Brandeis Alumni, Family and Friends

Brandeis National Comittee

An early photo of the Brandeis National Committee Members collecting books for the library with a classic station wagon from the 50s in the background and hand painted posters in their hands.

The Brandeis National Committee has provided unwavering support for Brandeis since its founding in 1948. The BNC is the world’s largest friends-of-a-library organization, with more than 21,000 members. In addition to supporting the Brandeis Libraries, BNC's members also provide important support for other parts of campus, including the neuroscience department. Thank you to all of the BNC donors who gave to Brandeis in the past year, especially in support of the Honoring Our History Campaign, which will enable the digitization of select collections of archival materials that highlight Brandeis’ history of social justice.

Brandeis National Committee
Ronnie Aaron and Arthur Aaron
Evelyn Aaronson and Hugh Aaronson 10
Shelly Abell '72 and Dan Weisz '72 10
Adelle Abrahams 5
Judith Abramowitz and Michael Abramowitz
Allan Abrams and Cheryl Abrams 5
Carol Abrams and Charles Abrams 5, JBS
Jacob Abrams '17 JBS
Michael Abrams and Helen Abrams 5
Rosanne Abramson and Ira Abramson 5
Carol Adelman
Ellen Adelstein and Gene Adelstein
Cindy Adler and Antonio Hernandez
Stacie Adler
Patricia Affens
Sara Aharon '08
Atara Aharonovitz
Jill Ahrold 5
Ellie Aibel 10
Susan Akroyd
Linda Albert
Neal Albert and Roberta Albert 10
Jeannie Alexander
Laurie Alexander and Arthur Alexander
Nance Alexander
Georgia Alkov
Jo Allen and Evan Allen 5
Janet Alloy
Caralee Allsworth
Sharon Alman
Elyse Alper and Richard Alper 5
Adria Alperen and Paul Alperen 5
Miriam Alperin and Marvin Alperin
Sondra Alperin
Eleanore Alpert and Lawrence Alpert 10
Gerry Alpert and Harvey Alpert
Lois Altman 10
Stephanie Altman 5
Carol Altschuler and David Hanarty
Cindy Amar 5
Ruth Ames
Carole Amster
Kristen Anderson
James Andrews and Susan Sacks 5
Deborah Anker '69 and Alan Nogee '71
Leslie Applebaum 5
Paula Apsell '69 and Sheldon Apsell PhD'72 JBS
Lynn Arkin
Tina Arkoff and Steven Arkoff
Melanie Aron and Michael Dine
Frances Aronovitz 5
Audrey Arougheti 5
Lisa Askowitz and Anthony Askowitz 10
Karen Asofsky and Seth Asofsky
Bennett Aspel and Joyce Plotkin
Jeanette Astrow
Ellen J. Atlas, Fellow, Former Trustee and Simon Atlas, Fellow 20, JBS, SLS
Barbara Attardi
Judy Auderieth 5
Fran Augusta
Evie Ausley and Iran Ausley 5
Lydia Axelrod 10
Gail Azia 10
Terry Bachenheimer and Steven Bachenheimer 5
Charlotte Baer '64 and Michael Baer 20
Michele Baglino
Rebecca Baizen
Judith Baker
Rhoda Baker 10
Caryn Balaban and Albert Bick 5
Judy Baletin and Leith Baletin 10
Rona Balsam and Jerome Weinstein 10
Michele Banker and James Banker 5
Julia Banner 10
Eleanor Bantit
Georgeanna Baranyai
Linda Bard and Terry Bard
Marc Bard and Carol Bard 20, JBS
Shirley Bard 10
Joan Bardach 5
Rhoda Barkin 5
Randy Barnes
Susan Barnett 10
Cindy Baron
Ilene Baron and Mike Baron 10
Margie Barrie
Martha Barry
Barbara Bart and Clifford Bart 10
Beverly Basalla
Roberta Baskerville
Janet Bass and Allan Bass 10
Janet Batlan and David Batlan 10
Gail Baum and Larry Fox 10
Nathan Baum and Diane Eidelman
Vicki Bauman and Burton Bauman 10
Hanna Bauml and Steven Bauml 5
Paul Beck
Edith Becker
Stuart Beckerman and Susan Beckerman 10
Bunny Beckman and Preston Beckman 5
Joyce Bedine
Marian Behrman and James Behrman
Harriet Beim 5
Eleanor Beitz
Jeanine Bekerman
Janet Belkin
Rosalie Bell 10
Albert Belsky and Susan Belsky 5
Honey Bencomo and Daniel Bencomo 10
Ruth Bender and Laurence Bender 10, JBS
Carol Benjamin P'88 and Alan Benjamin P'88 10
Judith Benjamin P'14
Sandi Benjamin
Mary Benoist
Jeri Benoit and Guy Benoit
Amy Bensen P'97 and Gustav Bensen P'97 10
Patricia Beran and Andy Beran 5
Lois Beranbom and Bruce Beranbom
Elaine Bercy 5
Norma Berenfeld
Jane Berezin and Robert Marmon 5
Ilene Berg
Sharlene Bergart and Stan Sopczyk
Carole Berger
Josephine Berger
Susan Berger and Robert Lanier 5
Linda Bergman 5
Andrea Berke and Gerald Berke
Iris Berke
Sheila Berke and Michael Berke 5
Jane Berkey and Sanford Golin 10
Marion Berkovitz 20
Ilene Berkowitz
Arnold Berlin and Barbara Berlin, Presidents Councilor
Norma Berlin 10
Sandy Berlowe 10
Iris Berman and Paul Berman
John Berman P'02 and Marjorie Berman P'02
Lenore Berman 10
Robin Berman and Robert Berman 10
Jenny Bern and David Bern 5
Florence Bernard and Adolph Bernard
Marlene Bernikow
Beth Bernstein MA'90 10, JBS
Carol Bernstein and Steven Bernstein
David Bernstein JBS
Eileen Bernstein and Alan Bernstein 10
Elinor Bernstein and Howard Bernstein 10
Elyse Bernstein
Kathy Bernstein and Myron Bernstein 5
Vivienne Bernstein and Malcolm Bernstein 5
Lori Bertin
Sandra Berube and Richard Berube
Phyllis Bially and Ted Bially
Robert Bienenfeld 10
Paula Bier and Martin Bier 10
Ellen Binder 5
Benjie Birnbaum and Donald Birnbaum
Bettse Birnbaum
Esther Birnbaum and Seymour Birnbaum 10
Sandra Birnbaum 10
Sarah Birnbaum and Mark Birnbaum 10
Anita Bittenson and Leslie Bittenson 10
Sharon Blaine and Richard Blaine
Barbara Blanck and Mitchell Blanck 10
Janet Blander and Stanley Blander 10
Eleanor Blank and Bruce Blank 10
Marilyn Blankman and Paul Blankman 10
Eileen Blau 5
Zeda Blau '59 and William Blau
Beryl Blecher
W. Blechman and Rachel Blechman 5
Claire Bleiman 10
Judy Bleiweis and Barry Bleiweis 5
Nina Blendman
Judith Blickstein 10
Marsha Blitzer
Annette Block and Stanley Block
Artheen Block and Stan Block 10
Barbara Block and Daniel Block
Dale Block P'92 and Marshall Block P'92
Frances Block and Stanley Block
Ruth Block 10
Steve Block and Sunny Franklin 5
Elaine Bloom and Jimmy Bloom 10, JBS, SLS
Mark Bloom and Renee Bloom
Sheila Bloom
Elaine Bloomfield
Phyllis Blotner 10
Charles Bluestein P'90 *
Merle Bluestein P'90
Carol Blum and Bernard Blum
Caryl Blum
Randi Blum
Midge Blumberg-Krams and Steven Krams 10
Lois Bodin 10
Judie Bodner and Edward Bodner 10
Judith Bodner G'20
Cathleen Boivin
Susan Bokser and Stuart Bokser 5
Jerome Bold and Marjorie Bold 10
Susan Bonder
Joyce Booke 10
Michael Boorstein
Sonia Bordo P'92 10
Sophie Borenstein
Saundra Borie 10
Nina Borin
Judith Borus
Nina Borwick and Anthony Borwick 5
Susan Boston 5
Marsha Botkin and Leon Botkin 5
Susan Boyer
Bernice Brahin
Nancy Braksmayer and Michael Braksmayer 10
Mimi Branch
Janet Brasler
Eileen Breakstone
Geraldine Brech 10
Sandi Breier and Robert Breier 5
Gail Breines
Carol Breitner '78 and Joel Breitner
Marlene Brenhouse 10
Gail Bress 5
Sheri Bretan
Sandra Bretz P'91
Golda Brill 5
Linda Brill 5
Phyllis Briskin 5
Madeline Britman and Norman Britman 10
Pat Britz and Kenneth Britz 5
