Brandeis Alumni, Family and Friends

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Five students walk across campus with some carrying musical instruments in their cases.

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is internationally recognized for its doctoral, master’s, and post-baccalaureate programs; its contributions to scholarly research; and its commitment to academic excellence, access and inclusivity. Students benefit from the school’s small size, allowing them to work closely with professors who are leaders in their fields. Thank you to all who contributed to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences last year.

Donors to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
William Abbate MA'65, PhD'66 and Barbara Abbate 10, JBS, SLS
Glennis Adam MA'71, PhD'74 JBS, SLS
Johanna Adams MS'15, PhD'20
Sara Adams PhD'93
Kim Aeby MFA'86 and Frances Wilmeth
Samuel Akerman MA'16, MS'18 and Esther Revai MS'16
Mitchell Albury MA'14 5
Charline Alexandre-Joseph MPP'13
Charles Allen PhD'64 and Janet Allen 10
David Alpher '94 and Sharon Rosenberg
Georgios Anagnostopoulos PhD'71 and Myrtali Anagnostopoulos
Karin Anderson PhD'99
Mark Anderson MFA'79
Michael Anderson MA'04 and Robin Anderson MA'04
Donald Andreini MA'63, PhD'69
Michael Annicchiarico MFA'81, PhD'94 and Sharon Annicchiarico
Bruce Antman MA'75 and Janet Antman 10
Yonatan Appelbaum MA'10, PhD'14 and Emily Appelbaum 5
Barry Aprison PhD'84 and Erin Aprison 5
Sheldon Apsell PhD'72 and Paula Apsell '69 JBS
Raymond Arsenault MA'74, PhD'81 and Kathleen Arsenault
Elliot Asarnow '70, PhD'79, P'99 and Claire Asarnow '68, P'99 20, JBS
Louis Asekoff MA'67 and Louise Kalin
Niloufar Ataie PhD'08
Lance Babcock '21, MS'21
Nancy Bacall MJC'83, P'94, P'00 and George Bacall P'94, P'00
J. Harvey Baker MA'71, PhD'72
Zachary Baker MA'74 10
Avijit Bakshi PhD'09
Bertram Baldwin MFA'67
Colleen Ballance MFA'83
Dean Bandes MA'73, PhD'74 and Arlene Bandes '67
Eliot Bank '99, MA'00 and Erica Bank
Alvin Barager PhD'61 and Diana Baragar 5
Elaine Barkin MFA'56, PhD'71 and George Barkin '53, MA'57 *
George Barkin '53, MA'57 *
A. Barron PhD'82
Barbara Barshay '63 * and Jacob Barshay MA'65, PhD'66 20
Jacob Barshay MA'65, PhD'66 20
Amanda Barton MA'17
Susan Basow MA'70, PhD'73
Adam Batkin '04, MA'05 and Jessica Batkin '05 10
David Beck P'16
Justin Becker '09
Audrey Beerman MA'07 and Hal Beerman
Sedat Behar '02, MA'03
Geoffrey Belinfante '69, MFA'71 and Judy Belinfante '72
Sanford Bell MA'69 10
Vadim Benderskiy '98, MS'98 and Tatyana Yatsunov
John Benitz MFA'91 and Maria Benitz
Idie Benjamin '74, MA'76 10
Jeremy Benjamin MA'99, MM'99 and Jenny Benjamin
Ruth Bennett MA'66 5
Gerald Bergtrom PhD'74 and Sydell Bergtrom 5
Joan Feinberg Berns '70, MA'71, PhD'74 20, JBS, SLS
Beth Bernstein MA'90 10, JBS
Jules Bernstein '57, Fellow and Linda Lipsett 20, JBS, SLS
Marc Better PhD'82 JBS
Jonathan Biatch MJC'80 and Bonnie Margulis
Hollie Bierman '01, MA'01 and Evan Bierman 5
Amy Biloon MA'00 and Jeremy Biloon '92 20
Erin Bisceglia '12, CER'13
Steven Bizar '84, MA'87 and Lisa Brody 20, JBS
Julia Blanter '13, MS'14 JBS
Sheridan Blau MA'66, PhD'67 5
Annemarie Bleiker MA'71 and Hans Bleiker JBS
Frank Bloch '66, MA'77, PhD'78 and Melissa Bloch '67 10
Laura Block '91 and Daniel Block
Steven Bloom MA'76, PhD'82 and Marjorie Mitlin 10
Marcia Bloomberg '70, MA'91 and Jerome Fish
Ira Blum MA'13, MA'13
Richard Bolt MA'75, PhD'76 and Olga Bolt
Eric Bone MA'01, PhD'04 10
Benjamin Boretz MFA'57, P'78 and Naomi Boretz P'78
Vladimir Botchkarev MS'12, PhD'15
Juliet Bottorff MS'19
Esther Brandon '13, MAT'14, MS'20 and Ravi Kotecha '10, MS'14, MS'20
Sam Brauer '82
Steven Breazzano '07, MS'07 10
