Manno
Anthony Mantia
Charlotte Mao and Michael Brown 5
Dee Maragni
Allan Marcus and Barbara Marcus 5
Annette Marcus
Hannah Marcus 10
Hinda Marcus and Arthur Marcus 10, JBS
Marnin Marcus and Frances Marcus 10
Myles Marcus and Susan Marcus '56 20
Ned Marcus and Francoise Marcus 20
Richard Marcus and Beth Marcus JBS
Robert Marcus and Miriam Marcus
Gail Margol 10
Elana Margolis
Gabriel Margolis
Joshua Margolis
Louise Margolis
Sandra Margolis 10
Maris Margulies 5
Sharon Margulies 5
Joseph Marino
Nancy Mark
Janet Markel and William Cardew 5
Edward Markey H'05 and Susan Blumenthal
Kenneth Markowitz and Carole Markowitz 10
Sally Markowitz and Marvin Markowitz 10
Sandra Markowitz 5
Teresa Markowitz
Cordelia Marks
David Marks and Peggy Marks
Gerald Marks and Vivian Marks '55
Lawrence Marks and Doris Axelrod
Milton Marks and Doris Marks '57
Susan Marks
Renee Markus 10
Robert Marmon and Jane Berezin 5
Barbara Marmor
Susan Marnoy and Scott Marnoy '78
Marguerite Mars
Juliane Martin
Christopher L. Eisgruber and Lori A. Martin JBS
Michael Martin
Mariela Martinez '22
Renee Marton
Sylvia Masin
Karen Mason
Helen Massaro and George Massaro JBS
Ari Massefski
Joseph Master and Carol Master 5
Nansy Mathews
Moshe Matsa and Liat Resnikoff MAT'04
Melissa Matsubara
Deborah Matsumura
Hilary Matthew
Jane Matthews
Susan Max and Jeffrey Max
Joyce Maxik 10
Laura Mayer
Edwin Mayhew and Karin Mayhew
Joshua Maynard
Robert Mayo
Sandra Mayo
Bruce Mayor and Mara Mayor '62
Marilyn Mayzer
Beverly Mazer 10
Ellen Mazow and Richard Mazow '61, Presidents Councilor
Pamela McCarroll
Paul McCarthy and Barbara McCarthy
Shannon McCarthy
Gevelyn McCaskill
Jason McClellan
Elizabeth Mcclendon
Lianne McCluskey
Janet McCormack
Debra McCurry and Michael McCurry
Patricia McDermott
Sean McDonnell
Paul McDonough and Alexandra Rubington
Sedrick McIntosh
Ruth McIntyre
Peter McKelvey JBS
Patty Mclaughlin
Nancy McMahon
Sean Rush and Carol McMullen JBS
Helen McNeal JBS
Barbara McRae
Heather McRay
Brenda McSweeney
Cynthia Meadow
Robert Mechanic
Deborah Mehlman 5
Suzanne Mehr and Alan Mehr 10
Frederick Meisel and Lili Meisel '78 10
Tali Meisel '24
Andi Meiseles
Kirsten Meisinger and Austin Egan MBA'09
Judith Sue Meisner and Marvin H. Meisner, MD
Samuel Melnick and Ellen Melnick 5
Bettie Menchik and Paul Menchik
Jacqueline Mendel and Christopher Johnson '79
Joyce Mendel
Deborah Mendelson
Sally Menkes 10
Barbara Menna
Marvin Menzin and Margaret Menzin MA'67, PhD'70 10
Elaine Merker
Barbara Merkle
Paul Mermelstein and Marcia Mermelstein 10
Ellie Mero 10
Jeffrey Messer
Jonathan Messer and Beth Messer 5
David Metzger and Mara Metzger '88 10
Steven Metzger and Karen Metzger 10
Heidi Meyer
Judith Meyer and Richard Meyer
Morton Meyer and Harriet Meyer 10
Julia Meyers
Hannah Meyerson
Ronald Meyerson
Sophia Micale '23
Joan Michaelson
Kim Michelstein
Helena Michie
Dale Mickey
Irene Mieszcanski and David Mieszcanski 10
Nelson Migdal and Joyce Migdal '83
Barbara Milber
Adrian Miller
Arthur Miller and Barbara Miller
Barbara Miller and Arthur Miller
David Miller and Stephanie Watnick '88
David Miller
Fern Miller JBS
Joan Miller and Michael Miller 10, JBS
Julie Miller
Laura Miller
Lynn Miller
Lynn Miller
Marc Miller and Ayelet Miller '92 10
Maria Miller
Maryann Miller
Maxine Miller 10
Melvin Miller 10
Annette Liberman-Miller '58, MFA'76, Fellow and Michael A. Miller, Fellow 20, JBS
Miriam Miller and M. Miller
Mitchell Miller and Michele Miller 5
Philip Miller
Richard Miller and Judith Miller
Robin Miller and Christopher Miller JBS
Sheryl Miller
Stanley Miller and Sally Miller
Trudy Miller 10
Yetta Miller
Ralph Milliken and Maxine Milliken 10
Irwin Millinger and Michele Millinger 10
Gerald Millman and Cheryl Millman
Jean Millstein * and Charles Millstein '58 5
Carol Milne and George Milne
Judith Milstein 10
Marilyn Milstein 10
Vicki Milstein
Harvey Mindel and Susan Mindel '91 10
Ruth Minden
Gail Minkow and Robert Meyers 5
Norman Minkow and Nancy Minkow 10
Herb Mintz and Bobbe Mintz 10
Hilda Mintz
Howard Mintz and Rae Mintz
Lawrence Mintz and Eileen Greenbaum '72 5
Maureen Mintz and Eldad Ganin '77 20
Dorian Mintzer 5
Judith Mir JBS
Sue Mirsky
Bryon Miseph and Susan Keller
Shelley Misiph
Carol Mitchell
Esta Mitchell and Robert Mitchell
James Mitchell and Nancy Mitchell '75 10, JBS
Ilene Mittman and Charles Mittman 5
Nora Miyahira
Heidi Mizenko '22
Julie Mizraji
Nancy Moffitt and Larry Moffitt 10
Deborah Moger
Meredith Monaghan
Ellen Monblatt and Barry Monblatt 10
Marvin Mondlick and Anne Mondlick
Karen Moniz
Raquel Monk and Abraham Monk PhD'70
Nicholas Monroe '21
Roland Monson and Dian Monson PhD'98
Don Moody
Heidi Moon
Martha Moon and Judith Heiman '82 20
Mary Moore
Nancy Mora and Steven Mora '65 SLS
Ann Moreida 5
John Morgan
Lois Morgenstern 10
Andreas Moriatis
Anne Morin
Michael Morin and Stephanie Fleck
Louis Morosnick *
James Morris
Mindy Morris 5
Suzanne Morris and Alvan Morris *
Gary Morrison and Andrea Morrison 10
Marlene Morrison and Elliot Morrison '53 10, JBS
Steven Morrison and Shelley Morrison 10
Claire Morse and Richard Morse, Fellow
Enid Morse and Lester Morse, Fellow 20, JBS
Lynn Mortimer
Judith Mosbacher 5
Jeanne Moscardini 5
David Moscovitch and Leora Schaefer MA'03 10
Geraldine Moscowitz 5
Bob Moseley
Dale Moses
Janis Moseson
Sharee Mosk 10
Ellen Moskowitz and David Moskowitz
Elaine Moss 5
Guy Moss
Susan Moss
Marcia Motkin 10
Ann-Berit Moyle
Terry Moynahan
Elise Muchnick
Sydney Muenz 5
Cheryl Muise * and Joseph Muise '73 10
Karen Muise
Pamela Muler and Leon Muler
Kristen Muller
Elaine Mulligan
Jennifer Mulqueen
Robin Mund and Carole Mund 10
