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Supporting Brandeis in its mission of academic excellence and access since 1992, the Rabb School of Continuing Studies is dedicated to developing innovative educational offerings for a diverse, vibrant community of on-campus and online learners. Thank you to all who contributed to the Rabb School last year

Donors to Rabb School of Continuing Studies
Leonard Aberbach and Rita Aberbach
Bonnie Alpert and Nathan Rome
Marjorie Arons-Barron 5, JBS
Doris Axelrod and Lawrence Marks
Michael Banjo MS'17
Howard Barnstone and Gayle Ehrlich JBS
Guido Bartoloni CER'07, MSE'07 and Julie Smith-Bartoloni '90 JBS
Eric Becker
Martha Bell
Peter Benfield
Susan Benjamin and Barry Benjamin JBS
Martha Berardino
S. Berger
Arlene Bernstein JBS
Yuhsia Boothroyd MSE'06
Sandra Bornstein '69 and Alan Sager '67 JBS
Ruth Bramson JBS
Craig Brenner
Marilyn Brooks and Robert Brooks JBS
Joan Bruck and Don Bruck
Betty Brudnick P'81 JBS
Leanne Carlson
Walker Carroll MS'06 10
Caitlin Cavanaugh MS'20
Henry Ching MS'19
Janise Cohen and Martin Cohen
Linda Cohen
Wendy Colnon
Alex Cunningham MS'21
Oliver Curme and Cynthia Curme JBS
George Curran MS'10
Walker Dauphin MSE'04 and Marie Dauphin
Elizabeth David and Barry David
Beth Davis and Michael Davis 10, JBS
Hannah Delfiner 5
Stephen DeLuca '08, MS'13
Elaine Dohan and J. Dohan
Karen Donelan
Lauri Doniger MS'20, P'13
Patricia Doren MSE'12 and Thomas Doren
Peter Eames MS'17
Susan Erdos and Mark Alimansky 10
Samuel Erhagbai MSE'11 5
Joseph Esposito JBS
John Feerick and Emalie Feerick
Jeffrey Finn MSE'09 and Natsuko Finn 5
Imogene Fish
Leslie Fishman
Eric Fortess
Marni Friedman '04, MS'10
Lisa Galen
Carol Gander and Frederick Gander
Humphrey Gardner MS'20
Shirley Girouard PhD'88 10
Stephen Goldfinger JBS
Bruce Goldman
Margo Goldman
Peter Gordon JBS
Joseph Gorman MSE'03 and Elizabeth Gorman
Ruth Grabel and Arvin Grabel
Jane Grignetti and Mario Grignetti
Theo Groh MS'20
Isabel Hanelin and Richard Hanelin
Sarah Harpaz MS'19
Judith Harrigan MSE'12
Mahesh Hegade MSE'01 5
Laura Hibbler MS'19
Jay Himmelstein
John Horty JBS
John Hose P'97, P'00 20, JBS
Xiaohua Hu MSE'01
Johnny Huffstutler MS'15
Christopher Hurley MSE'09 and Clare Hurley MM'05 10
Karen Ignagni
Michele Jacobs
Audrey Kadis JBS
Marty Kafka and Karen Kafka
Marilyn Kalis and Paul Kalis
Paul Kandel MS'18
Ruth Kandel
Kate Kaplan
Ruth Kaplan MA'74 and Toby Kusmer
John Karmilowicz MS'18 and Charlotte Karmilowicz
Kevin Keefe MSE'05, MS'12 5
Mary Klatt
Sherrill Kobrick and Frederick Kobrick JBS
Ann Koloski-Ostrow P'07, P'10 and Steven Ostrow P'07, P'10 5
Joseph Korff '65, P'92 and Phyllis Korff P'92 JBS
Ravi Kotecha '10, MS'14, MS'20 and Esther Brandon '13, MAT'14, MS'20
Gene Kupferschmid
Joan Lappin
Aaron LaSota '12
Irene Laursen
Terry Lee
Kevin LeFebvre MSE'03
Harvey Liebergott and Jacqueline Liebergott
Elizabeth Lieberman MA'65 20
Rachel Lin CER'01, MSE'01
Tiffany Logan MS'16
David Low
David Maisel '84 and Tamara Chernow 5
Irving Ariel Manaog MSE'06
Hinda Marcus and Arthur Marcus 10, JBS
Jeffrey Mather MSE'09
Timothy Mather MS'11
Karin Mayhew and Edwin Mayhew
Joseph McConnon MSE'09 10
Erika McKeogh MS'18
Dale Mickey
K. Garrett Miller MS'18 and Tim Garneau
Ruth Minden
Judith Mir JBS
Allison Morse '10, MS'18 10
David Moskowitz and Ellen Moskowitz
Guy Moss
Marc Najarian P'98 and Theodora Najarian P'98 JBS
Doreen Ono
Karen Packman JBS
Michael Palmateer JBS
Maureen Palmer
Bruce Parks
Wayne Patterson MSE'13
Hai Pence MS'13
Edeline Prevost MS'08
Jeffrey Prottas
Allan Rashba
Charles Raskin JBS, SLS
Joel Reich '73, CER'13, MS'13 and Beth Hillson 5
Linda Roth P'92 and Arnold Roth P'92
Claude Rowe MS'18 and Sharon Hermann
John Rudy JBS
Galina Savikovsky MS'08
Claire Saxe G'23 and Edward Saxe G'23 JBS
Naomi Schmidt and Peter Schmidt 10, JBS
Susan Schmidt
Caroline Schwirian
Lydia Sciarappa MS'13
Sonu Sehgal MS'11
Mark Seliber and Rachel Seliber JBS
Edward Selig and Renata Selig
Freda Sesnovich 10
David Shactman and Ellen Wright
Valya Shapiro '61, Fellow 20, JBS
Donald Shepard JBS
Jenna Sirkin MA'09, PhD'15
Myra Snyder and Robert Snyder JBS
Aaron Sockol and Lois Sockol
Stephen Steinberg
Holly Stratford and Scott Stratford
Heather Sullivan MS'10 5
Douglas Sweetser MSE'01
Barbara Tabak '77, MS'08 and David Damiano 20, JBS
Mark Teplitsky
Paula Thier and Samuel Thier H'94, Former Trustee 20, JBS, SLS
Joseph Tracy MS'18, P'17, P'24, P'25 and Faith Tracy P'24, P'25
Josh Trivilino MS'13
Andrew Urban JBS
Leslie Valera
Sivasankar Veerabhadran MS'15, P'22 and Kanmani Ramasamy P'22
Tamar Vogel MS'18 and Josh Vogel
Beth Waldorf and Frank Waldorf
Anne Walker
Harriet Warshaw P'09 and Melvin Warshaw P'09 JBS
David Weil JBS
Cheryl Weinstein
Arlene Weintraub JBS, SLS
Russell Westbrook MSE'10 and Jane Westbrook
Carol White
Jeffrey Wolf CER'08, MSE'11 and Valerie Kiviat 5
Jean Wood
Latye Workman '18, MS'20
Susan Wurster
Jinmei Xu '96, CER'00, MSE'01
5 - Denotes 5-9 consecutive years of giving • 10 – Denotes 10-19 consecutive years of giving • 20 – Denotes 20+ consecutive years of giving • JBS – Current year Justice Brandeis Society members • SLS – Sachar Legacy Society members • * - Deceased • Names in bold denote first-time donors

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