Gary Brockman and Sally Brockman 5
Carol Broder
Vicki Broder and Leonard Pampaloni
Beatrice Brodie
Rene Brodsky 10
Roslyn Brodsky 5
Harriet Brookman 10
Sandy Brooks 5
Sheila Brooks and Joel Brooks 5
Bonnie Brown
Claudia Brown and Jeffrey Brown
Judith G. Brown, Presidents Councilor and Stuart B. Brown 20
Judith Brown and Robert Brown 5
Linda Brown 5
Linda Brown
Louise Brown
Patrice Brown and Ronald Brown 5
Sandra Brown
Sunny Brownrout '59, P'88 and Stanley Kissel P'88 20
Joan Brundage and Lyle Brundage 10
Sandra Buch and Clark Buch 10
Kathy Buchan
Deborah Budd Levine 10
Ethel Bukofsky 10
Barbara Bulbin 10
Alice Burd 10
Barbara Burdman
Stan Burech and Linda Burech 5
Janine Burke and Steven Burke
Maureen Burke and Steven Burke
Diane Burkom and Howard Burkom 5
Dave Burns and Laurie Burns
Nurit Burrow and Simon Burrow
Jane Burstein and Marvin Burstein
Andrea Butler and George Barry 5
Marge Cahn and Edward Cahn
Marian Callahan and Edward Callahan 5
Ellen Camhi 5
Bella Caplan and Paul Dahlstrand
Harriet Caplan and Murray Caplan 10
Lillian Caplan 10
Rosalind Carlin
Pamela Carlton 5
Ron Carner '61 and Talia Carner 10, JBS
Beatrice Carp and Sumner Carp
Sydney Carpel
Jean Carrus G'12, Presidents Councilor, Fellow 20, JBS, SLS
Merle R. Carrus P'12, Trustee and Steven D. Carrus P'12 5, JBS
Marlene Cartaina 5
Rosie Casagrande and Eugene Casagrande
Philomena Casey
Carole Chackes
Miriam Chaiklin
Nancy Chait and Gordon Chait
Lynne Charap and Harvey Charap 10
Sandra Charest
Barbara Charig 5
Sheila Charney
Donna Chartash
Barbara Chassin and Marvin Chassin 5
Ruth Chernicoff
Nancy Cherniss and Eldon Cherniss
Sharon Chernoff 10
Sheryl Chesivoir
Ellen Chester
Truda Chick
Helen Ciangiulli and Leonard Ciangiulli 5
Elaine Citron 10
Nancy Clancy and John Clancy
Ellyn Clark
Fran Clay
Judith Clifford
Arlette Coblentz
Diane Cohan and Steven Cohan
Barbara Cohen and Alan Cohen
Bernice Cohen
Beverly Cohen and Howard Cohen 10
Carolyn Cohen
Cecilia Cohen and Irving Cohen 10
David Cohen and Ivalee Cohen
Davya Cohen and Stanley Cohen 5
Dawn Cohen '92 10
Eileen Cohen and Elliot Cohen 5
Fredric Cohen PhD'63 10
Harriet Cohen 10
Harry Cohen '62, Fellow and Fern Cohen '62, Fellow
Howard Cohen and Lorrie Cohen 5
Abbe Cohen and Irene Cohen 10
Janet Cohen
Joanne Cohen
Joyce Cohen 10
Karen Cohen 5
Lainie Cohen and Joel Cohen
Laurel Cohen
Leny Cohen
Linda Cohen 5
Linda Cohen
Louise Cohen
Marla Cohen and Victor Cohen
Maxine Cohen 5
Randye Cohen
Randye Cohen '75
Rebecca Cohen and Roy Cohen
Sandy Cohen and Jeffrey Cohen
Shari Cohen and Stephen Cohen 10
Sharon Cohen and Herbert Cohen 10
Sheila Cohen and Jay Cohen 5
Sherrymae Cohen 10
Steven Cohen
Susan Cohen 10
Wendy Cohen 5
William Cohen and Roberta Cohen 10
Barbara Cohen-Rosen '59 10
Julie Cohn
Kenneth Cohn '69, P'95 and Susan Cohn P'95 20, JBS
Ida Colchamiro and Stephen Colchamiro
Rhonda Cole 5
Jane Coleman and Charles Coleman 10
Bobbi Coller
Barbara Conlon
Ilene Cooper
Lori Cooper
Lynn Cooper '67 and Michael Ambrosino
Lucy Corin and Benjamin Corin 10
Doris Coris and Leonard Coris
Lois Corr and Steven Corr 10
Elaine Cory
Leticia Costas
Betty Crane and Frederick Crane
Sandra Crausman 10
Joan Curhan and Ronald Curhan 20, JBS
Antonette Cypret 5
Alice D'Souza and Susan Skovronek
Diana Daffner
Barbara Danes and Peter Danes 5
Harriet Daniels and Jack Daniels 10
Marcia Daniels and Howard Daniels
Laura Danoff and Gordon Robinson
Susan Darien and Steven Darien 10
Lucille Dash
Carole Davidson
Leefah Davidson
Derek Davis
Diane Davis
Gayle Davis and Andrew Davis
Jim Davis and Terry Root
Joan Davis
Linda Davis
Frona DeCovnick and Stanley DeCovnick 5
Rochelle Degany and Amir Degany
Joan Degelsmith 10
Diane DeMaio and Barry DeMaio 10
Emily Demar and Steven Demar
Glenda Dennis and Ulric Dennis
Carol Depkin and Frederick Depkin 10
Hindie Dershowitz
Toby Deutsch
Marcia Diamant and Robert Diamant 10
Joan DiCostanzo and Frank DiCostanzo 10
Gail Dinnerstein and Allan Dinnerstein
Caryl Distel and Dave Distel 10
Rita DiTrani 5
Helen Divak and Arthur Divak 10
Stephen Doctoroff and Aimee Doctoroff 10
Jane Dolkart and Andrew Dolkart
Joanne Donsky
Judy Dorfman and Joel Dorfman 10, JBS
Phyllis Dreyfuss
Lynne Dubin and Elliott Dubin
Bonnie Duell
Barbara Dunoff and Marvin Dunoff 10
Ellen Duwart
Nadine Dwork and Ted Dwork 5
Eileen Dykes
Audree Dyson P'03 and Robert Dyson P'03 10, JBS
Nedra Eagle 10
Ava Eckstein
Paula Eckstein and George Eckstein 10
Honey Edell and Ira Edell 10
Raisa Edelman 5
Eleanor Edelstein 10
Katherine Edersheim
Phyllis Edwards 5
Hilda Egel and David Egel 10
Judith Egendorf 5
Diane Ehrlich and Michael Ehrlich 5
Sandra Eichberg
Ray Eichler P'00 and Miriam Eichler P'00 10
Lynn Einbinder and Jason Einbinder
Edith Einspruch and Norman Einspruch
Bernice Eisen
Phyllis Eisen
Elaine Eisenberg G'17 10
Linda Eisner
Bonnie Elbaz-Deckel 10
Joyce Eldridge
Arthur Elias '64 and Carole Elias '64
Matthew Elias
Jane Elisofon and Robert Elisofon
Elaine Elkin 10, SLS
Judy Elkins 5
Nancy Elkins 10
Rochelle Elkins 5
Madeline Ellis 10
Sheldon Ellis
Susan Elpant and Arthur Elpant 10
Jane Engelman
Margarete Enriquez and Joe Enriquez 5
Dede Epstein 10
Linda Epstein and Marvin Epstein 10
Linda Epstein 5
Phyllis Epstein 5
Stanley Epstein 5
Dora Erlich and Josef Erlich 10
Colleen Espinoza and Edward Espinoza 10
Roanne Estrin and Barry Estrin 5
Janet Ettleman and Robert Ettleman 10, JBS
Barbara Ewbank
Judith Ezrol and Harvey Ezrol
Cynthia Faber 5
Robert Fabricant and Anita Fabricant *
Paula Fagel 5
Candy Familant
Margie Farber
Judy Farkas and Peter Farkas 5
Ronnie Fassberg 10
Ruth Fatt
Barbara Fayne and Barry Fayne 10
Deanna Feder 5
Roberta Feigen and Gerald Feigen 10
Marjorie Fein 5
Stephanie Fein and Peter Hollander * 20
Edward Feinberg P'98 and Ruth Feinberg P'98
Josephine Feinberg 10
Norma Feinsod and George Feinsod 10
Ilene Feinstein and Stanley Feinstein 10
Sandy Feinstein and Stanley Feinstein 10
Anita Feld 5
Reva Felder and Charles Felder 10
Avis Feldman and Larry Feldman 5
Caryn Feldman
Darrah Feldman
Elise Feldman
Gayle Feldman and Ira Feldman 5
Lois Feldman 10
Robin Feldman
Jay Feldstein and Judi Feldstein
Natalie Felsher and Murray Felsher 10
Beverly Ferber and Stanley Ferber
Rita Fertel
Betty June Feuchtwanger and Albert Feuchtwanger 10
Gail Fiber and Lawrence Fiber 5
Naomi Fier
Constance Filosi and Louis Filosi 10
Joni Fine and Daniel Fine 10
Judy Fine
Daniel Fineman 10
Deborah Fineman 10
Howard E. Fineman and Janice K. Fineman, Presidents Councilor 20, JBS
Rita Fingold 10
Deborah Finkel
Sharlene Finkel P'91 and Richard Finkel P'91 5
Harriet Finkelstein and Kenneth Finkelstein 10
Renee Finn P'09 and Steven Finn P'09 JBS