Madeline Murphy 5
Gillian Murphy-Stephans
Ellen Musen
Max Mydans * JBS
Sophie Mydans * JBS
Kenneth Myers and Susan Myers '62 10, JBS
Shelley Myerson
Lynn Myron
Leonard Nabutovsky and Adrianne Nabutovsky 10
Binnie Nadler 10
Neil Nager and Ellen Nager
Mark Najarian and Sarah Najarian '96
Twama (Pheora) Nambili '22
Debarshi Nandy
David Nankin and Dorothy Nankin 5
Vyrna Napoli
D. Nash
Josh Nash
David Nassberg * and Roni Nassberg
David Nathan
Harvey Nathan
Sara Nathan and Joel Kazis '75 20
Tracy Nathanson and Michael Nathanson '85 5, JBS
Carol Navsky and Howard Branz '78 20
A. William Nayor and Elisabeth Nayor '60 10
Catherine Neal
George Neidich and Alene Wendrow
Daniel Neill and Rebecca Leeman-Neill '02
Gail Neiman and Bill Neiman
Alicia Nelson and David Nelson '61
Janet Nelson
Leslie Nelson and Mitchell Nelson '70, Presidents Councilor JBS
Margaret Nelson
Monique Nelson, Trustee JBS
Andrew Nemchek
Ruth Nemzoff and Harris Berman 5, JBS
Jeanette Lerman '69, Former Trustee and Joseph Neubauer JBS
Larry Neuman
Sandra Neustadter and Edward Neustadter 5
Barbara Nevens
Stuart Nevins and Judith Nevins '56 5, JBS
Benjamin Newberg
Martin Newhouse and Nancy Scott P'13
Barbara Newman JBS
Dianne Newman
Marion Newman
Robert Newman
Khuong Nguyen
Alan Nichamoff
Jonathan Nichols
Michael Nichols JBS
Sheryl Nicholson
Patty Nickelson
Melissa Nickerson
Judith Nierenberg
Ben Niles
Sybil Nisenholz and Bernard Nisenholz 10
Kristen Nivling
Katharine Nixon and Ralph Nixon '68 20, JBS
Rene Njamnshi '22
Louise Nobel 10
Gary Nordheimer and Gail Nordheimer
Judith Norkin
Sharon Nova and Jay Nova
Linda Novick and Howard Novick 5
Stuart Novins and Sheila Novins 10
Morleen Novitt and Donald Novitt
Anton Nozhnitsky and Nina Nozhnitsky '02 5
Debbie Nudelman 5
Suzanne Nussbaum
Debra Nysenbaum
Amy O'Connell
Brian O'Connell and Ellen O'Connell 5, JBS
Thomas O'Connor JBS
William O'Reilly JBS
Timothy O'Shea
Susan O'Sullivan
Elaine Ober and Peter Skagestad '70, PhD'73 10
Margo Oberman and Michael Oberman '64 JBS, SLS
Daniel Obst
Adam Ochlis and Eve Tapper JBS
Robert Oden and Teresa Oden '75 10, JBS
Masayoshi Ogino
Kathleen OHara
Alan Okamura
Leah Oko and Carl Katz JBS
Nancy Okun and Fredric Okun 5
Jose Olagues
Ida-Regina Oliver
Ron Oliver
Simon Olsberg and Marla Olsberg '89
Kenneth Olshansky 10
Kenneth Olson and Ellen Berger '68 JBS
Philip Onigman and Alissa Onigman '79 5
Olaperi Onipede
Joyce Onish
Doreen Ono
David Orloff and Carol Orloff 5
Robert Osterlund
Lester Osterman and Phyllis Osterman '67 20, JBS, SLS
Saul Ostern * 10, JBS
Carole Ostrer
Joel Ostrow and Marion Ostrow 10
Helen Ostrowski and Richard Block '62 20
Li-Chia Ou
Matthew Oudens and Zamira Korff JBS
Gene Overstreet
Patricia Owen
Sidney Ozer and Rhona Ozer
Fred Pack and Gladys Pack
Holly Packer 5
Karen Packman JBS
Marcie Pais * and Martin Hutchinson 5
Su Pak
Suzanne Palacino and James Palacino
Gigi Paleias SLS
Shari Paler and Ronald Paler 10
Mark Palkes and Sonia Palkes 5
Michael Palmateer JBS
Glenn Palmer
Maureen Palmer
Susan Palmer
Robert Palter and Irene Palter 5
Leonard Pampaloni and Vicki Broder
Bernard Pancer and Sarah Pancer 10
Pauri Pandian
Deborah Pantoni
Ben Paradise
Eleanor Paradise and David Paradise
Diane Parazin
Meg Parillo and Matthew Parillo 5
Darrell Park and Lisa Dawe
Carole Parker 10
Craig Parker
Renee Parker 10
Bruce Parks
Laura Parsons
Evelyn Partalis 5
George Partlow
William Parvey and Miriam Parvey 5
Sheila Pass and Martin Edelman 5
Elaine Paster
Anne Paszamant 10
Arlene Pater 5
Richard Patrick and Martha Patrick
Sean Patterson and Sara Patterson
Janet Pattillo
Leslie Paul and Philip Paul '64 JBS
Steven Paul and Rhona Paul 10
E. Pazianos
Phillip Pearl
Jessica Pearlman and Ira Pearlman 5
Alan Pearlstein and Sally Pearlstein
Robert Peddicord and Rita Peddicord 10
Barbara Peifer
Nancy Pelan and Martin Coyne '65
Nancy Pellegrini
Rina Peller 10
Robin Pelter and Dan Pelter 10
Dvora Pemstein and Joshua Pemstein '91 5, JBS
Fran Penan
Ziyan Peng '24
Jason Penn and Lisa Penn
Joseph Penn and Ann Penn
Raymond Pepper and Brina Pepper
Marvin Perer and Irene Perer
Gloria Peretz
Shelley Perez
Tonia Perez and Jose Perez '75 5, JBS
Lourdes Peri and Maurice Samuels 5, JBS
Phyllis Perkal and Milt Perkal 20
Larry Perkel and Dian Perkel 10
Ari Perkins JBS
Evelyn Perl SLS
Brian Perlin and Wendy Traurig Perlin
Jonah Perlin and Debra Perlin '06 10, JBS
Dori Perling
Hilda Perlitsh and Max Perlitsh '52, Fellow 10, JBS
Barry Perlman and Lois Perlman '67
Bette Perlman
Gary Perlman and Linda Perlman 10
Judith Perlman 5
Sally Perlman 5
Doris Perlmutter 5
Carol Perone
Diane Perry
George Perry and Deborah Perry '66
Jean Persky 10
Marlene Persky and David Persky 5, JBS
Mikki Pertofsky and Joel Pertofsky 5
Hannah Peters
Ellen Petler
Peter Petri and Jean Lawrence JBS
Bob Petrus
Elizabeth Pexton
Elaine Pfefferman 10
Alice Phillips
Brad Phillips and Keren Kazis-Phillips JBS
Bruce Phillips and Judith Kaye
Helene Phillips and Frank Phillips 10
Penny Phillips
Sandra Phillips
Tim Phillips JBS
Yiyang Piao '23
Christine Picchi
Marianne Pick
Edwin Picker and Beverly Picker
Jan Picker
Alexandra Pickett '24
Kevin Pierson
Megan Pike
Susan Piland and Ken Gornstein
Gloria Pilot 5
Madelaine Pilpel
Dwayne Pina
Bernard Pincus and Judith Pincus 10
Howardena Pindell HFA'20
Norm Pine
Greta Pineles and Abraham Pineles 10
Anita Pinkus JBS
Murray Pinkus JBS
Basia Pio and Michael Pio '05
Dan Pisner and Pam Pisner
Pam Pisner and Daniel Pisner
Sylvia Pisorn
Ellen Plancher
Barbara Platt 5
Seth Platt and Ellen Cohen '98 10, JBS
Morton Plawner and Marilyn Plawner