Matthew Breman '91 and Rachel Breman '96
Ralph Bremigan MA'86, PhD'90
Marc Brettler '78, MA'78, PhD'87
Robert Brickman '04, MA'05
John Broderick MA'69, PhD'70 and Sandy Broderick 5
Suzanne Broughton MA'60 5
Laura Browder PhD'94 and Allan Rosenbaum
James Brown MFA'74 5
Robert Brown '70, PhD'79 10
Whitman Brown PhD'99
Kenneth Bruss MA'77 and Lois Bruss
Hannah Burton
Elizabeth Bussiere PhD'89 and Daniel Cohen PhD'89
Jeffrey Calderon '80 and Loida Calderon
Nathaniel Campbell '09, MS'09 and Rebecca Campbell '09
Michael Carasik MA'93, PhD'97 and Yaffa Bruckner 5
Blanca Carbajal-Gonzalez MS'13
Nikkola Carmichael MS'13 and Bob Carmichael 5
Paul Carr PhD'66
Barbara Carter MA'67, PhD'72 20
Thomas Carty PhD'73
Sarah Casner MS'10
Barbara Cassidy MA'98 and Eric Chasalow
Peter Castle PhD'70 and Ellen Castle 5
Richard Censullo PhD'80, P'08 and Charlotte Borst P'08 5
Ruth Charney '72, MA'72 and Stephen Cecchetti 20, JBS
Fred Chasalow PhD'71 and Sandra Chasalow JBS
Wajiha Chaudhry '14, MBA'20
Chunsheng Chen MA'99, PhD'99 5, JBS
Xunming Chen PhD'93
Yen-Chu Chen MS'16
Miriam Chernoff '73, PhD'88 and Stan Morse 20
Teddy Cheung '99, MA'01, PhD'04 5
Tae Cho PhD'97 5
Wilson Chow MA'72, PhD'73
Joel Christensen '01, MA'01 and Shahnaaz Nistar '01 JBS
Christopher Clark '02, MA'02 5
Michele Clark MA'00
Rebecca Cogbill MAT'14
Anneliese Cohen 5, JBS
David Cohen '59 and Judith Cohen '60 20
Elisabeth Cohen and Robert Grossman JBS
Fredric Cohen PhD'63 10
Gail Cohen '75, MA'79 and Jeremy Cohen
Howard Cohen MA'68, PhD'74 5
Jonathan Cohen and Victoria Cohen JBS
Ralph Cohen MA'77, PhD'78 and Susan Million
Carol Colena
Jennifer Collins MFA'98
Daniel Conway MA'01, PhD'03 and Adena Conway
Jack Cook MA'73 and Nancy Cook 10
Eugene Cordes PhD'62, G'13 and Shirley Cordes PhD'63, G'13 JBS
Juan Corradi '65, MA'67, PhD'73 and Christina Spellman 10, JBS, SLS
Karen Coschigano PhD'92 and Peter Coschigano 10
Sarrae Crane MA'77 and Jonathan Waxman '71 20
Michelle Creisher MA'15
Paul Crispino P'21 and Jan Mittleman P'21 JBS
G. Cross PhD'97 and Melisa Cross
Miriam Crowley MA'04 and Ross Crowley
Grace Cuenco PhD'03 and Timothy Clackson JBS
Steven Cutkosky PhD'85 and Hema Srinivasan PhD'86
Larissa Cvach MA'17
Brian Dahlben '12, MS'12
Melissa Dane 10, JBS
Abigail Daniels '19, MS'19
John Daniels PhD'65 and Sheila Daniels
Priscilla Dannies PhD'71 and Robert Dannies 5
Zoe Danon PhD'97
Elizabeth Davis PhD'69 and William Davis
Frederic Davis MA'72, PhD'73 and Katherine Davis
Behzad Dayanim MA'06, MBA'06
Roy DeBerry '70, MA'78, PhD'79 and Rubye DeBerry 20, JBS
Barbara Deck MA'76, PhD'77
Avi Decter MA'76 and Naomi Decter 5
Jessica Dennis MJC'86
Fan Di MS'18
Efraim Diamond '18, MAT'18 and Miriam Renz
Shuo Diao MA'13
Dwight Dickerson '74
Robert Dilger PhD'81 and Gloria Dilger
Songqing Ding PhD'90
Alan Dittrich MA'76, PhD'77 and Luise Dittrich 10
Brenda Dolan MAT'08 and Irvin Dolan
Bram Dolcourt '99, MS'99 and Tamar Dolcourt '98 10
William Dowie MA'69, PhD'70 and Alba Taylor 10
Nicole Druckman MA'95 and James Druckman JBS
Wei Du PhD'94 and Bing-Le Wu PhD'91, Trustee JBS
Xianju Du PhD'98, P'24 and Xingchun Hu P'24 JBS
C. Dunne PhD'71 and Maureen Dunne '69 20
Alex Dupuy MA'76 and Wanda Dupuy MA'76
Mary Durham MA'96
Gary Dusek MA'69 and Nancy Dusek
Eve Edelman-Russ '79 and Mark Russ
Blair Eig '77, MA'77 and Kaethe Eig '77
Susan Eisen PhD'77 and Russell Vasile
Marguerite Eisenstein-Taylor MA'97, PhD'01 and Brian Taylor 10
Malik El-Amin MFA'02
Peter Elbow PhD'69 and Cami Elbow 10
Asa Eldh MA'82, PhD'88 and Per Eldh 10
Jean Elson MA'96, PhD'00 and C.Thomas Arrington
Sonya Entova '13, MS'13
David Epstein MA'87, PhD'93
Susan Estabrooks MS'96 and Justin Hahn