Arthur Finstein '67, MFA'04, P'98, P'01, P'08 and Lois Finstein '70, P'98, P'01, P'08 20, JBS
Lisa Fireman and Barry Fireman 5
Beth Fischbein
George Fischler
Michelle Fischler 5, JBS
Clint Fisher and Gail Fisher 10
Helene Fisher and Martin Fisher
Paul Fisher and Judith Stalk
Sara Fishman 10
Fredda Fixler-Fuchs P'90 and Richard L. Fuchs P'90
Beverly Fleischer 10
Ruth Fleischman 5
Elaine Fleischmann 5
Beth L. Fleisher-Gott P'88, P'93 and Julian Gott P'88, P'93
Mary Fletcher 10
Donald Florman '65 and Karen Florman 5
Janice Fogelman and Mitchell Fogelman
Peggy Forma and Michael Forma
Amy Forman
Barbara Forman 5
Ellen Forman '69 5
Diane Forst and Myron Forst 10
Lois Forster 5
Sorale Fortman 20
Lynda Fox, Presidents Councilor and Stephen Fox 10, JBS
Reva Fox 10
Susan Franchi and Frederick Franchi
Geri Frank and Bruce Frank
Merle Frank
Mindy Frankel JBS
Pamela Frankel-Stein and Jonathan Stein
Phyllis Freed
Cathy Freedberg and Richard Freedberg
Barry Freedman and Zelda Freedman 10
Hilary Freedman
Isadora Freedman 10
Nancy Freedman 5
Ruth Freedman
Francine Freeman 10
Caren Freigenberg 5
Beverly Fremont and Joseph Fremont 5
Karen Fridkis
Barbara Fried 10
Madalyn Friedberg, Trustee and Stephen Friedberg 20, SLS, JBS
Barbara Friedell
Hope Friedland and Sanford Friedland
Joyce Friedland and Richard Friedland
Selma Friedland 10
Adrienne Friedman
Ann Friedman and Joel Friedman 5
Barbara Friedman and Robert Friedman 5
Cathy Friedman 5
Elaine Friedman and Berwyn Friedman 10
Jill Friedman and Franklin Friedman 5
Merrily Friedman 10
Mitch Friedman
Ruth Friedman and James Friedman 10
Sandra Friedman
Susan Friedman and Michael Friedman 5
Bernice Frucht 10
George Frumkies
Sonia Fuentes 10
Nancy Fuhrman
Marjorie Fuhrmann 5
Patricia Fuller
Bonnie Furst 5
Myrna Gale
Bruce Galin and Allen Galin 10
Merle Galper and Harve Galper 10
Terry Gamer 5
Susan Gans 5
Adele Garber
Stephanie Garfinkle and Morris Garfinkle
Marlene Gart and Allen Gart 10
Elliot Gartner 5
Harriett Gartner and Elliott Gartner
Elaine Gashin and Earl Gashin 10
Joan Gastman
Phyllis Gates and Stanley Gates 10
Carol Gayes 10
Arnold Geffner and Jeanne Geffner 10
Susan Geiger 10
Ronni Gelfand 5
Barbara Gems and Robert Hitlin 10
Martin Genauer and Leslie Genauer
Norma Gerard
Faye Gerber
Judy Gergurich
Patricia Gersh
Libby Gershansky 5
Debby Gershon 10
Ronnie Gerstein and Richard Gerstein 10
Adele Giller and Ed Giller
Barbara Gilman and Richard Gilman
David Ginberg
Bryna Ginsberg
Cindie Gittelman and Michael Gittelman 5
Debrah Gladstone '70 and Mark Gladstone '70
Jackie Gladstone
Allan Glaser P'85, P'88 10, JBS
Arnold Glass and Sharon Glass 5
Judy Glassman
Roberta Glazer and David Glazer
Alyse Gleitman
Frances Glick and Henry Glick 10
Sharon Glick and Kenneth Glick 10
Marsha Glickman and Stanley Glickman 10
Patricia Glickman and Melvin Glickman 10
Jane Glusman and Marvin Glusman
Ilene Goby P'92
Paula Golbin 5
Elise Gold 5
Hildie Gold and Sherman Gratch 10
Loretta Gold
Nancy Gold and David Gold
Diane Goldberg 10
Linda Goldberg and Michael Goldberg 5
Mindy Goldberg 10
Rhoda Goldberg 5
Roz Goldberg
Ruth Goldberg 5
Sanford Goldberg P'88 and Marlene Goldberg P'88
Dale Golden and Neil Golden
Gloria Golden and Ben Golden 10
Judith Golden and Melvin Golden
Vivian Golden and Robert Golden 10
Helen Goldenberg '65 and Stephen Barr 20
Adria Goldenkranz
Darcy Goldfarb
Sandra Goldfarb and Gary Goldfarb 10
Herbert Goldin and Marsha Goldin 10
Arlene Goldman and George Goldman
Marilyn Goldman and Donald Goldman 10
Marlene Goldschmidt and Lee Goldschmidt 10
Carol Goldsmith and Philip Goldsmith 5
Carole Goldstein and Lawrence Denker 5
Edward Goldstein P'94 and Fredda Goldstein P'94
Janice Goldstein and Stan Goldstein
Joan Goldstein
Joyce Goldstein and Neil Goldstein 10
Laurie Goldstein and Sheldon Goldstein 10
Leslie Goldstein
Linda Goldstein and Alan Goldstein 10
Marjorie Goldstein
Maxine Goldstein and Brian Goldstein 10
Paula Goldstein
Sally Goldstein and Joshua Goldstein
Sandra Goldstein and Julian Goldstein
Sandra Goldstein 5
Bella Goldstine P'77 10
Sandra Goldworm
Rona Gollob
Andrea Goncher and Richard Goncher 5
Sylvia Goodman P'00 and Alan Goodman P'00 10
Judith Goozh
Carol Gordon and Mart Gordon
Kay Gordon 10
Sharon Gordon and Jerome Gordon 5
Sheila Gordon
Debra Goren P'03 and David Goren P'03 10
Susan Gotshalk
Ileen Gottesfeld 10
Bobbi Gottfried and Roger Gottfried
Arnold Gould and Leslie Gould 10
Barry Gould
Marcia Gould *
Lorraine Gousman
Linda Grabel 5
Molle Grad 10
Nyles Gradus and Gale Gradus
Kalmaine Graham
Joyce Grant and Paul Grant 5
Ron Gray and Margo Gray
Fay Green 5
Howard Green
Leona Green 10
Lois Green 5
Madelyne Green
Marianna Green
Peg Green
Suzanne Green 5
Anna Greenberg, Presidents Councilor
Audrey Greenberg 5
Barry Greenberg *
Bert Greenberg 10
Beryl Greenberg and Herman Greenberg
Beverly Greenberg 5
Helen Greenberg and Michael Greenberg 10
Marlene Greenberg and Neil Greenberg 10
Penny Greenblatt 5
Avi Greene and Cindy Greene
Cindi Greene
Jo-Linda Greene 5
Sandra Greenfeld and Albert Greenfeld 10
Linda Greenhill 10
Susan Greenstein and Ivan Greenstein 10
Philip Greenwald and Linda Greenwald 5
Robert Greenwald and Zelda Greenwald 5
Joshua Gregory
Rhoda Greif 5
Barbara Grey and Gary Grey 5
Michael Grey 5
Risa Grimaldi '85 and John Grimaldi SLS
Arthur Grisham and Patricia Grisham 5
Lynne Groban and Mark Groban 10, JBS
Nancy Grodin and Michael Grodin
Carol Gross and Laurence Gross 10
Charlotte Gross 10
Elinor Gross and Bernard Gross 10
Fran Gross and Leslie Gross 10, JBS
Karen Gross
Marla Gross
Marjorie Grosser and Sheldon Grosser
Patti Grossman and Irwin Grossman
Sheryl Gruber
William Grubman
Barbara Grupp
Sarah Gustin
Barbara Gutman
Anna Mae Haas and Ted Haas
Beverly Haber 5
Andrea Haft and M. Haft 10
Joan Hahn 5
Juliane Haimes and Leon Haimes
Natalie Hall 5
Lila Halper 10
Jo Ham
Michael Hammerschmidt '72, Presidents Councilor and Gary Groth 20, JBS
Carol Hananel and Isaac Hananel 5
Ossie Hanauer and Harry Hanauer 5
Beatrice Handler 10
Sally Hanes 10
Virginia Hans
Arlene Harris 5
John Harris and Marjorie Harris 10
Rickey Harris 5
Sara Harris
Mollie Harrison 10
Pat Hartley
Marilyn Hartstein and Kenneth Hartstein
Paula Hayden 5
Arlene Hecht
Karen Hecker and Carlos Hecker 10
Susan Heimler P'18 and Jeffrey Heimler P'18
Jeri Heinberg and Charles Heinberg 10
Patti Helfand and Steven Helfand
Susan Helfand and Raymond Helfand 5
Alyce Helfman and Dennis Helfman 10
Anne Heller '63 and William Stoneman 10
Georgia Heller 5
Henry Heller and Marilyn Heller
Ilene Heller
Loretta Heller 5
Vikki Helperin 5
Harriet Hendel and Stan Hendel 5
Susan Hendrick '96
Enid Herbert
Laurie Herman
Marilyn Herman
Shelby Herman and Arthur Herman
Carole Herrup