Michael Pliner and Carol Pliner
Janet Plotkin and Fred Plotkin 5
Joyce Plotkin and Bennett Aspel
Elyse Plotnick
Sheldon Plotnik and Phyllis Loewenstein 5
Richard Plotz and Judith Plotz '71 20, JBS
Marcia Plumleigh 5
Melinda Plumley
Mary Podesta and John Podesta
Laurie Podolsky
George Poe
Ruth Pogarsky 5
Elaine Polack 20
Joshua Polan and Sharon Polan 5
Ruth Poles and Jack Poles 5
Kathleen Polese 5
Peter Polgar and Jane Polgar 10
David Polinsky and Stacy Polinsky '86 20
Bruce Polishook and Robin Polishook
Ira Polisky and Barbara Polisky 10
Stephen Polit and Susan Polit '68
Howard Polivy and Judy Polivy
Barbara Pollack
Dale Pollack
John Pollack and Ann Pollack 10
Judy Pollack
Jeffrey Pollak and Karen Foxman Pollak '00
John Pollard and Susan Sherr-Pollard '94
Joellyn Pollock 5
James Pollowitz and Deborah Pollowitz
Linda Pololi
Norman Polonsky and Annette Polonsky 10
Elizabeth Pomerleau
Lili Poms and Allan Poms 10
Katherine Ponce '22
Margaret Pond
Anne Popkin
Louisa Popkin
Janet Popkoff and Burton Popkoff 5
Jeffrey Popper and Alyson Popper '90 10, JBS
Sandra Porter 5
Jennifer Posner and Jeffrey Posner 5
Judith Posner 5
Beverly Post
Elisabeth Poster and Jeffrey Poster '64 10, JBS
Steven Potashner and Susan Potashner 10
Michael Potter and Joan Potter '80 5
Paul Potto and Barbara Potto
Amy Powell
Jean Powell
Lora Powell-Haney
Andrew Power
David Power P'23 and Christine Power P'23
John Power
Kathleen Power
David Prager and Ilana Prager '98, MA'99 JBS
Karen Pratt
Gil Preuss and Terri Preuss
Richard Price and Leah Price '85
Susan Price and Robert Price 10
Suzanne Priebatsch 20, JBS
Merle Propp and Bob Propp
Jeffrey Prottas
Florence Prushan
Emily Pugach
Niki Pugach and Sam Pugach 10
Herbert Pugatch and Diane Pugatch
Carole Pugliese
Karen Pugliese
Thomas Pulling JBS
Michael Pulsipher and Jenny Pulsipher PhD'99
Elliott Puretz
Maggie Quadagno
Peter Quandt and Constance Horgan 5, JBS
Amanda Quaranto-Schulte '22
Stephen Quartin and Mary Quartin
Faith Quintero
Jessica Quirk
Deborah Quitt and Martin Quitt '62 5
Jane Rabb, Fellow 10, JBS, SLS
Gille Ann Rabbin P'23 and Jeffrey Birnbaum P'23
Barbara Rabinovitz
Celia Rabinowitz
Fern Rabinowitz 5
Joy Rabinowitz
Myrna Rabinowitz
Susan Rabinowitz and Stephen Rabinowitz '83 10, JBS
Richard Rabins and Nancy Stern '79
Claire Rabishaw 5
Trina Rabovsky
Alice Raby
Carol Radin and Alan Radin 10
Jane Radnay
Phillip Radoff and Norma Radoff
Linda Radonsky
Joseph Raelin and Abby Raelin 10
Thusme Rahman '21
Edward Raider and Phyllis Raider
Judy Rakowsky and Samuel Mendales
Lucas Ralston
Shelly Rambo
Gerald Ranzal and Barbara Ranzal
James Rao
Renee H. Rapaporte, Fellow 5, JBS
Judith Raphael 5
Steven Raphael and Margot Raphael 5
Sari Rapkin 5, JBS
Jean Rappaport 10
Michele Rappaport and Daniel Rappaport
Harriet Rash
Allan Rashba
Charles Raskin JBS, SLS
Aseem Rastogi
Anne Ratner 10
Rochelle Ratner
Elaine Ravich 5
Daniel Ray and Ellen Gould '67 JBS
Lee Raymond
Sanford Reback and Shelley Reback '81 5
Lamar Reddicks
Charles Reed JBS
Dorothy Reed JBS
C. Reese
Donna Regenstreif
Leslie Reid and Leonard Reid 5
Marcia Reimer 10
Rhoda Reiner 10
Marilyn Reinfeld
John Reinstein and Nancy Gertner HDL'11 5
Mona Reis
Harriet Reisin
Suzanne Reisman and Cary Reisman
Terry Reisman and Marcia Reisman
Brenda Reiss
Robert Reitano and Lisa Reitano 10, JBS
Stephanie Reith
Robert Remis * and Ruth Remis
Lance Renner JBS
Alyssa Renskers '22
Lydia Rentel 5
Lisa Reshad
Gary Rezowalli and Theresa Abrams
Charles Ribakoff and Patricia Ribakoff
Alison Rice
Jacqueline Rice
David Rich and Ellen Rich
Mark Richards
Meredith Richards
Carrie Richardson
Susie Richardson and Hal Luft JBS
Naomi Richfield-Fratz
Barbara Richman 10
Elissa Richman and James Richman 10, JBS
Harris Richman and Joan Richman 5
Marvin Richman and Amy Richman 10
Melyn Richman and Joel Richman
Steven Richman and Sandra Richman 10
Sharon Richmond and Martin Richmond 10
Joseph Richter and Naomi Skop Richter '05
Susan Richter 10
Sharon Rifkin
Arleen Rifkind and Robert Rifkind, Fellow, Trustee Emeritus JBS
Daniel Riley
Karen Riley
Sherry Riley
Alfred Rimm and Sylvia Rimm
Gail Rineberg
Arthur Rinsky and Sue Rinsky
Joyce Riseberg 5
Lawrence Risman and Toby Wolfson-Risman '69
Donna Ritter
Ilene Ritz
Barbara Roach
Stephen Robb and Judy Honig '78 5, JBS
Barry Robbins and Audrey Robbins JBS
Billie Robbins
Dena Robbins, Fellow 20, JBS, SLS
Myral Robbins and Jerry Robbins 5
Daniel Roberts and Betty Roberts
Greta Roberts
Sharon Roberts 5
Charles Robertson
Paula Robinovitz
Harry Robins and Phyllis Robins 10
Liam Robins
Elaine Robinson
Gordon Robinson and Laura Danoff
Lynn Robinson
Mary-Keen Robinson
Ron Robinson
Lisa Roblin and Peter Roblin
Kathy Rockwell
Shelley Rodman
Judith Rodney and Joel Rodney '59 20, JBS
Ann Roffman 5
Lorraine Rofsky
Ben Rogak '23
Enid Rogers 5
Ronald Rogers and D. Rogers
Allan Rogoff and Patricia Rogoff 10
Anrew Rohan
Sean Rohan
Paul Rohde and Sara Rohde 10
Doris Roland and Arnold Roland
Judy Roll 10
Susan Rollins and Paul Garry 10
Michael Rolloff and Melissa Rolloff
Cheri Rolnick and Art Rolnick 5
Bonnie Romanowsky
Jonathan Romanowsky
Nathan Rome and Bonnie Alpert
Faye Romm and Bert Romm *
Josephine Rook and Alain Rook '71 20, JBS
Terry Root and Jim Davis
Lynne Rosansky and Victor Rosansky MA'69 JBS
Lori Roscoe 10
Phyllis Roscoe 10
Esther Rose 10
Richard Rose and Lorraine Rose 10
Rosanne Rose
Ruth Rose
Alan Roseman and Frances Bermanzohn '78, Former Trustee JBS
David Roseman and Faith Roseman 5
Isidore Roseman * 10, JBS
Arthur Rosen and ViVi Rosen
Elaine Rosen and Charles Rosen JBS
Jennifer Rosen
Larry Rosen and Sharman Rosen