Clara Estow MA'74, PhD'75 and Daniel Estow '67, MFA'69
Daniel Eustace PhD'74 and Mary Eustace
Lisa Exler '01, MA'02 and Elie Kaunfer 10
Jack Fajer PhD'63, P'89 and Ruby Fajer '58, MA'60, P'89 20
Rhonda Falk MA'85
Marc Falkoff PhD'97
Kimberly Fanelli MS'09
Edward Farhi '73, MA'73 and Sophia Hartog
David Fenick '91, MA'92 and Sue Fenick '91 10
Paul Fennelly MA'71, PhD'72 and Katharine Fennelly 10
Barbara Ferman PhD'83
Elizabeth Fideler '64 and Paul Fideler MA'71, PhD'71 5, JBS
Jeffrey Finkelstein MA'93 and Jennifer Finkelstein
Brittany Finney '17, MA'18 and James Conlon '16, MPP'18 JBS
Arthur Finstein '67, MFA'04, P'98, P'01, P'08 and Lois Finstein '70, P'98, P'01, P'08 20, JBS
Kimberly Firth PhD'05
Andrew Fisher MA'77, PhD'82 and Lois Fisher
Benjamin Fisher MA'04, PhD'04
Patricia Fisher and James Wasser 5
Martin Flashman '67, MA'69, PhD'74
Laurence Fogel MA'74, PhD'75 and Karen Fogel 5
Michael Fortner MA'83, PhD'89 and Rebecca Hall '83 10
Everett Fox '68, MA'72, PhD'75, P'05 and Cherie Koller-Fox MA'75, P'05
Rosa Franck MA'07, MBA'07
Robert Frank MA'71 and Jennifer Coplon PhD'94 20
Talia Franks '18, MA'19 JBS
Perry Frey PhD'68 and Carolyn Frey 5
Iris Friedman MA'85, P'05 10
Melissa Friedman '96, MA'97 and Akiva Friedman
Scott Friedman MA'99, MM'99 and Amy Friedman '90
George Froeschel * JBS
Taro Fujimori PhD'92 and Maureen Fujimori 5, JBS
Elaine Fulton PhD'78 and Chandler Fulton JBS
Eric Furfine PhD'88 and Beth Miaoulis 10, JBS
Andrew Gainer-Dewar PhD'12 and Janet Gainer-Dewar JBS
Judith Gallant '76 and Stanley Stern
Robert Gallucci MA'68, PhD'74
Solomon Garber MS'19
Laura Gardner P'12
Alexander Garger MS'00, PhD'04 and Yana Garger '03
David Gelfand '66 and Ellen Daniell 20
Myron Geller MA'66, P'86, P'92 and Eileen Geller P'86, P'92
Halley Geringer '19
Susan Gersten PhD'80
Geoffrey Getz '99, MA'00 and Ellen Getz '99 JBS
Donald Giddon PhD'61, G'24 and Phoebe Giddon '56, G'24, Fellow JBS
Beryl Gilfix '65, MA'66, P'97
Ellen Gilmore '68, MA'69 20
Alix Ginsburg MA'78, PhD'84 and Alan Shuchat
Gary Glaser '71 and Lorraine Glaser 20, JBS
Harris Gleckman '68, MA'77, PhD'82 and Riva Krut 5, JBS
Bruce Golbus MA'76, PhD'77 and Elizabeth Golbus '71 10
Andrew Goldberg PhD'92
Dena Goldblatt '17, MS'17
Jonathan Golden PhD'08 and Kim Golden
Abbe Golding MS'12 and Jonathan Wons '09
Kathi Goldman '64, MA'68 and Lawrence Goldman '63 5, JBS
Ellen Goldner PhD'91 and Stephen Rosow 10
Marc Goldring MA'77, PhD'83 and Susan Schlisserman
Jason Goldsmith '06, MS'06 and Rachel Goldsmith '06 5
Susan Goldsmith PhD'84
Claire Golomb PhD'69 20
Jennifer Gordon '93, MS'93 and Seth Gordon 20
Ruth Gordon MA'66
Albert Gottlieb MA'67, PhD'70 and Donna Gottlieb
Allan Gottlieb MA'68, PhD'73 and Alice Gottlieb '73 10
Peter Gould '67, MA'00, PhD'02 and Mollie Burke 10
Heather Graham MFA'96 and Timothy Graham '95
Jason Gray '10, MA'10 and Jacqueline Feinberg '10 JBS
Arthur Green '61, PhD'75, P'98 and Kathy Green P'98
Larry Greenberg '63 and Judy Greenberg 20
Alan Greenberger PhD'73 and Martha Schrempel 20
Howard Greenblatt MA'75, PhD'76 and Cynthia Greenblatt 20
Sam Greenblatt '06, MA'06
Avi Greene '96, MA'97 and Sara Greene '96
Emily Greenwald '16
Hrach Gregorian MA'80, PhD'81 and Judith Gregorian 5
Gordon Grose MA'61 and Elaine Grose
Lucille Gruber '55, MFA'57 and Sheldon Gruber 10
Renee Gruenwald '69, MA'81 and Larry Gruenwald '67
Reina Guerrero '11 10
Daniel Guhr MA'95 10, JBS
Stefan Gunther PhD'00 and Lisa Goldberg
James Guzinski PhD'72 and Jenny Grunberg '70 JBS
Steven Hahn PhD'85 and Pranhitha Reddy PhD'87
Dana Hale MA'92, PhD'98
Deborah Halper '76, P'11 and Gary Giddins P'11 10
Miriam Halperin-Maya MA'72, PhD'73 and Jakob Maya
Jaimee Halpren '11
Larry Hamberlin PhD'04