Linda Herschfeld and David Herschfeld 5
Ellen Herscowitz and Herbert Herscowitz
Bobbye Hertzbach 5
Stan Hertzbach
Barbara Herzog and Frederick Herzog 10
Timmie High 5
Linda Hill and Steven Hill 10
Lana Hirsch and Harold Hirsch 10
Ingrid Hirschbach and Ira Hirschbach 5
Janet Hirschfeld 10
Michael Hirschklau and Larri Deane Hirschklau 10
Richard Hirschkoff
Cora Hoberman 10
Elizabeth Hodes
Linda Hofberg and Julien Hofberg 5
Barbara Hoffman
Linda Holiner MMH'89 and Tim Holiner
Trudy Holleb * and David Holleb 10
Paul Hollinger and Paula Hollinger
Pam Holmes
Naomi Honig and Burton Honig 5
Belinda Hootstein and Donald Hootstein 5
Shelley Hornik and Bruce Hornik
Judy Horowitz and Harvey Horowitz 10
Ilajean Horwitz and Robert Horwitz
Marjorie Horwitz
Sharon Hotchkiss
Barbara Howard and Sheldon Howard 10
Dennis Howard
Marilyn Howard and Andrew Howard 10
Rochelle Hurvitz 10
Joan Hyams and Stanley Hyams
Sheila Hyman and Sidney Hyman 5
Adele Igersheim
Felisa Ihly
Nina Indianer P'92 and Paul Indianer P'92
Patty Indrisek
Carol Iodice
Howard Israel and Adele Israel
Monica Israel
Sandy Israel and Julius Israel 5
Enid Ivar 10
Barbara Jackson 5
Cynthia Jacobs
Helen Jacobs
Mark Jacobs and Susan Jacobs 10
Frederika Jacobson
Paula Jacobson and Gregory Jacobson 5
Sandra Jacobson
Martha Jaffe
Rosalie Jaffe * 10
Michele Jarrett 10
Rhoda Jaslow and Herbert Jaslow 10
Ruth Jatkoff 20
Susan Jay '71 20, SLS, JBS
Marcelle Joffe and Leonard Joffe
Marian Jordan 10
Carol Kadet
Robin Kadet
Susan Kagan
David Kahn and Gail Kahn
Lois Kahn 10
Lynn Kahn and Larry Kahn
Ruth Kahn
Donald Kaiserman and Joyce Kaiserman
Karen Kalina and Daniel Kalina
Leah Kalipetes
Renee Kaminitz 5
Hillary Kaminsky and Harry Kaminsky 5
Morton Kammerman and Sandra Kammerman
Susan Kampel and Stewart Kampel 10
Roberta Kampner JBS, SLS
Lynne Kane JBS
Susan Kane
Valdene Kane 10
Irene Kanowitz 5
Iris Kanter
Lynn Kanter and Robert Kanter 10
Carol Kaplan and Edward Kaplan
Elaine Kaplan
Emily Kaplan and Barry Kaplan 10
Ethel Kaplan 10
Gloria Kaplan 5
Helen Kaplan and Robert Kaplan 10
Marjorie Kaplan and Harvey Kaplan
Susan Kaplan and Neil Kaplan 10
Sharon Karlsberg
Nancy Karotkin
Gayle Karp and Howard Karp 5
Lawrence Karp and Vivian Bram 10, JBS
Susan Karp and Robert Karp 20, JBS
Diana Kassler
Robert Katten
Barbara Katz P'93 and Ronald Katz P'93 20
Bobbi Katz
Frances Katz 10
Jean Katz 5
Jenna Katz
Judy Katz
Lynne Katz and Harvey Katz
Marlene Katz
Rima Katz and Melvin Katz 10
Sandra Katz
Stephanie Katz '85 5
Shirley Katzman and Howard Katzman 10
Sylvia Katzman and James Katzman
Ronnie Kauffman
Amy Kaufman '79
Anne Kaufman and Matthew Kaufman 5
Cora Kaufman 10
Elaine Kaufman 10
Helen Kaufman and Jerry Kaufman 5
Herschel Kaufman and Cheryl Kaufman 10
Janet Kaufman
Joyce Kaufman P'97 10
Linda Kaufman 5
Tamie Kaufman
Linda Kavalsky and Joseph Kavalsky 10
Julie Kavner 5, JBS
Sheila Kavovit
Phyllis Kay
Sandy Kay and Fran Kay 5
Roz Kaye and Maurice Finkelstein
Len Keilin and Ruth Savanuck
Judy Keith and Steve Keith 5
Franka Kelson and Norman Kelson 5
Allan G. Kern and Carol Ann Kern, Presidents Councilor, Fellow 20, JBS, SLS
Linda Kern and Donald Kern 10
Judith Kernoff 10
Sherry Kesden and Dennis Kesden
Marian Keselenko and Joseph Keselenko
Sue Kesner
Ellen Kessler and Sanford Kessler
Judith Kessler and Harold Kessler 5
Laura Kessler 5
Nanette Kessler
Stanley Kessler P'06, P'09 and Penny Kessler P'06, P'09
Ruth Kessman and Matthew Kessman
Irene Kestenbaum and Marvin Kestenbaum 10
Karen Kett and Daniel Kett
Irving Kierman and Josephine Kierman
Phyllis Kilik G'12 and Allen Kilik G'12
Helene Kimmel and Fredric Kimmel 5
Andrew Kindler and Jo Anne Kindler
Stephen King
Lois Kinzelberg
Ellen Kirschenbaum and Robert Kirschenbaum 10
Rhoda Kirschenbaum 10
Ann Kirschner 10
Iris Kislin G'15 10
Edward Kiss and Eleanor Kiss
Martin Kladko and Sylvia Kladko 10
Alvira Klain and Israel Klain 10
Haskell Klaristenfeld G'08 and Joanne Klaristenfeld G'08
Enid Klass 5
Carol Klausner and Joel Klausner 10
Adrienne Kleiboemer 10
Aileen Klein and Barry Klein
Carol Klein and Martin Klein
Eileen Klein
Ellen Klein 10
Felice Klein
Marcia Klein
Mark Klein
Stephanie Klein and Marty Klein
Carole Kleinberg 5
Terriann Kleiner and Rich Kleiner 5, JBS
Marilyn Kletter P'92, P'96
Roberta Klezmer
William Klineman and Barbara Klineman
Iris Klipp and Jerry Klipp SLS
Stephanie Klopper 5
Rita Klotz 5
Marsha Klugerman
Valerie Knight 5
Jacqueline Kodish 10
Nina Koenick 10
Sharon Kolsky
Marjorie Kopins and Mark Kopins 5, JBS
Lois Koral and Jerry Koral 10
Nancy Korman and Everett Korman
Fern Kossak and Stephen Kossak 10
Bobbi Kostin and Leonard Kostin
Linda Kozin
Hallie Kraft 10
Paula Kraft 10
Joann Kramar
Barbara Kramer 20
David Kramer and Rocki Kramer, Presidents Councilor 10
Diane Kramer and Eric Kramer 5
Edythe Kramer 10
Janet Kramer and Charles Kramer 10
Susan Kramer and Manuel Kramer 5
Rita Krasik
Joyce Krasnow P'83, Fellow, Presidents Councilor and Paul Krasnow P'83 20, JBS
Bonnie Kravitz
Raymond Krieger
Janice Krim and Andrew Krim 10
Martin Krimsky and Merle Krimsky
Sandy Krochek
Judith Krockey
Zelda Krodman 10
Nancy Kronenberg
Judith Kronick and Allen Kronick 10
Marilyn Kronland and Howard Kronland 10
Harriet Kronman and Leonard Kronman 10
Sharon Kroopkin and Michael Kroopkin 5
Ellen Kruger and Charles Kruger 10
Marcia Krupnikoff
Rise Kulick
Robin Kulwin
Mitzi Kurtz and Stephen Kurtz
Maxine Kurtzman 10, JBS, SLS
Jane Kuznitsky and Jeffrey Kuznitsky 10
Laurie Lachowitzer
Sandra Lachter
Frances Lambert and David Lambert
Sybil Lampert and Rob Vaiciulis 5
Bonnie Landau
Sheila Landau and Lawrence Landau
Myrna Landay and Roger Landay
Rose Langbert and Richard Langbert 10
Hana Lange and Franklin Lange 5
Susan Lange
Marcia Langer 5, JBS
Harly Lank and Audra Lank
Wendy Lapidus
Marjorie Lappen and Arthur Lappen 10
Judy Lapping 5
Katie Largent
Ilene Lashinsky
Roberta Lasken and Hal Scheinberg 10
Iris Lasky and Morton Lasky 10
Nancy Lassoff and Alvin Lassoff 5
Lea Laufgraben 5
Rhoda Lavine 10
Leonard Lavitt and Rita Lavitt
Sue Lawler and Jeff Fagin 5
Elissa Lazarus 10
Gloria Lazarus 10
Ilene Lazerus
Robert Leaf
Phillip Leavitt and Ellen Leavitt
Janice Lebovitz and Michael Lebovitz JBS
Sandra Lebowitz and Mordecai Lebowitz 10
Carrie Lederman 10
Eileen Leeds
Linda Leeds 10
Sheryl Leeds 5
Joyce Lefco and Bruce Lefco
Beverly Lefcourt * 10
Elaine Leff and Richard Leff 5
Marlene Leffell
Janice Lefkowitz and Paul Lefkowitz
Elaine Leib
Amelia Lemmon * JBS, SLS
Edgar Lemmon * JBS, SLS
Naomi Leon
Iris Leonard and Jay Leonard
Mickey Leonard 5
Randi Leonard
Toni Leonard and Arthur Leonard
Pauline Leopold and Edward Leopold 10
Sara Leopold and Jay Leopold 10