Linda Rosen
Marilyn Rosen
Murray Rosen and Dolores Rosen
Sandy Rosen and Larry Rosen 10
Jerry Rosenband and Nancy Korobkin '80 10, JBS
Allan Rosenbaum and Laura Browder PhD'94
Leonard Rosenberg '89 and Arlene Boxerman Rosenberg 10, JBS
Arlene Rosenberg
Cheryl Rosenberg
Debra Rosenberg
Elyssa Rosenberg
Helene Rosenberg and Samuel Rosenberg
James Rosenberg and Ellen Rosenberg
Marshall Rosenberg and Eileen Rosenberg 5
Stacy Rosenberg and Donald Rosenberg 20
Stan Rosenberg
Ari Rosenblatt
Arnold Rosenblatt and Linda Rosenblatt
Gerald Rosenblatt and Lorraine Rosenblatt 10, JBS
Joel Rosenblatt and Ellen Rosenblatt 5
Linda Rosenblatt and Arnold Rosenblatt
Melvin Rosenblatt and Maralyn Rosenblatt 5
Isaiah Rosenblit and Barbara Rosenblit '70 5, JBS
Irving Rosenbloom and Barbara Rosenbloom 5
Marsha Rosenblum 10
Sabina Rosenfeld and Boris Rabinovich MA'93, MSF'11
Stanley Rosenfield and Elaine Rosenfield JBS
Lynn Rosenstock
Joel Rosenthal and Bonnie Rosenthal
Mark Rosenthal and Lisa Rosenthal '73 20, JBS
Marylyn Rosenthal
Michele Rosenthal
Phyllis Rosenthal
Roselyn Rosenthal and Ron Rosenthal
Cora Rosevear
Michael Rosnick and Chari Rosnick
Robin Rosov
Barbara Ross
Beverly Ross 10
Chet Ross and Paula Ross 10
Ellen Ross 5
Estelle Ross
Helen Ross 5
Louise Ross
Marc Ross
Michele Ross 10
Mitchel Ross and Marilyn Ross
Nicholas Ross 5
Ronald Ross
James Rossano
Ronald Rossen and Linda Rossen
Jay Roston and Bonnie Roston
Karen Rotenberg and Michael Rotenberg
Froma Roth
Janice Roth
Lindsay Roth
Lori Roth 10, JBS
Richard Roth and Florence Roth 5
Sam Roth and Terry Roth
Sheldon Rothbart and Rona Rothbart 10
Sharon Rothberg and Martin Rothberg
Sheila Rothenberg and Bob Rothenberg 10
Joseph Rothenstein and Carol Rothenstein
Madlyn Rothfield 10
Judy Rothlin
Eric Rothman and Hilary Rothman '90
Jo Rothschild
Iris Rothstein
Kenneth Rothstein and Carole Rothstein 5
Barry Rotman and Arline Rotman '58 20
Ernest Rotman and Leslee Rotman
Ralph Rotman and Loretta Attardo '70 10, JBS
Leonard Roude and Joan Roude 20
Ronald Rovin and Melanie Rovin 5
Merkie Rowan and Ivan Rowan 5
Barbara Rowell
Toni Rowitz and Louis Rowitz 5
Rebecca Rowsell
Kendal Roy
Alan Rozen
Gregg Rubenstein and Bonnie Rubenstein '93
Rochelle Rubenstein SLS
Susan Rubenstein
Harry Rubin and Cindy Rubin
Irwin Rubin and Sharon Hammer Rubin '74 20
Kim Rubin and James Kaye 10
Merri Rubin and Carl Rubin 10
Nancy Rubin and Miles Rubin JBS
Rosemary Rubin 5
Sharon Rubin and Eric Rubin '87
Steve Rubin
Susan Rubin and Joel Rubin '65 20, JBS
Gene Rubinson and Gail Rubinson 10
Karen Rubinstein
Leah Rubinstein
Samuel Rubinstein
Michael Rudell and Alice Rudell '65 20, JBS
Roz Ruderman and Herbert Ruderman
Wendy Rudlin and Ronald Rudlin 5
Harvey Rudman JBS
Yarol Rudman and Martin Rudman 10
Wendy Rudner
Jeffrey Rudnick, and Susan Rudnick
Janice Rudo
Sue Rudo 5
Meredith Rudof
Maxine Rudoff 10
John Rudy JBS
Fran Ruffalo 5
Ruth Ruffer 5
Kate Rushford JBS
Steven Russak and Edina Russak 5
Ben Heineman and Cristine Russell
Nancy Russian 10
Roseann Rustia
Joseph Rutberg and Gloria Rutberg 10
Rochelle Ruthchild
Joseph Rutkowski and Lisa Binder '78
Robert Ryba and Roseann Ryba
Pamela Rytsis 5
Seymour Sabesin and Marcia Sabesin 10
Eliana Sachar
Joanna Sachar and David Sachar, Fellow JBS
Alfred Sachs and Frances Sachs
David Sachs and Karen Sachs '83 20, JBS
Barry Sack
Donna Sack and Robert Sack
Jeffrey Sack
Nancy Sacks and Stuart Goldberg 10, JBS
Susan Sacks and James Andrews 5
Judy Sadowsky
Robin Safer 5
Michael Safian and Lisa Safian '88 5
Sheryl Sager
Amy Saivetz and Michael Saivetz '97 20, JBS
Edward Saldivar
Lois Salisbury and Robert Sinaiko '66 5
Jane Salk
Judith Sallet 10
Gerald Sallus and Bette Sallus 10, JBS
Jennie Salmon
Stephen Salny, Fellow 10, JBS
Phoebe Salten
Ann Salzberg 5
Iris Salzberg and George Salzberg 10
Paul Samson and Judith Samson
Susan Samuels
Carlos Sanchez
Sandra Sand 5
Barbara Sander 5, JBS, SLS
Joanne Sanders
Martin Sanders and Ann Sanders
Alan Sandler and Jill Sandler 5
Annie Laurie Sandler, Fellow JBS
Gary Sandler and Cindy Sandler
Harry Sandler * 10, JBS
Leslie Sandler 5
Roslyn Sandler and Richard Sandler 5
Lizbeth Sandoval
Richard Sandrow and Phyllis Sandrow 10
Denise Santiago
Abbey Santos
Joel Saperstein and Helaine Saperstein 20, JBS
Gloria Sappol 10
Ellen Saraisky and Alfred Saraisky 10
Barbara Sarfaty 5
Steven Satran and Melanie Satran 5
Joan Satt 10
Ann Sauberman 10
Carmi Saunsaucie
Ruth Savanuck and Len Keilin
Isabel Savine '22
Barbara Sawyer
Margaret Sawyer
Carolyn Sax 10
Joan Saxonhouse and Jack Saxonhouse 10
Lynn Saxton
Daniel Schachter and Anne Fishman '75 5
Enfrodisia Schaff
Ellen Schaffer
Marian Schain
Rhoda Schantz
Sherry Schare and Donald Schare
Roberta Scharf and Marty Scharf 5
Joan Schatzow * 10, JBS, SLS
Louis Schechtman and Marcia Schechtman
Robert Scheifele and Mary Daly '78
Hal Scheinberg and Roberta Lasken 10
Arlene Schenerman 5
Lynne Schenkel
Josef Scher and Judith Scher
Ronald Scherfer and Sharyn Scherfer
Susan Schieb and Joseph Cunningham
Fay Schiff 10
Lenore Schiff
Pamela Schiffer and Charles Schiffer '64 10, JBS
Brenda Schimmel and Herbert Schimmel '61 20
S. Schlager and Judith Schlager
Natalie Schlegel
Allan Schlossberg and Cynthia Schlossberg
Rita Schlosser 5
Christine Schmid
Peter Schmidt and Naomi Schmidt 10, JBS
Susan Schmidt
Ute Schmidt
Klaus Schmidt-Rohr
Jerome Schnapp and Linda Schnapp
Joan Schneider 10
Richard Schneider and Karen Schneider 5
Scott Schneider and Carla Schneider 5
Shari Schneider
Tamar Schneider and Craig Schneider PhD'04
Bernard Schneier 10
Silvia Schnur 10, JBS
Keri Schoenbrun