Michael Hammer '75, MA'75 and Leslie Hammer 20
Theodore Hammett MA'75, PhD'76 and Nancy Hammett
Roni Handler MA'05 and Isabel de Koninck '04 5
Luke Hanlin MA'12, PhD'18
Taku Harada '18, MS'18 JBS
John Harpootlian MA'68 and Dorothy Price 5
David Harris PhD'82, P'06 and Margaret Harris PhD'83, P'06
Nina Hathaway MA'63, PhD'70
Allison Hecht '17, MAT'17 JBS
Joan Heinsheimer '71 and Kathleen McCallum JBS
Wendy Heller PhD'95 5
Vanarath Hem MA'16
Jack Henkin PhD'75
Ellen Herman PhD'93 and Lynn Stephen PhD'87
Helene Hill PhD'64 and George Hill 10, JBS
Jay Hirsh PhD'76 and Wendy Hirsh 10
Jackie Horne PhD'06 and Keith Smith
Robert Horwitz MA'82, PhD'83 and Elizabeth Brydolf
Susan Horwitz PhD'63 10, JBS
James Hughes MA'87, PhD'91 and Krista Hughes '94
Arthur Hunt PhD'82 and Patricia Hunt
Kathryn Hunter '81
Dr. Maryellen Hurwitz '60 & Mr. Ralph White
Phyllis Hurwitz '55, MFA'74
Jessica Huynh '16, MA'17
Celene Ibrahim MA'14, PhD'18
Joseph Irvin '21, MS'21
Dmitri Ivanov PhD'01
Judith Jackson MS'96
Esa Jaffe '90, MA'94, P'19 and Chaim Jaffe '90, P'19
Martha Jaffe MA'71, PhD'72 10
Donald Jamieson '73, MA'81 10
Leslie Jaquith MFA'71
Rabbi Harold S. Jaye PhD’80 and Laura Sue Jaye 5
Kathleen Jenkins PhD'02
Huaiqian Jiang '21 JBS
Carrie Johnson '91
Richard Johnson MA'69, PhD'70 and Sharyn Johnson 20
Douglas Jones PhD'75 and Virginia Jones 5, JBS
Naomi Jones MBA'20
Robert Jones '71, MA'75, P'05 and Yvonne Jones P'05
Raphael Jospe '69, MA'70, PhD'79, G'23 and Darlene Jospe, G'23
Deborah Judelson MA'81, PhD'82, P'12 and Bruce Judelson P'12 10
Andrea Julian MA'64 10
David Kaback PhD'76 and Stephanie Kaback 10
Lawrence Kahan PhD'71 10
Robbie Kahn '63, MA'83, PhD'88 JBS
Idil Kan MA'12, MS'15 5
Adam Kancher MA'08, MBA'08
Junchao Kang MA'16
Steven Kangas PhD'94 and Ada Cohen '84 20
Rachel Kapelle MA'03, PhD'09
Bonnie Kaplan MA'73, PhD'74 and Richard Conte SLS
Micaela Kaplan '19, MS'20
Ruth Kaplan MA'74 and Toby Kusmer
Elliot Kaplowitz '02, MA'03 and Toby Kaplowitz
Elliot Karp MJC'80 and Sharon Karp
Richard Karpel PhD'70, P'99 and Madeline Karpel '67, P'99 20
James Kasper '71, MFA'73
Sabi Kastro MA'93
Victor Katz MA'67, PhD'68, P'00 and Phyllis Katz P'00 20
Jay Kaufman '68, MA'73 and Cathy Kaufman 10
John Kay PhD'78 and Lee Kay
David Kaye MFA'93 and Mary Kaye
Daniel Kazzaz '74, MA'11 and Audrey Corson JBS
Gina Keel PhD'98 and Todd Evans 5
Kristine Keenan MA'80
Margot Kempers '74, MA'83, PhD'86 and Roy Scholz 10
Alan Kern '67, MA'69 * JBS, SLS
Robert Kern MA'78 10
Jeffrey Kerstine P'24 and Kira Kerstine P'24
David Kertzer PhD'74 and Susan Kertzer
Martin Kessler MA'63, PhD'65 * 10
Ksenya Kiebuzinski MA'99, PhD'02
Yongwoon Kim '17, MS'17 JBS
Louis Kirschenbaum MA'68, PhD'69 and Susan Kirschenbaum
Roberta Kisker MFA'91 and Scott Kisker
Miriam Klausner MAT'08, P'09 and Mitchell Klausner '81, P'09
Philip Klemarczyk PhD'79 and Laurice Klemarczyk
Amy Klotz MM'00, MA'01 and David Terry
Christopher Knoell PhD'04
Aalan Kobritz MFA'76 10
Malcolm Koch MA'72, PhD'73, P'97 and Sandra Koch P'97
Amy Koplow '74, MFA'77, P'06 10
Bradley Kosiba PhD'81 and Dorothy Hammett 5
Jonathan Krasner '88, PhD'02, P'25 and Frank Tipton P'25
Kathryn Kravitz PhD'99 and Edward Kravitz
Neil Kressel '78, MA'78, P'16, P'20, P'25 and Dorit Kressel P'16, P'20, P'25
Leonard Krisak MA'79 and Ruth Landsman '81 10
Nathan Kruman MA'85, P'23, P'25 and Charlotte Kruman P'23, P'25
Alison Kur '83, MA'02 and Michael Oshins 5
Paula Kushlan '70, Presidents Councilor JBS
Sidney Kushner PhD'71 and Deena Kushner '70 20
Leslie Lamport MA'63, PhD'72, HSL'17 and Ellen Gilkerson JBS
Tian Lan '14 and Zhaoxiang Wang MA'15
Judy Landau '62, MA'64 and Emanuel Landau
Alexander Lane MFA'10, PhD'17
Jessica Lang PhD'04