Paula Lerer 10
Judith Lerner and Stephen Lerner
Ruth Lerner and Jeffrey Lerner 5
Meryl Leshansky 5
Susan Leshner 5
Shari Lessing 10
John Leubsdorf P'24 and Lynn Montz P'24 JBS
Leslie Levene
Linda Levensohn
Amy Levin and Malcolm Levin 10
Carol Levin and David Levin 5
Iona Levin 10
Janice Levin 5
Janine Levin and Mervyn Levin
Judith Levin and Gordon Levin
Phyllis Levin and Robert Levin
Elyse Levin-Russman
Carol Levine
Carol Levine and Robert Levine 10
Dianne Levine
Joyce Levine and Leonard Levine 5
Judith Levine and Warren Levine 10, JBS
Leslie Levine '65 and Rebecca Levine
Marion Levine
Narlene Levine
Ronni Levine and Stewart Levine 5
Sheila Levine 10
Mae Levitas and David Levitas 10
Joanne Levite and Robert Levite 5
Judith Levitt and Marc Levitt 5
Sandy Levitt and Barry Levitt
Dana Levy
Dizza Levy
Janet Levy and Joel Levy 5
Judy Levy and Stephen Levy 10
Marlene Levy and Richard Levy
Maxine Levy
Muriel Levy 10
Pamela Levy and Stuart Levy 5
Rene Levy and Norman Levy 5
Ronald Levy, Fellow and Sandra Levy 10, JBS, SLS
Shelley Levy
Brad Lewin
Janet Lewis 10
Jill Lewis
Sylvia Lezak and Marvin Lezak 10
Julia Libling and E. Libling 5
Freyda Libman
Bobbi Lichtiger and Monte Lichtiger 5
Anita Lichtman
Rosanne Lieban 5
Rosanne Lieber
Amy Lieberman 10
David Lieberman and Fran Lieberman
Freddie Lieberman and Tom Lieberman
Patricia Lieberman 10
Phyllis Lieberman
Enid Liess and Jerome Liess 10
Pinki Lifshitz and Isadore Lifshitz 5
Nancy Lightman MM'02, P'99, P'02 and Russell Lightman P'99, P'02 10, JBS
Karyn Lightstone and Sterling Lightstone 5
Mitchell Linnick and Erica Linnick
Janis Lipman and Gregory Altschuh 5
Ronnee Lipman
Florence Lipsman
Eva Lipson
Linda Lipson
Morris Lipton
Lee Liss 5
Joan Litt and Bruce Litt 10
Bruce B. Litwer '61, Fellow, Former Trustee and Vicki Litwer 20, JBS, SLS,
Jerri Livingston and William Livingston 10
Ellen Lobel and Richard Lobel 5
Marilyn Lobell
Myra Locke 5
Sandra Locks 10
Phyllis Loewengart and Gordon Loewengart
Phyllis Loewenstein and Sheldon Plotnik 5
Ina Logue and Charles Logue
Judy Lohr-Safcik
Anita Lokos and Harry Lokos
Marcia London
Marilyn London and Robert London
Jack Long and Gail Long
Abbey Lorber 10
Roberta Lorell 10
Joan Loren and Allan Loren
Barbara Lowenfish and Edward Lowenfish
Susan Lubeck 5
Anne Lubeck-Silverber
Elinor Lubin * 10
Irene Lubin 10
Lorraine Lubin 10
David Luck and Fran Luck
Arlene Lurie and David Lurie 10
Carl Lustig and Helene Lustig 10
Suzanne Lutkoff and David Lutkoff
Helene Lutz
Frances Lyons and Merrill Lyons 10
Pamela Lyons and Stephen Lyons
Carol MacPhee and Robert MacPhee 5
Corinne Madden and Patrick Madden
Candice Malkin and Donald Malkin 5
Allyn Mallen '72 and William Mallen
Richard Maltz and Robin Maltz
Rochelle Maltz
Diane Mandel 5
Nadine Mandel 5
Eileen Mandell 10
Elizabeth Mane 10
Ruth Manishin
Nina Mann and James Mann
Tricia Manno and Anthony Manno
Dee Maragni
Annette Marcus
Barbara Marcus and Allan Marcus 5
Frances Marcus and Marnin Marcus 10
Francoise Marcus and Ned Marcus 20
Hannah Marcus 10
Miriam Marcus and Robert Marcus
Gail Margol 10
Elana Margolis
Louise Margolis
Sandra Margolis 10
Maris Margulies 5
Sharon Margulies 5
Nancy Mark
Janet Markel and William Cardew 5
Carole Markowitz and Kenneth Markowitz 10
Marvin Markowitz and Sally Markowitz 10
Sandra Markowitz 5
Cordelia Marks
Linda Marks '62 and Earl Blauner
Peggy Marks and David Marks
Susan Marks
Renee Markus 10
Ruth Maron and Warren Winfield
Marguerite Mars
Renee Marton
Sylvia Masin
Carol Master and Joseph Master 5
Deborah Matsumura
Hilary Matthew
Jane Matthews
Joyce Maxik 10
Marilyn Mayzer
Beverly Mazer 10
Heather McRay
Deborah Mehlman 5
Judith Sue Meisner and Marvin H. Meisner, MD
Ellen Melnick and Samuel Melnick 5
Paul Menchik and Bettie Menchik
Joyce Mendel
Deborah Mendelson
Barbara Menna
Elaine Merker
Barbara Merkle
Marcia Mermelstein and Paul Mermelstein 10
Ellie Mero 10
Beth Messer and Jonathan Messer 5
Jeffrey Messer
Karen Metzger and Steven Metzger 10
Harriet Meyer and Morton Meyer 10
Richard Meyer and Judith Meyer
Julia Meyers
Hannah Meyerson
Ronald Meyerson
Joan Michaelson
Kim Michelstein
Irene Mieszcanski and David Mieszcanski 10
Barbara Milber
Michele Milden and Michael Wiener 5
Adrian Miller
Barbara Miller and Arthur Miller
Barbara Miller P'81, Fellow 20, SLS
Fern Miller JBS
Judith Miller and Richard Miller
Lynn Miller
Lynn Miller
M. Miller and Miriam Miller
Maxine Miller 10
Melvin Miller 10
Michele Miller and Mitchell Miller 5
Sally Miller and Stanley Miller
Sheryl Miller
Trudy Miller 10
Yetta Miller
Maxine Milliken and Ralph Milliken 10
Michele Millinger and Irwin Millinger 10
Cheryl Millman and Gerald Millman
Judith Milstein 10
Marilyn Milstein 10
Vicki Milstein
Gail Minkow and Robert Meyers 5
Nancy Minkow and Norman Minkow 10
Bobbe Mintz and Herb Mintz 10
Hilda Mintz
Rae Mintz and Howard Mintz
Sue Mirsky
Shelley Misiph
Carol Mitchell
Evelyn Mitchell '62, G'24 and Stanley Mitchell, G'24 20
Robert Mitchell and Esta Mitchell
Ilene Mittman and Charles Mittman 5
Teta Moehs '82 and William Begley
Nancy Moffitt and Larry Moffitt 10
Deborah Moger
Ellen Monblatt and Barry Monblatt 10
Anne Mondlick and Marvin Mondlick
Steven Mora '65 and Nancy Mora SLS
Ann Moreida 5
Lois Morgenstern 10
Andreas Moriatis
Alvan Morris *
Mindy Morris 5
Suzanne Morris
Andrea Morrison and Gary Morrison 10
Shelley Morrison and Steven Morrison 10
Lynn Mortimer
Judith Mosbacher 5
Jeanne Moscardini 5
Geraldine Moscowitz 5
Dale Moses
Janis Moseson
Sharee Mosk 10
Elaine Moss 5
Elizabeth Moss and Thomas Jotkowitz
Susan Moss
Marcia Motkin 10
Elise Muchnick
Janet Muenz P'06
Sydney Muenz 5
Leon Muler and Pamela Muler
Elaine Mulligan
Carole Mund and Robin Mund 10
Madeline Murphy 5
Ellen Musen
Shelley Myerson
Lynn Myron
Adrianne Nabutovsky and Leonard Nabutovsky 10
Binnie Nadler 10
Ellen Nager and Neil Nager
Marc Najarian P'98 and Theodora Najarian P'98 JBS
Dorothy Nankin and David Nankin 5
Roni Nassberg
David Nathan
Gail Neiman and Bill Neiman
Ricki Nelsen '59 20
Larry Neuman
Sandra Neustadter and Edward Neustadter 5
Barbara Nevens
Marion Newman
Robert Newman
Judith Nierenberg
Sybil Nisenholz and Bernard Nisenholz 10
Louise Nobel 10
Gail Nordheimer and Gary Nordheimer
Judith Norkin
Jay Nova and Sharon Nova
Linda Novick and Howard Novick 5
Sheila Novins and Stuart Novins 10
Morleen Novitt and Donald Novitt
Debbie Nudelman 5
Suzanne Nussbaum
Debra Nysenbaum
Amy O'Connell
Ellen O'Connell and Brian O'Connell 5, JBS
Nancy Okun and Fredric Okun 5
Joyce Onish
Carol Orloff and David Orloff 5
Phyllis Osterman '67 and Lester Osterman 20, JBS, SLS
Carole Ostrer
Patricia Owen
Rhona Ozer and Sidney Ozer
Gladys Pack and Fred Pack
Holly Packer 5