Melvin Schoenfeld and Bela Schoenfeld 10
Saundra Schoicket and Aron Lukacher '80
Susan Scholz-Rubin 5
Laura Schor, Fellow 10, JBS
Steve Schott and Lori Schott
Diane Schreck
John Schrecker and Janet Barry '90 10
Celina Schreiber
Sharon Schreiber
Daniel Schreibman and Bobby Schreibman 10
John Schuetz and Gail Schuetz '87
Milton Schuffman and Sandra Schuffman 10
Derek Schulman
Peter Schulman and Marcy Schulman MA'74, PhD'82
Randy Schulman
Lisa Schulte
Bernard Schultz and Marlene Schultz
Cassandra Schultz
Helen Schultz 10
Marjorie Schultz
Tania Schumann and Erich Schumann JBS
Sara Lee Schupf and Axel Schupf JBS
Peri Schuyler
Arthur Schwartz and Linda Schwartz
Barbara Schwartz 5
Bob Schwartz and Ricky Schwartz 10
Burton Schwartz and Nan Schwartz 10
Diana Schwartz
Gail Schwartz and Daniel Schwartz '77 5
Harriet Schwartz and Richard Askinazi 5
Harvey Schwartz
Jacqueline Schwartz 10
Jan Schwartz
Jeremy Schwartz and Merle Potchinsky '86 20
Jerrold Schwartz and Sindy Schwartz
Joel Schwartz and Susan Schwartz '90 20, JBS
Joyce Schwartz and Arthur Schwartz JBS
Lois Schwartz 10
Marcia Schwartz and Bernard Schwartz 10
Melvin Schwartz and Judith Schwartz 10
Michael Schwartz and Jane Schwartz 5
Nina Schwartz and William Schwartz JBS
Paul Schwartz and Amy Schwartz
Randy Schwartz and Abby Rosenblum-Schwartz '80
Robert Schwartz and Carolyn Schwartz 10
Sandra Schwartz 10
Sandra Schwartz
Sharon Schwartz and Joel Schwartz JBS
Sindy Schwartz and Jerrold Schwartz
Terry Schwartz and Barbara Schwartz
Margery Schwarz and Gerald Schwarz SLS
Pearl Schwed and Bruce Schwed 10
Maxine Schweitzer 5, JBS
Norm Schweitzer and Leah Schweitzer 5
Caroline Schwirian
Jill Scobie and Dick Scobie PhD'72
Molly Scott
Rachel Scott
Joshua Seadia and Jennifer Seadia '02 10
Dorian Seamster
Ronnie Sebold
Cheryl Seder and John Seder JBS
Carole Seedman
Marilyn Sefchovich
Ann Segal and Elliot Segal '60 10
Anne Segal
Faith Segal and Elliott Segal '59
Lila Segal 10
Linda Segal and Harvey Segal
Natalie Segal 5
Janice Segal Schwartz and Neil Schwartz '78 10
Philip Segaloff and Rachel Segaloff '01, MA'05, MBA'05 10
Ruth Seif
Rena Selden 5
Rachel Seliber and Mark Seliber JBS
Renata Selig and Edward Selig
Helen Seligman
Janet Seltzer, Presidents Councilor and Stephen Seltzer 10, SLS
Steven Sender and Abbie Sender '87 20
Jeanette Serino
Ronnie Serlin
Alison Seropian
Freda Sesnovich 10
Joseph Sewall '22
Howard Shachter and Diane Shachter 10
Gayle Shackleford
Karen Shaer
Harvey Shaff and Leslie Shaff '66
Phoebe Shagan and Bernard Shagan
Gail Shaivitz and Allan Shaivitz
Malcolm Shaker and Ruth Shaker
Charles Shalkhauser
Kenath Shamir JBS
Rosalie Ripaldi Shane '66, Fellow and James H. Shane, Fellow 10, JBS
Alva Shapira and Yaacov Shapira '60 5
Cynthia D. Shapira, Trustee and David S. Shapira 5, JBS
Barbara Shapiro and Edward Shapiro JBS
Charles Shapiro and Debra Shapiro '99 5
David Shapiro and Linda Shapiro '62
Debra Shapiro
Ellen Shapiro and Gerald Shapiro '63
Ellen Shapiro
Ellen Shapiro and Paul Shapiro
Jeffrey Shapiro and Ellen Shapiro 5
Bram Shapiro, Trustee and Jennifer Shapiro 5, JBS
Jerel Shapiro and Judith Shapiro
Jerry Shapiro and Susan Shapiro 10
Karen Shapiro
L. Shapiro and Michele Yellowitz '93 10
Linda Shapiro
Lisa Shapiro and Stephen Shapiro
Lois Shapiro 10
Lynne Shapiro
Ruth Shapiro
Sandra Shapiro 10
Sheila Shapiro
Stephen Shapiro and Sandy Shapiro 10
Tanya Shapiro 10
Wendy Shapiro 10
Wendy Shapiro
Leah Shapov * 10, JBS
Lenore Shapp 10
Judith Share 5
Carol Sharfstein 5
Denise Shauer
Stephen Shaw and Roslyn Shaw
Wendi Sheaff
Carole Shear
Heidi Shear and David Shear '81 JBS
Frank Shechter and Susan Shechter 10
Gary Sheckman and Iris Sheckman
Katie Sheehan
Matthew Sheehy
Joan Sheff and Sumner Sheff '52, MA'59 10
Adam Sheffer
Carl Sheffer and Roberta Sheffer 5
Amiram Sheffet and Alice Sheffet '58
Lucy Sheffield and Joel Sheffield '63
Jonathan Sheiman and Nancy Sheiman '76 5
Anna Sheldon 5
Michael Shelton
Marvin Shenkler and Myrna Shenkler 10
Donald Shepard JBS
Patricia Sheppard
Stephanie Sheps
Martin Sher
Adria Sherman
Ann Sherman
Sue Sherman and Marty Sherman 5, JBS
Terrie Sherman 10
Brian Shimko
Daniel Shimko
Asha Shipman
William Shipman
Eric Shoen
Eric Shoen-Ukre
Mark Shooman and Elaine Shooman 5
Eleanor Shore
Richard Shore
Mark Shostak
Robert Shostak and Jan Shostak
Shelly Shotland
Jacob Shrago * 10, JBS
Ronnie Shrinsky and Jason Shrinsky
Sara Shroot
Cynthia Shulman, Fellow, Former Trustee 20, JBS, SLS
Herbert Shulman and Yona Nelson-Shulman '67 10
Eleanor Shuman, Presidents Councilor, Fellow 20, SLS
Penny Shuman
Sydney Shuman and Stanley Shuman JBS
Elaine Konterwitz Shwimer '68 and Joel Shwimer 5
Kathleen Sideli
Nancy Siefer 5
Bruce Siegal
Carol Siegal 5
Robert Siegal and Sandra Siegel
Allan Siegel and Cindy Siegel 5
Allen Siegel
Daniel Siegel and Eileen Watts '78 20
David Siegel and Nancy Lazarus '70 10, JBS
Harold Siegel and Marion Siegel 10
Jill Siegel and Ron Siegel
Madeline Siegel 10
Marian Siegel
Ronee Siegel 10
Roni Siegel 5
Stanley Siegelman and Merle Siegelman 10
Lois Siemens
Shirley Siff JBS
Rose Silber
David Silbergeld
James Silberman and Selma Silberman '59
Leslie Silberman
Neil Silberman
Robert Silberman and Lynn Silberman 5
Ednize Silveira
Judith Silver
Betty Silverglate
Amy Silverman 10
Joanne Silverman 10
Marc Silverman JBS
Richard Silverman * JBS, SLS
Robert Silverman and Fran Silverman
Sandra Silverman JBS, SLS
Marc Silvers and Joan Silvers
Marilyn Silverstein and Richard Silverstein '60
Morton Silverstein and Harriet Silverstein
Myra Silverstein 5, JBS
Roslyn Silverzweig and Jay Silverzweig 10