John Langton '01, PhD'08 and Mark Cohen '96
Eric Larson '84 and Jennifer O'Rafferty
Daniel Lasker '71, MA'71, PhD'76 and Debora Lasker '73 10
Nathaniel Lathrop '09, MA'14
Judith Lattimer '06, MS'06
Jasmine Quynh Le MS'19
Hae Young Lee '98
Joel Leeman '75, MA'81, P'06 and Sara Leeman P'06
Judith Leff PhD'85 5
David Lentz '74, MA'76 and Judith Lentz 5, JBS
Edward Levenson PhD'72 10
Leonard Levin MA'72, PhD'73 and Margie Freeman '70 5
Ronnie Levin '73, MA'77, P'12 and Joel Schwartz '69, PhD'80, P'12 JBS
Chavah Levine '06, MAT'08
Charles Levy PhD'67, G'20 and Elinor Levy '63, G'20
Joshua Levy MA'97 and Jan Miyake
Simon Levy MA'00, PhD'03 5, JBS
RuiYi Li MA'18
Ye Li
Yue Li PhD'14 and Qi Wang MS'09, PhD'10 5
Lizzie Liang MS'20
Alexander Liazos MA'67, PhD'70
Annette Liberman-Miller '58, MFA'76, Fellow and Michael A. Miller, Fellow 20, JBS
Nehama Libman '08, MED'20
Lauren Lichten MS'05
Steven Lichtman '90, PhD'04 20
Elizabeth Lieberman MA'65 20
Marcia Lieberman PhD'66 and Philip Lieberman 10
Suzanne Lieblich MA'67 and William Lieblich 10
Nathan Light Geller '80, MJC'83 and Marilyn Geller
Chen Lin MA'11
Karen Lindau '75 and David Goldenberg 5
Elizabeth Lindenfeld '73 and Michael Lindenfeld PhD'76
Eva Linfield PhD'84, P'88
Philip Lippel MA'83, PhD'88 and Cathy Scheiner 10
Aaron Lipskar '98, CER'99 and Leah Lipskar '97 JBS
Deborah Lipstadt MA'72, PhD'76, H'19
Ariella Lis '09, MA'11 and Tzvi Raviv MA'11, MBA'11 JBS
Martin Lockshin MA'79, PhD'84 and Ruth Lockshin '76 JBS
Yan-Poh Loh '72, MA'74 and Yvonne Loh '73
Louise Lopman MA'75, PhD'77 and Joseph Lopman
Hilary Loring PhD'97 and Stephen Loring
Christopher Loschen MA'91, PhD'96 and Sasha Golden
Meg Lovejoy MA'01, PhD'12
Qing Lu MS'94, PhD'97 and Weiguo Zheng MA'91, PhD'95 JBS
Sheldon Lubliner MFA'75 and Velma Lubliner
Stephanie Lucia MS'20
Francis Luczak MA'64 and Virginia Luczak 10
Steven Luo '21, MA'21
Daniel Lurie '94, MA'94 and Aura Lurie '98 5
Amy Lurie Schulman '01 and Seth Schulman
Barbara Lyman MA'71 and Benjamin Lyman
Harvard Lyman PhD'60
Jennifer MacDonald MA'99 and Mark Setterfield 10
Bruce Magnuson PhD'84 and Lisa Magnuson
Carolyn Maibor PhD'02
Krishna Mallick PhD'78 and Subir Mallick 10
Joel Mandelbaum MFA'57 and Ellen Mandelbaum
Aman Mann MS'17
Paul Manowitz PhD'67 and Joyce Manowitz 5
Peter Mansbach PhD'71 10
Alain Marcuse '86, MA'87 and Diane Marcuse
Eliezer Margolis MA'79, P'10 and Sunny Balsam P'10
Madelaine Marquez '69 and Robert Marquez '66
Ben Martin MA'76, PhD'82
Anurag Maskey '03, MA'05 and Shachi Shrestha 5
Sahar Massachi '11, MA'12
Walter Massefski PhD'91, P'17 and Heidi Massefski MA'88, P'17
Jason Matos PhD'20
Christopher Mayo PhD'04
Andrew Mazzella MA'72, PhD'78 10
Desmond McCarthy MA'84, PhD'92 10
Clinton McCrory MA'70, PhD'72 and Sue Custance 10
Cynthia McGowan MA'79, PhD'81 and Donald McGowan
Jonathan McIntyre '88 and Sumitra Chary
Gordon McLean MA'98
Sarah McMahon PhD'82 20
Judith Medoff PhD'66
Shlomo Meislin '04, MS'04
Alan Melchior '74, MA'07 and Sarah Person
Margaret Menzin MA'67, PhD'70 and Marvin Menzin 10
Greta Michael '63 and Joel Michael 10
Laurence Milder '77, PhD'92 and Janet Milder 20
Maria Miller
Philip Miller
Rachel Minkin MA'10, PhD'19
Damir Mirkovic MA'68 and Ana Mirkovic
Alexander Mitchell '17, MS'17
Claire Mitrokostas MS'08 and Nicholas Mitrokostas
Huaping Mo MS'96, PhD'99 and Chaoyu Xie MS'97, PhD'00 5
Marilyn Monderer '74 and William Monderer 20
Nicholas Monroe '21
Dian Monson PhD'98 and Roland Monson
Gerald Moore PhD'69 and Sharon Moynahan 10, JBS
Scott Moore PhD'13
Stephen Moore PhD'78 and Christine Moore 5
Terry Moore MFA'82 10
William Morgan PhD'00 5
James Moyer MA'68, PhD'69 and Roberta Moyer