Marcie Pais * and Martin Hutchinson 5
Marcie Pais * 5
Gigi Paleias SLS
Ronald Paler and Shari Paler 10
Sonia Palkes and Mark Palkes 5
Irene Palter and Robert Palter 5
Sarah Pancer and Bernard Pancer 10
Deborah Pantoni
Diane Parazin
Carole Parker 10
Renee Parker 10
Evelyn Partalis 5
Miriam Parvey and William Parvey 5
Sheila Pass and Martin Edelman 5
Anne Paszamant 10
Arlene Pater 5
Martha Patrick and Richard Patrick
Rhona Paul and Steven Paul 10
E. Pazianos
Ira Pearlman and Jessica Pearlman 5
Shirley Pearlman G'16 10
Arthur P. Pearlstein P'94 and Leslie K. Pearlstein P'94, Fellow, Former Trustee 10, JBS, SLS
Sally Pearlstein and Alan Pearlstein
Rita Peddicord and Robert Peddicord 10
Barbara Peifer
Michael Pelavin P'83 and Natalie Pelavin P'83
Rina Peller 10
Laura Pels P'04 and David Pels 20
Robin Pelter and Dan Pelter 10
Fran Penan
Ann Penn and Joseph Penn
Lisa Penn and Jason Penn
Brina Pepper and Raymond Pepper
Irene Perer and Marvin Perer
Gloria Peretz
Phyllis Perkal and Milt Perkal 20
Dian Perkel and Larry Perkel 10
Evelyn Perl SLS
Bette Perlman
Judith Perlman 5
Linda Perlman and Gary Perlman 10
Sally Perlman 5
Doris Perlmutter 5
Carol Perone
Diane Perry
Jean Persky 10
Mikki Pertofsky and Joel Pertofsky 5
Elaine Pfefferman 10
Cornelia Philipson '62
Alice Phillips
Frank Phillips and Helene Phillips 10
Roberta Phillips and Herbert Levenberg
Beverly Picker and Edwin Picker
Jan Picker
Diana Pierce-Tremblay '86 and John Tremblay 20
Gloria Pilot 5
Madelaine Pilpel
Judith Pincus and Bernard Pincus 10
Richard Pincus and Janice Linn 10
Norm Pine
Greta Pineles and Abraham Pineles 10
Tillene Pinsker P'84, P'90 10
Pam Pisner and Daniel Pisner
Barbara Platt 5
Marilyn Plawner and Morton Plawner
Carol Pliner and Michael Pliner
Janet Plotkin and Fred Plotkin 5
Elyse Plotnick
Marcia Plumleigh 5
Ruth Pogarsky 5
Elaine Polack 20
Sharon Polan and Joshua Polan 5
Ruth Poles and Jack Poles 5
Kathleen Polese 5
Jane Polgar and Peter Polgar 10
Barbara Polisky and Ira Polisky 10
Judy Polivy and Howard Polivy
Ann Pollack and John Pollack 10
Barbara Pollack
Judy Pollack
Deborah Pollak '81 and Jeffrey Pollak 20
Joellyn Pollock 5
Deborah Pollowitz and James Pollowitz
Annette Polonsky and Norman Polonsky 10
Lili Poms and Allan Poms 10
Janet Popkoff and Burton Popkoff 5
Sandra Porter 5
Jennifer Posner and Jeffrey Posner 5
Judith Posner 5
Beverly Post
Susan Potashner and Steven Potashner 10
Barbara Potto and Paul Potto
Jean Powell
Karen Pratt
Susan Price and Robert Price 10
Joyce Primost G'20 and Norman Primost G'20 10
Bob Propp and Merle Propp
Florence Prushan
Emily Pugach
Niki Pugach and Sam Pugach 10
Diane Pugatch and Herbert Pugatch
Mary Quartin and Stephen Quartin
Barbara Rabinovitz
Carol Rabinovitz '59, G'18, Fellow 20, JBS, SLS
Fern Rabinowitz 5
Myrna Rabinowitz
Claire Rabishaw 5
Trina Rabovsky
Carol Radin and Alan Radin 10
Jane Radnay
Linda Radonsky
Abby Raelin and Joseph Raelin 10
Phyllis Raider and Edward Raider
Rachel Raifman '94, MA'96 and Ken Raifman
Barbara Ranzal and Gerald Ranzal
James Rao
Judith Raphael 5
Margot Raphael and Steven Raphael 5
Daniel Rappaport and Michele Rappaport
Jean Rappaport 10
Harriet Rash
Rochelle Ratner
Elaine Ravich 5
Lynn Rawlings P'93
Donna Regenstreif
Leonard Reid and Leslie Reid 5
Marcia Reimer 10
Rhoda Reiner 10
Marilyn Reinfeld
Marcia Reisman and Terry Reisman
Suzanne Reisman and Cary Reisman
Brenda Reiss
Lydia Rentel 5
Alison Rice
Ronnie Riceberg '71, P'98 5
Alice Rich P'04
Sharon Rich and Charles Leventhal
Meredith Richards
Naomi Richfield-Fratz
Amy Richman and Marvin Richman 10
Barbara Richman 10
Joan Richman and Harris Richman 5
Sharon Richmond and Martin Richmond 10
Susan Richter 10
Sharon Rifkin
Karen Riley
Gail Rineberg
Sue Rinsky and Arthur Rinsky
Joyce Riseberg 5
Harriet Riss P'00 and Martin Riss P'00
Donna Ritter
Ilene Ritz
Barbara Roach
Billie Robbins
Dena Robbins, Fellow 20, JBS, SLS
Myral Robbins and Jerry Robbins 5
Greta Roberts
Phyllis Robins and Harry Robins 10
Elaine Robinson
Mary-Keen Robinson
Paul Rockower '03
Ann Roffman 5
Lorraine Rofsky
D. Rogers and Ronald Rogers
Enid Rogers 5
Patricia Rogoff and Allan Rogoff 10
Sara Rohde and Paul Rohde 10
Arnold Roland and Doris Roland
Judy Roll 10
Susan Rollins and Paul Garry 10
Melissa Rolloff and Michael Rolloff
Cheri Rolnick and Art Rolnick 5
Lori Roscoe 10
Phyllis Roscoe 10
Esther Rose 10
Lorraine Rose and Richard Rose 10
Rosanne Rose
Ruth Rose
Faith Roseman and David Roseman 5
Arleen Rosen and Robert Leff 10
Deanna Rosen and Rick Dunie
Dolores Rosen
Linda Rosen
Marilyn Rosen
Sandy Rosen and Larry Rosen 10
ViVi Rosen and Arthur Rosen
Brooke Rosenbauer '09, MS'12
Arlene Rosenberg
Eileen Rosenberg and Marshall Rosenberg 5
Ellen Rosenberg and James Rosenberg
Adrienne Rosenblatt '61, P'88, G'20, G'23, Presidents Councilor 20, JBS
Arnold Rosenblatt and Linda Rosenblatt
Ellen Rosenblatt and Joel Rosenblatt 5
Maralyn Rosenblatt and Melvin Rosenblatt 5
Barbara Rosenbloom and Irving Rosenbloom 5
Marsha Rosenblum 10
Lynn Rosenstock
Bonnie Rosenthal and Joel Rosenthal
Marylyn Rosenthal
Phyllis Rosenthal
Ron Rosenthal and Roselyn Rosenthal
Cora Rosevear
Chari Rosnick and Michael Rosnick
Robin Rosov
Beverly Ross 10
Ellen Ross 5
Estelle Ross
Helen Ross 5
Irene Ross P'90 10
Louise Ross
Marc Ross
Marcia Ross P'87 and Lawrence Ross P'87
Michele Ross 10
Paula Ross and Chet Ross 10
Linda Rossen and Ronald Rossen
Bonnie Roston and Jay Roston
Florence Roth and Richard Roth 5
Froma Roth
Janice Roth
Lori Roth 10, JBS
Terry Roth and Sam Roth
Rona Rothbart and Sheldon Rothbart 10
Martin Rothberg and Sharon Rothberg
Sheila Rothenberg and Bob Rothenberg 10
Carol Rothenstein and Joseph Rothenstein
Madlyn Rothfield 10
Judy Rothlin
Carole Rothstein and Kenneth Rothstein 5
Iris Rothstein
Leslee Rotman and Ernest Rotman
Joan Roude and Leonard Roude 20
Ronald Rovin and Melanie Rovin 5
Merkie Rowan and Ivan Rowan 5
Louis Rowitz and Toni Rowitz 5
Rebecca Rowsell
Rochelle Rubenstein SLS
Merri Rubin and Carl Rubin 10
Rosemary Rubin 5
Gail Rubinson and Gene Rubinson 10
Karen Rubinstein
Herbert Ruderman and Roz Ruderman
Ronald Rudlin and Wendy Rudlin 5
Yarol Rudman and Martin Rudman 10
Susan Rudnick and Jeffrey Rudnick
Janice Rudo
Sue Rudo 5
Meredith Rudof
Maxine Rudoff 10
Fran Ruffalo 5
Ruth Ruffer 5
Edina Russak and Steven Russak 5
Nancy Russian 10
Gloria Rutberg and Joseph Rutberg 10
Roseann Ryba and Robert Ryba
Pamela Rytsis 5
Marcia Sabesin and Seymour Sabesin 10
Frances Sachs and Alfred Sachs
Nancy Sacks and Stuart Goldberg 10, JBS
Gabriela Sadote-Sleppin and Michael Sleppin 5
Judy Sadowsky
Robin Safer 5
Sheryl Sager
Gerald Sallus and Bette Sallus 10, JBS