Colby Sim
Becky Siman
Laura Simmons
Bennett Simon and Roberta Apfel '58 10, SLS
Beverly Simon and Abram Simon 10
Gary Simon * and Linda Simon 10
Jonathan Simon and Susan Simon
Kathryn Simon 5, JBS
Kenneth Simon and Susan Simon 5
Paula Simon 10
Ruth Simon
Susan Simon and Peter Simon
Tanya Simon JBS
Toby Simon
Grace Simonson
Kenneth Simonson and Jan Solomon '73, Fellow 20, JBS
William Simpson
Jane Sinagub and Paul Ranis '91
Andrew Singer
Arthur Singer and Adrienne Singer 10
Inez Singer 5
Jeffrey Singer and Rebecca Singer
Rise Singer
Robert Singer and Ellen Singer
Suzanne Singer
Harleen Singh
Chad Sirois
Robert Siroty and Margo Siroty 5
Joan Sitver * and Morton Sitver 10
Tracy Sivitz
Billy Sizeler '61, Presidents Councilor and Jane Sizeler 10, JBS
Mike Skaggs
Zachary Skarzynski
Jonathan Skidmore
Debbie Sklar 10
Beatrice Sklarewitz 10
Lynn Skolnick
Edward Skolnik and Rebecca Skolnik '60 10
Susan Skovronek and Alice D'Souza
Myrna Skurnick
Eva Slane
Ronald Slaten and Beverly Slaten 10
Robert Slatkin and Roberta Slatkin '60 10, JBS
Matthew Slattery and Erin Warnke
Carol Sleeper and Michael Sleeper
Michael Sleppin and Gabriela Sadote-Sleppin 5
Gilda Slifka, Fellow 5, JBS
Rosalyn Slifka and Richard Slifka, Fellow JBS
Stuart Sloame and Ellen Seeherman '72 20, JBS
Paula Sloan and Frank Sloan JBS
Norma Sloane 5
Jon Slock
Nancy Slusher
Leila Small '22
Caitlin Smith
Durston Smith and Joyce Smith 5
Joan Smith
Richard Smith and Beth Smith
Stanley Smith and Carol Smith 10
Shirlee Smolin
Dell Smulowitz
Stanley Snider, Fellow and Mary Snider, Fellow JBS
Enid Snidman
Shane Snowdon
David Snyder and Margaret Salamon '84 10, JBS
Robert Snyder and Myra Snyder JBS
Judy Sobeloff
Lois Sockol and Aaron Sockol
Jill Soffer 5, JBS
Marsha Soffer JBS
Diane Sohmer
Hilary Soiefer and Alan Soiefer '72 10
Karen Sokol
Gayle Sokoloff
Dan Sokolov and Elizabeth Sokolov '97
Michael Sokolov and Barbara Sokolov 10
Norma Sokolowsky 5
Judith Solish and Frank Bonoff 10
Sharmon Sollitto and Michael Lederman '70
Martin Solomon and Felice Solomon
Nancy Solomon and Joshua Solomon JBS
Tina Solomon and Ben Solomon '88
Vickie Solomon 5
Sally Solsky and Jonathan Solsky
Martha Somes
Louis Somma and Lela Somma 10
Ygal Sonenshine and Sheila Prell Sonenshine '67 5
Juliet SooHoo and Sean Walley
Carol Sookman 10
Stan Sopczyk and Sharlene Bergart
Sarah Sortino '25
Marvin Sotoloff and Ellen Sotoloff 5
Naoko Sourial
Arthur H. Reis and Deborah Sowul
Ruth Spack
Stefanie Sparber
Eugene L. Speck '58 and Rachel Speck 20
Kayla Spector and Arthur Spector
Manny Spector and Rachel Spector
Bruce Speier and Allyson Speier 5, JBS
Irma Spencer and Aaron Spencer JBS
Meredith Spencer-Blaetz
Linda Spitz and Alan Spitz 5
Deborah Spitzer and Alvin Spitzer
Mychal Springer
Gloria Spungin
David Squire H'96, Trustee Emeritus and Patricia Squire 20, JBS, SLS
John Stahl * 20, JBS
Judith Stalk and Paul Fisher
Gale Stam
Sondra Stamen 10
Cathy Stamler and Jonathan Stamler '81
Kerry Stamp
Arnold Standish and Jill Standish '71
Nancy Stark and Bruce Stark '74 5
Jaye Starr
Rita Starritt and Ted Shafer 20, JBS
Jeffrey Steckler and Barbara Steckler
Hope Steele
Katharine Steele
Kraig Steffen and Tema Nemtzow '79 JBS
Ezra Steiger and Karen Steiger
Barbara Stein
Barry Stein and Rosabeth Kanter JBS
Barry Stein and Rae Stein 10
Jonathan Stein and Pamela Frankel-Stein
Ken Stein and Charlotte Knox
Lawrence Stein and Ellen Stein 10
Rebecca Stein and Russell Stein
Richard Stein and Sandra Stein '81 20
Sandra Stein JBS, SLS
Elaine Stein-Cummins
Joyce Steinberg
Richard Steinberg and Harriet Steinberg
Stephen Steinberg
Marcia Steiner 10
Candace Steingisser
Elaine Steinman 10
Stephen Steinman and Eileen Steinman
Tiffany Steinwert
Brian Steinwurtzel and Rochelle Steinwurtzel '01 JBS
Marie Stengel '24 JBS
Alexandra Stephens
Carol Stephens
Leonard Sterling * 10, JBS, SLS
Shirley Sterling * 10, JBS, SLS
Alan Stern
Amy Stern
Jacqueline Stern and Eric Stern '78 10, JBS
Janet Stern and Matthew Stern JBS
Joanne Stern 5
Josephine Stern and Fred Stern 10
Judith Stern
Mark Stern and Barbara Stern 5
Merril Stern and David Aschkinasi '72 10
Russell Stern and Daryl Stern '85
Stanley Stern and Judith Gallant '76
Sheldon Sternburg and Arlyne Sternburg 10
Susan Sternburg
Jay Sternin and Marcia Sternin 10
Thomas Stevens and Marny Stevens
Eileen Stiefel 5
Stephanie Stiefel JBS
James Stirling JBS
Adrienne Stokols
Herbert Stoller * and Marsha Stoller, Fellow 20, SLS
David Stone and Susan Stone 5, JBS
Errol Stone and Susan Stone '66 20
Gail Stone and Eric Sawitz '71
Jill Stone 5
Laura Stone
Lorrin Stone '23
Mark Stone and Muriel Stone 5
Phillip Stone and Sara Stone
Roberta Stone 10
Leonora Stonehill
Valerie Storms
Henry Strage and Alberta Strage '56 JBS, SLS
Noni Strand
Scott Stratford and Holly Stratford
Alan Strauss
Gail Strauss 10
Howard Strauss and Barbara Strauss
Howard Strauss 10
Sheldon Strauss and Marcia Strauss 10
Jeryle Streich 5
Janet Streit 10
Peter Strening
Rachel Strick and Eli Strick '00 5, JBS
Tammy Strobel and Alan Strobel
Myra Strober
Arthur Strosberg and Sheila Strosberg
Susan Stroud
Libby Strugatch 5
George Strutt and Suzanne Strutt 10
Debi Stuart
Wayne Stutzer * and Marcy Strauss 10, JBS
John Su
Junzhi Su '22
Ernesto Suarez
Gerald Sufrin and Janice Sufrin MA'67, PhD'72
Debra Sugarman
Susan Sullivan
Sam Summer and Bonnie Clewans 5, JBS
Courtney Suncar
Jan Sundgren and Victoria Sundgren
Harry Sunenshine and Dorry Sunenshine 10
Kim Surchin and Mark Surchin '78, Trustee 20, JBS
Jo Susman and Martin Goodman 10
Elizabeth Susser, Presidents Councilor and Jerry Susser 10