Shelley Mueller MS'98 and Leonard Mueller
Eric Mulkowsky '90 JBS
Songqing Na PhD'94, P'22 and Hong Yu P'22
Neil Nathanson PhD'75 5
Maria-Ai Naylor '01, MS'01
Rebecca Nelson '02 and Eric Nelson
Dianna Niebylski MA'80, PhD'88
Nancy Nies MA'88 and David Greeley
Stephanie Orringer '61, PhD'91, P'91, P'98 and Nelson Orringer P'91, P'98 10
Elizabeth Osborne MFA'01
Hal Ossman MA'01, MM'01 and Rachel Ossman 5
Martin Ostrow '69, MFA'71
Sarah Ovadia MA'94 and David Ovadia
Marcos Paiva MA'12
Ameeka Pannu '08
Vincent Panzano PhD'13
Kumarapuran Parameswaran PhD'65
Alexandra Patera MA'91, PhD'95 and Jeffrey Weiss
Robert Paushter MA'91 and Louisa Paushter
Eleanor Pearlman MA'70 and William Pearlman
Nancy Pearson PhD'80 and Glenn Pearson
Cynthia Peele '79
Kemi Peng MA'16
Jay Pepose '75, MA'75, P'08, P'17, Fellow and Susan Feigenbaum '74, P'08, P'17, Fellow JBS
Marla Perlstein MFA'68 and Matthew Perlstein
Cynthia Perreault-Micale PhD'97, P'23 and Michael Micale P'23
Constantia Petrou '90, MA'90 and Stefanos Zenios
Robert Pierson PhD'66 and Giuliana Pierson
Marina Piller '98, MA'99 and Alex Shterenberg JBS
Christopher Pinto MFA'82 and Laura Pinto '84 10
Richard Pizer MA'67, PhD'70 and Lynda Pizer
Mary Platt MA'78, PhD'84
Marshall Poger MA'64 5
Vivian Pollak MA'61, PhD'69 and Robert Pollak
Rick Porter MFA'75
Ruth Portes MA'18
Leslie Posner '65, MA'67
David Post PhD'78 and Randie Harmon
Margaret Post MA'05, PhD'08 5
Jeffrey Poster '64 and Elisabeth Poster 10, JBS
David Potts MFA'76
Ilana Prager '98, MA'99 and David Prager JBS
Susan Pralgever MA'70 10
Alex Prengel PhD'76 and Cynthia Prengel 5
Paul Preston MS'14 5
Charlene Pritzker MA'66 and David Pritzker MA'64 10
Jenny Pulsipher PhD'99 and Michael Pulsipher
Kay Puttock PhD'81 and Stanley Henning
Xiaoye Qi MA'20
Amanda Quaranto-Schulte '22
Sara Quay PhD'96
Boris Rabinovich MA'93, MSF'11 and Sabina Rosenfeld
Simon Rabinovitch MA'03, PhD'07
Rea Rabinowitz PhD'74 and Stephen Greenberg
Rachel Raifman '94, MA'96 and Ken Raifman
Robert Randolph MA'74 and Jan Randolph
Gayathri Ratnaswamy PhD'95
Esther Ratner PhD'81 and Joseph Ratner
Andreas Rauch PhD'13
Megan Raye '96, MFA'02 and Ronald Raye JBS
Theodore Reese MA'65, PhD'72 * 10, SLS
Santi Regan '21
Joe Regenstein PhD'73 and Carrie Regenstein
Sarah Reines '90, MA'92, P'19 and Richard Bornstein '89, P'19 10
Alicia Reines-Leo '86, MAT'08 and Luigi Leo
Jehuda Reinharz PhD'72, H'11 and Shulamit Reinharz MA'69, PhD'77 5, JBS
Phillip Reisman '03, MA'04 10, JBS
Diana Renn MA'96 and James Nager '74 5, JBS
Melinda Resnick '94, MA'95 and Ben Resnick '94
Liat Resnikoff MAT'04 and Moshe Matsa
Margarita Restrepo PhD'09 10
Jeffrey Richard MA'96, MMH'96 and Marc Kramer '92
Gabi Rivero '20 JBS
Leah Robbins MA'20, MA'20
Gary Roberts PhD'04 JBS
Carrie Robertson MA'11, PhD'17, CER'20
Janet Rodgers MFA'75 and Christus Murphy 10
Peretz Rodman '75, MA'83 and Miriam Laufer '79
Seth Rogers '10, MA'11
Victor Rosansky MA'69 and Lynne Rosansky JBS
Rachel Rosenbaum MA'73 and Peter Rosenbaum 10
Harry Rosenberg MA'63 JBS
Judith Rosenberg PhD'92 and Guy Varroquier
Herbert Rosenblum PhD'70 and Sheila Rosenblum
Ina Rosenthal-Urey PhD'72, G'23 and John Urey, G'23 SLS
David Roskies '69, MA'71, PhD'75 and Shana Roskies 10
Jordan Rothman '09, MA'09
Robert Rottapel '79, MA'79 JBS
Edward Rotundo PhD'82
Miriam Ruberg MA'76 and Arthur Ruberg
David Rubin PhD'71 and Eleanor Rubin '62 5
Frank Rubin MA'65, P'87 and Miriam Rubin '64, P'87 20
William Rubin '68
Luis Rubio MA'78, PhD'83 and Martha Rubio 5
Gordon Ruesch MA'10
Steven Russ MA'69 and Diane Russ 5
Terri Russell MA'79, P'07, P'11 and David Russell P'07, P'11 10
Joan Ryder PhD'79 and Robert Ludwig 20, JBS
Karen Ryker MFA'90 and Sarah Burke 5