Sharon Salter '91, P'24 and Jeffrey Roach P'24
Ann Salzberg 5
Iris Salzberg and George Salzberg 10
Jane Salzman G'22
Judith Samson and Paul Samson
Barbara Samuels '63, Fellow JBS
Susan Samuels
Sandra Sand 5
Barbara Sander 5, JBS, SLS
Ann Sanders and Martin Sanders
Jill Sandler and Alan Sandler 5
Leslie Sandler 5
Roslyn Sandler and Richard Sandler 5
Phyllis Sandrow and Richard Sandrow 10
Denise Santiago
Helaine Saperstein and Joel Saperstein 20, JBS
Gloria Sappol 10
Ellen Saraisky and Alfred Saraisky 10
Barbara Sarfaty 5
Madeleine Sarick '87 and Mark Finkelstein
Melanie Satran and Steven Satran 5
Joan Satt 10
Ann Sauberman 10
Carmi Saunsaucie
Judith Savage '70, P'99
Barbara Sawyer
Carolyn Sax 10
Joan Saxonhouse and Jack Saxonhouse 10
Lynn Saxton
Enfrodisia Schaff
Ellen Schaffer
Marian Schain
Rhoda Schantz
Donald Schare and Sherry Schare
Roberta Scharf and Marty Scharf 5
Joan Schatzow * 10, JBS, SLS
Marcia Schechtman and Louis Schechtman
Phil Scheff and Jan Weissman Scheff
Arlene Schenerman 5
Lynne Schenkel
Judith Scher and Josef Scher
Sharyn Scherfer
Fay Schiff 10
Lenore Schiff
Cynthia Schlossberg and Allan Schlossberg
Rita Schlosser 5
Linda Schnapp and Jerome Schnapp
Carla Schneider and Scott Schneider 5
Joan Schneider 10
Karen Schneider and Richard Schneider 5
Bernard Schneier 10
Silvia Schnur 10, JBS
Susan Scholz-Rubin 5
Lori Schott and Steve Schott
Sharon Schreiber
Bobby Schreibman and Daniel Schreibman 10
Sandra Schuffman and Milton Schuffman 10
Lisa Schulte
Helen Schultz 10
Marlene Schultz and Bernard Schultz
Myrna Schultz MMH'84, P'89 20
Peri Schuyler
Amy Schwartz and Paul Schwartz
Barbara Schwartz 5
Barbara Schwartz and Terry Schwartz
Carolyn Schwartz and Robert Schwartz 10
Diana Schwartz
Elinor Schwartz '73 and Bruce Labitt 5
Harriet Schwartz and Richard Askinazi 5
Harvey Schwartz
Jacqueline Schwartz 10
Jan Schwartz
Jane Schwartz and Michael Schwartz 5
Judith Schwartz and Melvin Schwartz 10
Lois Schwartz 10
Marcia Schwartz and Bernard Schwartz 10
Nan Schwartz and Burton Schwartz 10
Ricky Schwartz and Bob Schwartz 10
Sandra Schwartz 10
Sandra Schwartz
Sindy Schwartz and Jerrold Schwartz
Pearl Schwed and Bruce Schwed 10
Leah Schweitzer and Norm Schweitzer 5
Maxine Schweitzer 5, JBS
Ronnie Sebold
John Seder and Cheryl Seder JBS
Carole Seedman
Marilyn Sefchovich
Anne Segal
Lila Segal 10
Natalie Segal 5
Ruth Seif
Rena Selden 5
Helen Seligman
Janet Seltzer, Presidents Councilor and Stephen Seltzer 10, SLS
Ronnie Serlin
Alison Seropian
Freda Sesnovich 10
Diane Shachter and Howard Shachter 10
Gayle Shackleford
Phoebe Shagan and Bernard Shagan
Allan Shaivitz and Gail Shaivitz
Ruth Shaker and Malcolm Shaker
Debra Shapiro '99 and Charles Shapiro 5
Debra Shapiro
Edward Shapiro P'89, P'93, G'15, G'25 and Daryl Shapiro P'89, P'93, G'15, G'25
Ellen Shapiro and Jeffrey Shapiro 5
Judith Shapiro and Jerel Shapiro
Linda Shapiro
Lois Shapiro 10
Sandra Shapiro 10
Sandy Shapiro and Stephen Shapiro 10
Sheila Shapiro
Susan Shapiro and Jerry Shapiro 10
Tanya Shapiro 10
Wendy Shapiro 10
Wendy Shapiro
Lenore Shapp 10
Judith Share 5
Carol Sharfstein 5
Ann Sharon '62, P'88 20, JBS
Denise Shauer
Roslyn Shaw and Stephen Shaw
Carole Shear
Susan Shechter and Frank Shechter 10
Iris Sheckman and Gary Sheckman
Matthew Sheehy
Roberta Sheffer and Carl Sheffer 5
Anna Sheldon 5
Myrna Shenkler and Marvin Shenkler 10
Adria Sherman
Terrie Sherman 10
Gail Shinberg G'17
Elaine Shooman and Mark Shooman 5
Jan Shostak and Robert Shostak
Marc Shovers '83 and Jan Shovers
Ida Shreiber P'91 10
Sara Shroot
Eleanor Shuman, Presidents Councilor, Fellow 20, SLS
Penny Shuman
Nancy Siefer 5
Carol Siegal 5
Cindy Siegel and Allan Siegel 5
Madeline Siegel 10
Marian Siegel
Marion Siegel and Harold Siegel 10
Ronee Siegel 10
Roni Siegel 5
Sandra Siegel and Robert Siegal
Stanley Siegelman and Merle Siegelman 10
Rose Silber
Lynn Silberman and Robert Silberman 5
Selma Silberman '59 and James Silberman
Beverly Silpe '57, P'83 and Paul Silpe P'83 5, JBS, SLS
Judith Silver
Amy Silverman 10
Joanne Silverman 10
Joan Silvers and Marc Silvers
Harriet Silverstein and Morton Silverstein
Myra Silverstein 5, JBS
Roslyn Silverzweig and Jay Silverzweig 10
Becky Siman
Harvey J. Moritz Simon '64, P'01 and Gladys Simon P'01 10
Kathryn Simon 5, JBS
Linda Simon 10
Paula Simon 10
Ruth Simon
Susan Simon and Kenneth Simon 5
Susan Simon and Jonathan Simon
Toby Simon
Grace Simonson
Adrienne Singer and Arthur Singer 10
Andrew Singer
Ellen Singer and Robert Singer
Inez Singer 5
Rebecca Singer and Jeffrey Singer
Margo Siroty and Robert Siroty 5
Joan Sitver * and Morton Sitver 10
Robin Sitver '77 20, JBS
Meg Sivitz G'09 and Ronald Sivitz G'09 10
Tracy Sivitz
Debbie Sklar 10
Beatrice Sklarewitz 10
Lynn Skolnick
Myrna Skurnick
Eva Slane
Beverly Slaten and Ronald Slaten 10
Norma Sloane 5
Beth Smith and Richard Smith
Carol Smith and Stanley Smith 10
Joan Smith
Joyce Smith and Durston Smith 5
Shirlee Smolin
Dell Smulowitz
Enid Snidman
Diane Sohmer
Karen Sokol
Gayle Sokoloff
Barbara Sokolov and Michael Sokolov 10
Norma Sokolowsky 5
Judith Solish and Frank Bonoff 10
Felice Solomon and Martin Solomon
Vickie Solomon 5
Lela Somma and Louis Somma 10
Carol Sookman 10
Ellen Sotoloff and Marvin Sotoloff 5
Trish Spear P'21 and Noel Spear P'21
Arthur Spector and Kayla Spector
Linda Spitz and Alan Spitz 5
Deborah Spitzer and Alvin Spitzer
Gloria Spungin
David Squire H'96, Trustee Emeritus and Patricia Squire 20, JBS, SLS
Gale Stam
Sondra Stamen 10
Barbara Steckler and Jeffrey Steckler
Karen Steiger and Ezra Steiger
Amy Stein '59, P'85, Presidents Councilor and Marvin Horovitz P'85
Barbara Stein
Ellen Stein and Lawrence Stein 10
Rae Stein and Barry Stein 10
Elaine Stein-Cummins
Joyce Steinberg
Marcia Steiner 10
Eileen Steinman and Stephen Steinman
Elaine Steinman 10
Amy Stern
Barbara Stern and Mark Stern 5
Fred Stern and Josephine Stern 10
Joanne Stern 5
Judith Stern
Arlyne Sternburg and Sheldon Sternburg 10
Marcia Sternin and Jay Sternin 10
Marny Stevens and Thomas Stevens
Eileen Stiefel 5
Mark Stofsky and Paula Cohen 5
Adrienne Stokols
Marsha Stoller, Fellow 20, SLS
Jill Stone 5
Muriel Stone and Mark Stone 5
Roberta Stone 10
Barbara Strauss and Howard Strauss
Gail Strauss 10
Howard Strauss 10
Marcia Strauss and Sheldon Strauss 10
Marcy Strauss and Wayne Stutzer * 10, JBS
Jeryle Streich 5
Janet Streit 10
Tammy Strobel and Alan Strobel
Sheila Strosberg and Arthur Strosberg
Libby Strugatch 5
Linda Strumpf P'98, P'01 and Mitchell Strumpf P'98, P'01
Debi Stuart
Rita Stulin G'15 10
Debra Sugarman
Sam Summer and Bonnie Clewans 5, JBS
Dorry Sunenshine and Harry Sunenshine 10
Jo Susman and Martin Goodman 10
Elizabeth Susser, Presidents Councilor and Jerry Susser 10