Fred Sussman and Sondra Sussman 5
Linda Sussman
Barbara Sutton
Marcia Svetkey
Robert Sweedler and Bette Sweedler
Neil Swidey and Denise Swidey JBS
Pamela Swing 5, JBS
Stephen Syat and Deborah Syat 5
Deborah Sykes
Alexandra Szabo '28
George Szalony
Celia Szew
Colin Tabb
John Tabb and Teresa Tabb
Sean Tabb
Teresa Tabb and John Tabb
Maryanne Tackeff and Roger Tackeff '76, Presidents Councilor
Bobbe Tadelis 10
Danielle Taft '23
Nancy Taicher and Michael Taicher 10
Donald Tallering and Barbara Tallering 10
Michele Tamaren
Abhishek Tandon
Peter Tannenwald
Robert Tanowitz and Nancy Tanowitz 5
Jerome Tanzer and Barbara Tanzer
Morris Taradalsky and Chana Taradalsky
Marjorie Taren
Gail Tasky
Beba Tata
Michael Taub and Sylvia Taub 10
Marianne Taussig and Stuart Taussig 10
Allison Taylor
Brian Taylor and Marguerite Eisenstein-Taylor MA'97, PhD'01 10
Elinor Taylor 10
Lauren Taylor
Meg Taylor 5, JBS
Michael Taylor
Leni Teaman 10
Jylla Tearte and Curtis Tearte '73, Trustee 5, JBS
Phoebe Telser 5
Lea Templer and Alan Templer 5
Rona Tenenbaum 5
Gail Tenn and Daniel Tenn 10, JBS
Lori Tenser
Mark Teplitsky
Joan Tepper and Irwin Tepper 10
Gail Tescher 5
Joyce Tessler and Irving Tessler 5
Ginelle Testa
Nita Tewari and Devansu Tewari
Amber Thacher
Roni Thaler 5
Todd Thibodo and Susan Ofsie '89 20
Rebecca Thien
Samuel Thier H'94, Former Trustee and Paula Thier 20, JBS, SLS
Doreen Thomas and Edward Thomas '73 10, JBS
Jennifer Thomas-Starck
Bruce Thompson
Jennifer Thompson
Claudia Thorpe
Susan Thrasher 5
Huan Tian '24
Le Tian '24
Joan Tieman
Susan Tierney and David Tierney '62 10, JBS, SLS
Sharon Tievsky * and Andrew Tievsky 5
Sidney Tilles and Mildred Tilles
Gerald Tishler and Elizabeth Tishler
Elissa Tobin 10
Janet Tolbert 10
David Tolmie
Barbara Tommaney 10
Porter Tomsick '24
Ali Ton
Tamie Tong and Joseph Nguyen JBS
Andrew Topanian
Lillian Topol and Sidney Topol 10, JBS
Gail Torres
Neil Trachtenberg and Peggy Trachtenberg
Judith Tracy
Elaine Tradd and Stephen Tradd '74 JBS
Eileen Trapp
Perry M. Traquina '78, H'19, Trustee Emeritus and Robin R. Traquina 20, JBS
Burton Traub and Judith Traub '61 SLS
Robert Traurig and Jackie Traurig
Catey Traylor
Ashley Trebisacci
Patricia Treft
Leonard Treister and Diana Treister
Harold Grinspoon, Fellow and Diane L. Troderman, Fellow 20, JBS
Joan Trombka 10
Amy Trotz and Joseph Trotz '88
Isidore Truman * and Janet Truman 10
Carolyn Tryggestad
Kosta Tsipis * and Judith Tsipis 10, JBS
Arlene Tuck and Jerome Tuck '61 JBS
Abby Tucker and John Poremba 5
Ellen Tuckman and David Tuckman 10
Jeanne Tudor 10
Dione Tuggle
Ornat Turin
Karen Turner
Kristen Turpin
Mark Tushnet and Elizabeth Alexander '67 JBS
Jacqueline Tusman
Allison Tuttle
Margaret Twohey
Ronna Uhrman
Lorraine Ullian 10
Robert Ullman and Linda Ullman
Cynthia Underwood
Lisa Ungar and Robert Fridrich 10
Alan Unger and Susan Unger
Barry Unger and Dorothy Unger
Andrew Urban JBS
John Urey and Ina Rosenthal-Urey PhD'72, G'23 SLS
Selma Urman
Nyna Urovitch and David Williams JBS
Andrea Urstein 10
Bonnie Ury
Richard Usen and Judith Usen 5, JBS
Virginia Usen JBS
Suzan Ushman
Sylvie Vaccari P'23 and Paul Vaccari P'23
Rob Vaiciulis and Sybil Lampert 5
Leslie Valera
Joseph Valof and Anita Valof 10
Dirk Van Der Vorst
Joseph Vander Walde and Joan Vander Walde '74
Jerry Vandrovec
Doug Vardell
Marlene Varnen 10
Angelica Vasquez
Shawn Vasquez
Sarah Vega
Kelli Veit
Cynthia Veldheer De Young
Shelley Victor 5
Rhoda Vineberg
Barbara Vinick
Leslie Vinik and Gail Vinik
Domenico Vitale
Daniel Vivian
Josh Vogel and Tamar Vogel MS'18
Jennifer Voldins
Barbara Volin 10
Judith Volin 10
Elizabeth Volk and Mark Volk '74
Scott Waddell
John Wadhams and Lynn Wadhams 5
William Waff
Gerald Wagger and Barbara Wagger 10
Daniel Waintrup and Linda Waintrup JBS
Susan Waisgerber and Stephen Waisgerber '82
Richard Waks
Martha Wakshlag and Stanley Wakshlag '74 5, JBS
Max Wald and Marlene Wald
Nan Waldman and Larry Waldman 10
Frank Waldorf and Beth Waldorf
Jeff Waldron
Melissa Waldron
Sue Waldron
Wendy Waldron
Arthur Waldstein and Andrea Waldstein 5, JBS
Andrea Walgren
Anne Walker
Elaine Walker
Judith Walker
Phyllis Walker
Derron Wallace
Lisa and Neil Wallack JBS
Amy Wallman and Richard Wallman
Nancy Walls and David Walls
Joan Walsh
Lyn Walter and Ken Walter
Roger Walton and Rita Walton
Charlotte Wang '22
Tianhan Wang '22
Wenxiao Wang '24
Wendy Wanger and Barry Wanger
Marcia Wantman and Richard Wantman '57 5
Jacqueline Ward
Bonnie Warren
Kristen Wasielewski
Andrea Wasser and David Wasser '73 10
Patricia Fisher and James Wasser 5
Ellen Wasserman
George Wasserman *
Enid Wassner and Steven Wassner
Martin Waterman and Francine Waterman 5
Paul Watter and Michele Watter 10
Jonathan Wax 10
Gail Weber 5
Ronnie Weber 5
Caryll Webner 5
Ellen Wechsler and Stephen Wechsler
Joan Wechsler and Michael Wechsler, Presidents Councilor 10
Leon Wechsler and Marysue Wechsler 10
Sharon Weerth
Rochelle Wegner and Edward Grossman 5
Wenfang Wei
Carolyn Weil 5
David Weil JBS
Jerry Weil and Nancy Weil JBS
Elaine Weiler and Alan Weiler 5, JBS
Jackie Wein 5
Barbara Weinberg 10
Harvey Weinberg and Lesley Weinberg
Joseph Weinberg and Debbie Weinberg JBS
Judy Weinberg
Stanley Weinberg and Sheila Weinberg 5
Lissa Weinberger and Jonathan Infeld '95 5, JBS
Malvin Weinberger and Irene Weinberger 10
Robyn Weiner
Barry Weingart and Ellie Weingart 5
Barry Weingarten and Annette Weingarten 10
Karen Weinhart
Cheryl Weinstein 5
Cheryl Weinstein
Jerome Weinstein and Rona Balsam 10
Joan Weinstein
Livia Weinstein and Donald Weinstein 10
Marion Weinstein, Former Fellow * 10, JBS
Raymond Weinstein and Gail Weinstein