Bekka Saks '06, MA'06 JBS
Ari Salinger '12, MS'12 and Allison Salinger '12
Hal Salzman MA'84, PhD'86 and Barbara Gross
Jeffrey Samet '77, MA'77 and Michele Marram '77 5, JBS
Edward Sankowski MA'72 and Betty Harris '75
Reginald Sapp '73, MA'05, G'13
Jonathan Sarna '75, MA'75 and Ruth Langer 20, JBS
Catherine Saveson PhD'99 5
Ralph Scannell PhD'83 5
Leora Schaefer MA'03 and David Moscovitch 10
Lalie Schewadron CER'05
Lawrence Schiffman '70, MA'70, PhD'74 and Marlene Schiffman '71 5
Benjamin Schiffrin '01, MA'01 and Rachel Turow 10
Alan Schindler PhD'68 and Barbara Schindler
Gregory Schneider '88, MA'89, P'22 and Gloria Schneider '88, MA'89, P'22
Rachel Schneider MA'20
Robert Scholnick MA'64, PhD'69 and Sylvia Scholnick MA'65, PhD'76 10
Benjamin Schreier MA'97, PhD'03
Marcy Schulman MA'74, PhD'82 and Peter Schulman
Zachary Schwartz '18, MA'19
Joel Schwindt PhD'14
Evan Scooler PhD'03 and Elizabeth Thompson
Ariel Scott '19
David Scott MA'66 and Aviva Lemberger '66 20
Joshua Segal '03, MA'04 and Jennifer Segal '03 10
Rachel Segaloff '01, MA'05, MBA'05 and Philip Segaloff 10
Sheryl Seller '11, MA'13
Mary Sepucha MA'67
Joseph Sewall '22
Michael Shafir '11, MA'12 10
Adam Shain '04, MS'04 and Michelle Shain '04, MA'13, PhD'16
John Sharp PhD'70 and Sara Sharp
Sumner Sheff '52, MA'59 and Joan Sheff 10
Mark Sheldon PhD'75 5
Michael Sherer '75, MA'75, P'10 and Judith Sherer '75, P'10 20, JBS
Amanda Shilton '18, MS'18
Madhura Shringare MBA'20
Lester Shulman MA'72 and Mira Shulman
Alexander Silbiger PhD'76 and Kathy Silbiger
Albert Silliman '74, MA'76 and Seija Halva 10
Ian Silverman MJC'82 and Beth Schlesinger
Michael Simon MFA'72 and Margaret Simon
Susan Singer and Gary Singer
Peter Skagestad '70, PhD'73 and Elaine Ober 10
Linda Skolnik MJC'91 and Ira Skolnik
Joshua Small '99, MS'99 and Jenny Small '99 10
Chari Smith PhD'89 and Ira Diamant JBS
Kimberly Smith '94
Stuart Smith MFA'67 and Elizabeth Smith '67
Sharon Sobel MA'84, PhD'85, P'99 and Kenneth Sobel P'99
WenLin Soh '01 and Amir Shamsuddin
Leonard Soltzberg MA'68, PhD'69 and Sharon Soltzberg 10
Benjamin Sommer MA'91 and Jennifer Dugdale 5
Daniel Soroff MA'93
Karen Sosnoski PhD'00
Rachel Spiro MA'95 and Howard Spiro 10
Ayal Spitz '96, MA'97 and Lisa Spitz
Jeffrey Sposato PhD'00 and Peter Cohen 5
MJB Stallmeyer PhD'88 and Steven Birnbaum
James Stam MA'61, PhD'64 and Andrea Tschemplik
David Stein PhD'86, MS'17 and Tish Upton 5
Talbert Stein MA'67, PhD'68 and Elaine Stein '64 20
Camille Stewart '05, MS'05 and Luke Stewart
Helen Stewart PhD'80
Bradly Stone MS'21
Arnold Stoper MA'66, PhD'67 and Emily Stoper '63 JBS
Michael Strassfeld '71, MA'72, P'05, P'09 and Joy Levitt P'05, P'09
Shelley Sturman '75, MA'77 and Noam Stopak
Janice Sufrin MA'67, PhD'72 and Gerald Sufrin
Charles Suggs MFA'69 and Anna-Mary Suggs '70
Keren Sun MS'20
Xiaoyun Sun MA'07, PhD'12
Robert Supnik MA'73 and Martha Supnik 10
Daniel Svedberg MS'19
Susan Tafler MA'71
Masashi Tamura MA'16 and Naomi Tamura
Susie Tanchel '92, PhD'06 and Jennifer Kaplan '86
Leslie Tannenwald '71, MA'76, P'05
Linda Tarlow MA'72, P'12 and Steven Tarlow P'12 5
Merwyn Taylor '93
Barbara Tenenbaum '68 20
Shelly Tenenbaum MA'83, PhD'86 and Glenn Stevens
Alan Teperow MA'76 and Suzanne Hanser
John Thiels MA'00
Rosemarie Thomson PhD'93
Annie Thorburn MS'18 and Talia Franks
Howard Tinberg PhD'82 and Toni Tinberg '81
Eugene Tobin MA'70, PhD'72 and Beverly Tobin
Karen Tolchin MA'98, PhD'00 JBS
Roselyn Toledano MA'74, P'05 and Allan Toledano P'05 10, JBS
Peter Tordo MAT'10, P'22 and Carol Osler P'22 JBS
Michael Touloumtzis MA'75, PhD'81
Susan Townsend '71
Heather Travassos MS'08
Epaminontas Triantafilou '00, MA'02
Aneil Tripathy '12, MA'14, PhD'21