Sondra Sussman and Fred Sussman 5
Barbara Sutton
Marcia Svetkey
Bette Sweedler and Robert Sweedler
Deborah Syat and Stephen Syat 5
Celia Szew
Bobbe Tadelis 10
Nancy Taicher and Michael Taicher 10
Barbara Tallering and Donald Tallering 10
Michele Tamaren
Nancy Tanowitz and Robert Tanowitz 5
Chana Taradalsky and Morris Taradalsky
Gail Tasky
Sylvia Taub and Michael Taub 10
Stuart Taussig and Marianne Taussig 10
Elinor Taylor 10
Leni Teaman 10
Phoebe Telser 5
Lea Templer and Alan Templer 5
Rona Tenenbaum 5
Gail Tenn and Daniel Tenn 10, JBS
Joan Tepper and Irwin Tepper 10
Gail Tescher 5
Irving Tessler and Joyce Tessler 5
Roni Thaler 5
Rebecca Thien
Samuel Thier H'94, Former Trustee and Paula Thier 20, JBS, SLS
Susan Thrasher 5
Andrew Tievsky
Mildred Tilles and Sidney Tilles
Elissa Tobin 10
Janet Tolbert 10
Roselyn Toledano MA'74, P'05 and Allan Toledano P'05 10, JBS
Barbara Tommaney 10
Peggy Trachtenberg and Neil Trachtenberg
Eileen Trapp
Judith Traub '61 and Burton Traub SLS
Jackie Traurig and Robert Traurig
Wendy Traurig Perlin and Brian Perlin
Diana Treister and Leonard Treister
S. Troen '63, P'14 and Carol Troen P'14
Joan Trombka 10
Janet Truman 10
Carolyn Tryggestad
Abby Tucker and John Poremba 5
David Tuckman and Ellen Tuckman 10
Jeanne Tudor 10
Jacqueline Tusman
Margaret Twohey
Ronna Uhrman
Lorraine Ullian 10
Linda Ullman and Robert Ullman
Cynthia Underwood
Lisa Ungar and Robert Fridrich 10
Dorothy Unger and Barry Unger
Susan Unger and Alan Unger
Andrea Urstein 10
Bonnie Ury
Anita Valof and Joseph Valof 10
Marlene Varnen 10
Kelli Veit
Shelley Victor 5
Gail Vinik and Leslie Vinik
Tamar Vogel MS'18 and Josh Vogel
Barbara Volin 10
Judith Volin 10
Lynn Wadhams and John Wadhams 5
Barbara Wagger and Gerald Wagger 10
Marlene Wald and Max Wald
Nan Waldman and Larry Waldman 10
Judith Walker
Phyllis Walker
Joan M. Wallack '60, P'86, Fellow and Milton B. Wallack '60, P'86, Fellow, Former Trustee 10, JBS, SLS
Lyn Walter and Ken Walter
Rita Walton and Roger Walton
Wendy Wanger and Barry Wanger
Bonnie Warren
Nancy Wartow '66
Ellen Wasserman
Francine Waterman and Martin Waterman 5
Michele Watter and Paul Watter 10
Gail Weber 5
Ronnie Weber 5
Caryll Webner 5
Joan Wechsler and Michael Wechsler, Presidents Councilor 10
Marysue Wechsler and Leon Wechsler 10
Stephen Wechsler and Ellen Wechsler
Sharon Weerth
Carolyn Weil 5
Jackie Wein 5
Barbara Weinberg 10
Erwin Weinberg G'16 10
Stanley Weinberg and Sheila Weinberg 5
Irene Weinberger and Malvin Weinberger 10
Ellie Weingart and Barry Weingart 5
Annette Weingarten and Barry Weingarten 10
Karen Weinhart
Cheryl Weinstein 5
Gail Weinstein and Raymond Weinstein
Karen Weinstein and Stanford Weinstein
Livia Weinstein and Donald Weinstein 10
Madeline Weinstock and Alan Weinstock 10
Madeline Weinstock and Alan Weinstock
Caroline Weintraub 10
Tamara Weintraub 10, JBS
Nathan Weisbard and Wendy Weisbard
Wendie Weisman
Donna Weiss 10
Eve Weiss and Robert Weiss 10
Gayle Weiss and Jay Weiss
Myra Weiss
Joan Weissman-Burton and Murray Burton 10
Rita Weisstuch and Aaron Weisstuch
Marilyn Wender and Stan Deutsch 5
Alene Wendrow and George Neidich
Judith Wensley and Howard Wensley 10
Judy Westerman and Arnold Westerman 5
Cynthia Westman and Morris Westman 10
Gerry Wexler and David Wexler
Lawrence Wheatman and Myrna Wheatman
Audrey Whitman and Ira Whitman 10
Ellen Widoff and Joseph Widoff 5
Linda Wiener
Marlene Wiener
Iris Wigal 10, JBS
Barbara Wilder
Marilyn Wilder and Alan Wilder 5
Simona Wildman and Richard Wildman 5
Cynthia Wilen
Sybil Wilensky and Seymour Wilensky
Madeline Wilk
Thelma Wilkofsky 10
Charlene Williamson 5
Audrey Wilner and Alfred Wilner 10
Harriet Wilner
Phyllis Wilner
Joyce Wilson and David Wilson
Marcia Winick and Irv Winick 10
Arlene Winkleman P'96 and Henry Winkleman P'96 10
Carol Winter
Gayle J. Wise, Presidents Councilor, Fellow and George T. Wise 20, SLS
Julienne Wish
Shirley Wisotsky and Philip Wisotsky 10
Germaine R. Wissot 10
Sandy Withers 10
Kathleen Witkin and Jay Witkin 10
Ellen Witt
Roma Wittcoff G'15 10, JBS
Ellen Wittman
Renarda Wolf and Barry Wolf 5
Esther Wolfer and Leonard Wolfer
Barbara Wolff '56 and Melvin Wolff
Nina Wolff and Alan Wolff 10
Beth Anne Wolfson '75, Presidents Councilor 20
Gail Wolfson and Marc Wolfson
Kenneth Wolkon '60 and Susan Wolkon
Denise Wolpert
Steve Wool
Cookie Woolf and Steven Woolf 5
Laurel Woolf
Jane Wortman
Eileen Yaffe and Edward Yaffe
Barbara Yaspan G'04 and Robert Yaspan G'04
Jacqueline Yates and Alan Yates
Leslie Yee P'21 and Lorelle Yee P'21
Roberta Yellen and Lawrence Yellen 5
Joan Yeoman and Louis Bernstein 10
Ellen Yerman and Robert Yerman 5
Edwin Young and Ruth Young 10
Elaine Young and Gerald Young 10
Rosalyn Young
Edith Yukelson and Sidney Yukelson 5
Amy Yunes
Vicki Zack
Alan Zaff and Sue Zaff
Ann Zall and Norman Zall 10
Audrey Zamkow
Lissa Zanville
Bette Zaret and Andre Krauss
Rita Zarrell and Warren Zarrell 5
Ellen Zarrow-Nissenbaum and Alan Nissenbaum
Rhoda Zeligman
Gail Zelitzky
Linda Zelizer
Carole Zeller
Linda Zempel
Daron Zenack and Les Zenack 5
Loretta Zenna and Richard Zenna
Charleen Zieky and Robert Berman 5
Carl Zielonka
Charlotte Zinder '75 and Michael Zinder '75 20, JBS
Selma Zinker 10
Sharon Zion and J. Zion 10
Mark Zlotlow '68 and Wendy Zlotlow '70 5, JBS, SLS
David Zohn *
Marilyn Zolondek and Joel Zolondek
Sherry Zubris and Stephen Zubris 5
Deborah Zuckerman '65, P'94 and Wallace Zuckerman P'94 20, JBS
Elissa Zuckerman and Marvin Zuckerman 10
Pearl Zuckerman 10
5 - Denotes 5-9 consecutive years of giving • 10 – Denotes 10-19 consecutive years of giving • 20 – Denotes 20+ consecutive years of giving • JBS – Current year Justice Brandeis Society members • SLS – Sachar Legacy Society members • * - Deceased • Names in bold denote first-time donors

Thank You for Your Support

Headshot of Myra Silverstein who is the President of the South Miami-Dade Chapter of the Brandeis National Committee.

"My membership in the Brandeis National Committee has resulted in the most incredibly rewarding opportunity to support Brandeis University, an esteemed institution of higher education; its libraries; and the Honoring Our History campaign, which digitizes historic collections and preserves an important legacy. I treasure the opportunity to experience a variety of fascinating chapter events and heartfelt camaraderie as our chapter unites to provide support. I am honored to serve in a leadership capacity where I can share the joys of BNC membership and make an impact on the future of Brandeis." Myra Silverstein President, South Miami-Dade Chapter, Brandeis National Committee

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