Robert Weinstein 5, JBS
Sharon Weinstein
Stanford Weinstein and Karen Weinstein
Alan Weinstock and Madeline Weinstock
Madeline Weinstock and Alan Weinstock 10
Arlene Weintraub JBS, SLS
Caroline Weintraub 10
Sandra Weintraub and Robert Weintraub '55, Presidents Councilor 10, JBS
Tamara Weintraub 10, JBS
Wendy Weisbard and Nathan Weisbard
Daniel Weiser and Anna Weiser '02
Judith Weisman
Wendie Weisman
David Weiss and Nora Gold
Donna Weiss 10
Jay Weiss and Gayle Weiss
Marcia Weiss
Myra Weiss
Robert Weiss and Eve Weiss 10
Jan Weissman Scheff and Phil Scheff
Stephen Weissman and Carole Horn '66
Joan Weissman-Burton and Murray Burton 10
Aaron Weisstuch and Rita Weisstuch
Ruth Weitzenfeld and Julian Weitzenfeld '63
Marilyn Wender and Stan Deutsch 5
Howard Wensley and Judith Wensley 10
Carly Wertheim and Mohit Gourisaria '09 5, JBS
Arnold Westerman and Judy Westerman 5
Morris Westman and Cynthia Westman 10
Ben Wetherbee
Karin Wetmore
David Wexler and Gerry Wexler
Patty Whatley
Myrna Wheatman and Lawrence Wheatman
Deborah Whisnand
Carol White
Emerson White '23
Haydn White
Joe Whitehouse
Ira Whitman and Audrey Whitman 10
Christina Whitmire
Lawrence Whitney
William Whitney and Jean Whitney MM'01 10
Dean Whyte '23
Joseph Widoff and Ellen Widoff 5
Lloyd Widom and Heidi Widom '84 20, JBS
Linda Wiener
Marlene Wiener
Michael Wiener and Michele Milden 5
Joyce Wies
Oren Wiesler JBS
Iris Wigal 10, JBS
Marjorie Wiggins
Alan Wilder and Marilyn Wilder 5
Barbara Wilder
Marjorie Wilder
Richard Wildman and Simona Wildman 5
Cynthia Wilen
Seymour Wilensky and Sybil Wilensky
Madeline Wilk
Thelma Wilkofsky 10
Zac Willette
Lawrence William and Judith William '63 5
Robert Williams and Sabrina Williams '88
Charlene Williamson 5
Kenneth Willis and Amy Willis '87 20
Audrey Wilner and Alfred Wilner 10
Harriet Wilner
Phyllis Wilner
David Wilson and Joyce Wilson
Judy Wilson and Norman Wilson '67 20, JBS
Lauren Wilson
Virginia Wilson
Seth Winberg
Warren Winfield and Ruth Maron
Jeffrey Winick and Wendy Samuelson '90
Marcia Winick and Irv Winick 10
Mary-Ann Winkelmes and Daniel Hamilton JBS
Gilbert Winn JBS
Marilyn Winoker, Former Fellow * and James Winoker, Fellow JBS
Barton Winokur H'01, Trustee and Susan Winokur 20 20, JBS
Carol Winter
Michael Winter and Deborah Goldberg 10, JBS
Gayle J. Wise, Presidents Councilor, Fellow and George T. Wise 20, SLS
Julienne Wish
Cory Wishengrad and Alison Wishengrad '97 5, JBS
Philip Wisotsky and Shirley Wisotsky 10
Germaine R. Wissot 10
Sandy Withers 10
Kathleen Witkin and Jay Witkin 10
Ellen Witt
Ellen Wittman
Robert Wiznia and Carolann Wiznia '72 20
Frank Woggon
Deborah Wojtalak
Amy Wolf
Barry Wolf and Renarda Wolf 5
Naomi Wolf
Leonard Wolfer and Esther Wolfer
Alan Wolff and Nina Wolff 10
Melvin Wolff and Barbara Wolff '56
Marc Wolfson and Gail Wolfson
Michael Wolfson and Melanie Wolfson '98 5
Linda Wolk and James Wolk
Susan Wolkon and Kenneth Wolkon '60
Denise Wolpert
Jean Wood
Beverly Woodward and Paul Monsky
Steve Wool
Connie Woolcock
Laurel Woolf
Steven Woolf and Cookie Woolf 5
Jane Woolway
Cole Workman and Lauri Croce '84
Jane Wortman
Ellen Wright and David Shactman
Mary Wright Miner
Sarah Wry
Susan Wurster
Heidi Wyle
Phil Xiang
John Xie '24
Ray Xiong '23
Carol Xu '23
Sophie Xu '22
Zifeng Xue '24
Edward Yaffe and Eileen Yaffe
Donald Yakita
Jace Yang '21
Jenny Yang and Kil Huh JBS
Laura Yang '24
Wendy Yang '23
Allan Yarkin and Ray Yarkin JBS
Alan Yates and Jacqueline Yates
Sue Yates-Scott
Judy Ye '24
Roberta Yellen and Lawrence Yellen 5
Robert Yerman and Ellen Yerman 5
Long Yi '23
Saul Yoffe
Ming Yong
Nereyda Yong
Marc Yoskowitz and Miriam Sager '97 5, JBS
Susan Youdovin
Gerald Young and Elaine Young 10
Rosalyn Young
Ruth Young and Edwin Young 10
Xueqin Yu JBS
Liulu Yue '24
Sidney Yukelson and Edith Yukelson 5
Amy Yunes
Giulia Zaccagnini
Adam Zacher
Vicki Zack
Sue Zaff and Alan Zaff
Suzanne Zalk * JBS
Norman Zall and Ann Zall 10
Audrey Zamkow
Lissa Zanville
Warren Zarrell and Rita Zarrell 5
Joshua Zarrow and Marlene Zarrow '83 JBS
Ellen Zarrow-Nissenbaum and Alan Nissenbaum
Stuart Zavolinsky
Froma Zeitlin
Leora Zeitlin and Stuart Kelter '79
Rhoda Zeligman
Gail Zelitzky
Linda Zelizer
Frank Zelko and Maria Ferrera '77 5, JBS
Carole Zeller
Linda Zellerbach and Gary Zellerbach '74 20
Lassa Zelnik and Martin Zelnik '61 20, JBS
Linda Zempel
Les Zenack and Daron Zenack 5
Richard Zenna and Loretta Zenna
Mark Zeren JBS
Olivia Zetter
Diana Zhang '24
Frank Zhao '23
Wenhan Zheng '22
Youqing Zheng
Ella Zhou '24
Jonathan Zich
Jerold Ziegelman 10
Carl Zielonka
Casey Zierler
Kenneth Zimble and Patricia Zimble '57 JBS
Golda Zimmerman and David Kapell 10
Selma Zinker 10
J. Zion and Sharon Zion 10
David Zipkin and Abigail Klingbeil
Marlene Zirin and James Zirin JBS
Ana Zirpolo and Michael Zirpolo '70
Stephen Zivin and Emily Zivin 10
Judith Zohn 10
Rochelle Zohn and David Zohn *
Joel Zolondek and Marilyn Zolondek
Barbara Zoob and Henry Zoob MA'87
Stuart Zorn
Tania Zouikin JBS
Stephen Zubris and Sherry Zubris 5
Marvin Zuckerman and Elissa Zuckerman 10
Pearl Zuckerman 10
Gregory Zufelt and Robert Besner '75 10, JBS
Edward Zuker and Judi Rotenberg
Randi Zussman and David Zussman
Vivian Zwick JBS
Klaus Zwilsky and Roberta Safer '61 20
5 - Denotes 5-9 consecutive years of giving • 10 – Denotes 10-19 consecutive years of giving • 20 – Denotes 20+ consecutive years of giving • JBS – Current year Justice Brandeis Society members • SLS – Sachar Legacy Society members • * - Deceased • Names in bold denote first-time donors

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