Carol Troy '77 and Allan Brot
David Troyansky MA'78, PhD'83 and Amy Troyansky 10, JBS
Crystal Trulove '07, MA'07 10
Robert Tupper MFA'82 5
Stuart Turner PhD'70 and Clemencia Turner
Kristen Turpin
Abraham Vaisberg PhD'75
Manuel Valenzuela PhD'75 and Maria Aguinaga
Gidon van Emden MA'03, MBA'03 and Sharon Light
Stephen Van Hooser PhD'05 and Liz Van Hooser 10
Mohit Verma MA'96 5
Erol Verter '07, MS'09
Flavia Vidal PhD'01 10
Judith Villamarin MA'66
Richard Vittitow MA'70 and Marion Vittitow
Judith Voet PhD'69 and Donald Voet JBS
Rachel Voss '17, MAT'20
Shira Waldstreicher '04, MA'05 and Jonathan Waldstreicher '05 JBS
Michael Walsh MS'06 10
Kenneth Walton MA'74, PhD'77 and Pamela Walton
Michael Walzer '56, H'81, Fellow and Judith Walzer '58, MA'60, PhD'67, Presidents Councilor 10, JBS
Hao Wang MS'18
ShiYu Wang MS'13, MS'18, PhD'19
Erin Warnke and Matthew Slattery
Arthur Wasserman PhD'65 and Renata Wasserman MA'70, PhD'73 5, JBS
Scott Waterman MA'93, PhD'00 and Muffie Waterman '91
Erin Waxenbaum '02, MA'02 and Bradley Dennison '02 5
Jennifer Weber '91, MA'99, MM'99 and Laurence Bailen 20, JBS
Alisa Wecker '12 5
Arlene Weiner MA'70, PhD'71 and Robert Weiner
Joshua Weinger '00, MS'00
Michael Weinstein PhD'91
D. Kelly Weisberg '71, PhD'76 and George Blumenthal
David Weiss '93, MA'93 and Stacey Weiss
Christopher Wells PhD'13
Hui Wen MA'18
Xin Wen MA'85, PhD'90 and Li Yi MA'88 JBS
Zhang Wenguo P'14 and Jie Zhang P'14
Joseph Wensink MA'07, PhD'12
Naomi Wernick MS'00, PhD'05 10
Judith Wharton MFA'70 and Lennard Wharton 10
Thomas Wheeler PhD'79 and Valerie Wheeler 10
Howard White PhD'74
Lee Whitfield '90, MA'90, PhD'97 and Stephen Whitfield PhD'72 20
Elena Widder '76, P'06 and Joel Widder P'06 20
Johanna Wigg MA'01, PhD'07
Roy Wilsker MA'72, P'11 and Nancy Stahl Wilsker '77, P'11 20
Marvin Wilson MA'61, PhD'63 and Pauline Wilson 10
Lea Winkler '09, MAT'10, MED'18
David Wittenberg '82, PhD'04 and Cynthia Kagno
Kathryn Wolpert '06, MS'06 and Matthew Wolpert 5
Helen Woodman MA'79 10
William Wright MFA'81 and Nancy Wright JBS
Su-Ming Wu PhD'94
Tao Wu MA'99, PhD'02 and Xiaowei Chen JBS
Zhi-Gang Xi MA'88, PhD'93
Dapeng Xu MA'01, PhD'03 10
Xin Xu MA'13 and Ya Zhao JBS
Duncan Yaggy MA'73, PhD'74 and Susan Yaggy
Runze Yang MA'17
Yasheng Yang PhD'11 and Hengli Liang JBS
Claire Yskamp '54, PhD'72, G'21 20
Huijun Yuan MS'15
Bruce Yudewitz MJC'76 and Sharon Yudewitz 10
Stanford Yukon PhD'68 and Nancy Yukon 20
Dan Zacharia MA'78, PhD'81
Sue Anne Zamansky MA'75 and Glen Zamansky '72
Steven Zemelman PhD'70 and Susan Zemelman '65 5
Hongkui Zeng PhD'97 5
Gerald Zerkin '71 and Julie McConnell 5, JBS
Jingqi Zhang MA'14
Xiru Zhang MA'90, PhD'91, P'22, Trustee and Hongmei Li P'22 5, JBS
Zhidong Zhang PhD'95 and Song Du
Zhibo Zhao MA'13 and Jing Bai
Pei-hui Zheng MA'97 JBS
Ning Zhou PhD'17
Yirun Zhou MS'20
Israel Zibman '73, MA'73, P'99, P'02 and Nancy Zibman '74, P'99, P'02
Henry Zoob MA'87 and Barbara Zoob
5 - Denotes 5-9 consecutive years of giving • 10 – Denotes 10-19 consecutive years of giving • 20 – Denotes 20+ consecutive years of giving • JBS – Current year Justice Brandeis Society members • SLS – Sachar Legacy Society members • * - Deceased • Names in bold denote first-time donors

Thank You for Your Support

Photo of Dr. Taro Fujimori and a friend in field with snow covered mountains behind him.

“My wife and I donate to the Brandeis Graduate School of Arts and Sciences in honor of my Ph.D. advisor, William P. Jencks. I treasured my time at Brandeis. It is a fantastic place to learn how to think critically about my experiments, science, and the world.”

Dr. Taro Fujimori, GSAS PhD'92

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